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July 12, 2010

How Do I Find Cheaper Modern Cloth Nappies on a Single Income Budget? 3 Strategies + ONE!

How do I find modern cloth nappies on a single income budget?

– You need to find cheaper cloth nappies in Australia or New Zealand without losing out on quality?

You certainly can get designer nappies on one income. Many young families spend at least some months on one income, so you can bet others have scratched their heads over finding the best deals to get great nappies without paying full retail prices. You need to know a few tricks to find great bargains and be in the loop for passing super specials to make the most of a limited income. This brief article will let you discover 3 tips used by mums on a single income to save even more money by using cloth nappies – and they will also help you find cheaper, high quality and even brand new modern cloth nappies.

3 Strategies for cutting your costs with modern cloth nappies: (+1)

1. Pre-loved Nappies are always on special

Babies grow out of nappies – often long before they are worn to such an extent that they can be composted (as many cloth nappies CAN be composted at the end of their useful lives and will bio degrade in about 6 months). There is a big trade in pre-loved cloth nappies – mums enjoy swapping, selling, trading as ways to start in cloth, try out new brands, see if a style suits their needs and just enjoy their cloth nappy addiction. Visit My Nappy Style Window for Secondhand Nappies to explore some retailers offering secondhand nappies.

2. Clearance Sales and Seconds Bargains

Clearance sales happen all the time on the sites of modern cloth nappy retailers – they are receivign new stock, and need to make room in their spare room or warehouse; they have only a few left in a style they are discontinuing – all sorts of reasons. Keep an eye out for fabulous bargains by visiting the sites on My Nappy Style Window for Clearances! Nappy Sales… Even the professionals make mistakes – and these ‘seconds’ mean you can benefit with a new nappy for less – often any technical glitches are just cosmetic and make no difference to the function of the nappy. Visit My Nappy Style Window for ‘Seconds’ Nappies…

3. Seek Specials for Newsletter subscribers!

Join newsletters of modern cloth nappy retailers for discount codes – some offer a perpetual discount for members, emailing you a special code to enter on checkout. Others have monthly specials, specials for celebrations, events and even on a whim to clear out stock! Visit your favourite retailers or retailers stocking your favourite brands and join their announcement list, newsletter list or mums club (as they are often called slightly different things). All will (should!) have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email so you can opt in or out of the lists as you need to – sometimes it is nice to scale back on emails until your bank balance perks up again, or you have a new bundle on the way to buy for. Following their blogs is another way you can be privvy to a special offer, an exclusive clearance, a timely auction or a regular nappy giveaway.

– and the Plus 1?

green-promise-nappies-logoWin in the many Modern Cloth Nappy Giveaways!

Here at My Green Nappy there are two ongoing giveaways – the Green Nappy Kit and the 100 Green Promise Nappies Initiative. As a member you are entitled to enter into any of these random draws simply by completing the entry requirements.

Join Facebook Fan pages and Twitter Lists to get the ‘heads up’ on modern cloth nappy giveaways – sites will run giveaways when they reach certain numbers of fans, to celebrate the birth of a child, in observation of a celebration – you have to ne in it to win it in these cases -a s they may be for fans only – and fans that are paying attention to the status updates! Twitter lists may have special limited time offers just for followers paying attention, I have even seen some retailers offer a discount code to their twitter followers. Cloth Nappy Enthusiast Blogs are a sure source of chances to win a nappy in a giveaway – and these are often new releases or there are other exclusive aspects to these draws.

The good news is that by discovering a few tricks you can actually help the modern cloth nappy retailers move excess stock as you save money! They get to stock their next edition, range or product line and you grab a brand new nappy at a lower cost = everyone wins!

Finding cloth nappies on a single income budget will be easier with these 3 tips. As a single income family, I am always on the lookout for these creative ways to get excellent quality at reasonable prices! What if you made it a goal to buy your next cloth nappy for less? What if you decide that the next nappy in your stash will be one that you WIN?

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