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April 28, 2010

Unique Nappies: 3 types of Embellished Nappies to make your baby stand out from the crowd!

There are ‘Work horse Nappies’ – used everyday, they are reliable, sturdy, utilitarian and robust. There are also special premium nappies; unique, IOAK nappies that come out on special occasions or are only used when you are out and about.

An embroidered Wild Child 'Baby Bling' nappy

This article is about these embellished, ‘show off’ cloth nappies. Those with bling, one-of-a-kind, unique or novelty additions chosen by you for your baby’s bottom! Parents, friends and family choose them for weddings, christening parties, naming ceremonies, birthdays, annual celebrations and just for fun , gorgeousness, the cute factor and whimsy!

The embellishment may be on the nappy itself or on a nappy cover. Some are ‘in stocks’- an actual line of nappy, others are limited edition, in which the designer indulges a creative whim and makes a select series in a theme or style. Many embellishments are customs. When placing your order you can make a series of choices and the maker will strive to match your requests. There’s something special about an item made only for your baby.

Let’s look at 3 styles of embellished nappies to look out for in your browsing – so you can think about which would be a perfect addition to your stash as a special occasion nappy.

1. Amazing Applique

The simplest form of embellishment, applique is great fun. To be functional, the applique is added before the nappy is sewn together, or the stitching may wick moisture through. From simple happy stars to sections of print, applique can take many forms, be of a contrasting fabric or a way to make a nappy unique with a section of designer fabric attached to a more regular ‘work horse’ nappy for some ‘flava‘.  It may be a patch – the designs are endless! Applique can also extend to ‘additions’ to the nappy – tails, ears – so have a think about a custom idea you could commission a talented nappy maker to create for you. Make a start on your browsing at My nappy Style Window for Embellished Nappies..

An embroidered 'Create a Nappy' by Flattery

2. Excellent Embroidery

With the advent of machine embroidery, the most amazing designs can be selected or custom designed and included as your nappy is made. I was watching one of these machines at work recently, and by golly they are fast! There are pre-selected instocks, or you can select from a range, or have the nappy personalised with your baby’s name, birth date or any other phrase.

3. Beautiful Bling Bling Bling!

Cloth Nappies with crystals are the newest sensation, developed as an embellishment by Wild Child Nappies. Truly stunning, these nappies are harder to acquire, but I daresay very much worth it! Svarovski Crystals are carefully and professionally attached for longevity, nevertheless care will be needed when washing and drying these nappies!

With these three types of embellished nappies to keep your eye out for, you’ll find quality easily, and also find yourself promoting the beauty of modern cloth nappies whenever you are out and about.

What event is coming up in your life in which you could do a spot of cloth nappy advocacy simply by making your baby’s bottom look fabulous?

An embellished nappy by Baby Bullfrogs

Your baby will be the talk of the room. They are the premium in modern cloth nappies, so you will pay more for them. Quality does cost, and a custom slot will take a little longer, so plan ahead if you need it for a specific occasion, and be sure to let the maker know when you need it so they can prioritize accordingly.

You’ll know you are giving your baby a more sustainable future by using washable, reusable modern cloth nappies. Every baby should have at least one ‘green’ nappy in their wardrobe – and you can find it by exploring the resources here at My Green I invite you to register to receive My Green Nappy Guide, an online guide to discovering all sorts of information about modern nappies and how to use them in an environmentally friendly way.

A Question to You About Embellished Nappies:

“Imagine… What would you like to see on a nappy?”

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