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July 29, 2011

Breastfeeding – can it really be easy for anyone? Free Teleseminar to celebrate International Breastfeeding week

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International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, Pinky McKay (Baby care author and mum of five) and her colleague, Barb Glare (who is also a voluntary breastfeeding counsellor and works at a large rural hospital so is a newborn specialist), are offering a FREE teleseminar ‘Breastfeeding Made Simple’ to celebrate International Breastfeeding week.


Breastfeeding – can it really be easy for anyone?

Let’s face it, if feeding our young was really meant to be fraught with difficulty, the human race would have become extinct long ago.

So there must be a way to breastfeed without struggle and pain. And, for most women, there is!

That’s why you won’t want to miss the FREE teleseminar ‘Breastfeeding Made Easy’.

Find out how you can share in the secrets of two Internationally Certified Lactation consultants who work with new parents every day and hear feedback like this: ‘wow! That doesn’t hurt now,’ or, ‘I really DO have enough milk?’. Or after a few weeks, “I haven’t given my baby any formula since you came to see me.’

Breastfeeding can be simple, natural, pain free – and NORMAL! But you do need the information and support to make this happen – preferably before you have a crying baby in your arms and doubt in your heart!

To find out more – Check it out here and REGISTER NOW for this content rich FREE call:


– Charndra

February 1, 2011

Mummy Meltdowns and the REAL truth about parenting – Win a FREE consultation with best selling baby author, Pinky McKay.

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A note from me: a few days from now Pinky is having a free teleseminar. I have two kids, and some days still feel like some of the comments below, (Will it ever end?)- This is why I LOVE Pinky and keep promoting her work – she is wonderful! A regular ‘Mummy’s Tune-Up” like her calls is just what you may need.  Get in and get registered!

She helped me when I had a wee little one and was told I was doing everything “WRONG” by ‘them’. I read Parenting by Heart and she really helped me out! Today there are these great teleseminars – I can tell you that Pinky is a great speaker, having been to several of her talks, and know you too can get something inspiring out of this new call. Just listen in! – Charndra



‘What “THEY” Aren’t Telling You – Mummy Meltdowns and the REAL Truth about Parenting’

Do you catch yourself saying…

  • Am I the only mother who feels like this?           (everybody else seems so ‘together’ I don’t feel I can ever tell the truth about how I REALLY feel)…
  • No one understands            (my mother says, “I had three kids!” The unspoken is ‘and I coped’).
  • My partner just doesn’t get it            (why can’t he see what needs doing without being told?)…
  • I feel like I should be a better parent            (I often feel, my baby deserves better but she only has me)…
  • I don’t feel sexy anymore            (who is that woman in the mirror with the mummy tummy and baby vomit in her pony tail?)…
  • I need an ‘easy’ button for parenting            (I feel so consumed by my baby’s needs -I can’t even have a shower without feeling stressed that he will start crying)…
  • Am I doing this the right way?            (I don’t know who to trust -what advice should I listen to? Where can I get the answers?)

The good news is, you are NOT alone….

Best –selling baby care author, Pinky McKay hears these comments from mothers every day.

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Certified Infant Massage Instructor and mother of five, Pinky runs a busy private practice in Melbourne, Australia, visiting parents in their homes to share her gentle solutions to baby feeding and sleeping problems. But there is only one Pinky, so she is about to launch a radical new service to parents along with her latest book “Parenting by Heart’.

To introduce this new program, Pinky is giving a FREE teleseminar (listen on your phone or computer) on Thursday, February 10th,

‘What “THEY” Aren’t Telling You – Mummy Meltdowns and the REAL Truth about Parenting’

On this call, as well as sharing a wealth of information, Pinky will be announcing her brand new program to help you nurture with confidence in a world of confusion and self-doubt. She will also be sharing how you can win a FREE consultation with Pinky for yourself or your mums’ group – wherever you live in Australia (she will come to you and bring a copy of her brand new book Parenting by Heart). And, if you live outside Australia, you won’t miss out! Pinky is also offering the opportunity to win one of three FREE phone consultations and she will be giving away copies of her new book.

(NB: If you can’t make the call, that’s ok. As long as you are registered Pinky will send you a link to the recording.)

Don’t miss out on this fabulous information!


REGISTER at this link NOW!

June 9, 2010

A Loving Gaze Builds Trust: Pinky McKay

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Find out more about Pinky’s popular teleseminars – click here…

A Loving Gaze Builds Trust

By Pinky McKay

I love watching parents and babies interact, especially the gazing that goes on between mother infant pairs. It is like a secret, intimate language between lovers as each looks at the other as though they are the most wonderful person in the whole world. And this is exactly how it feels when mother and baby are perfectly attuned to each other.

Sadly though, many parents and particularly mothers, are being given advice that interrupts this exquisite bond. I have had mothers call me knowing intuitively that something is amiss as they say, my baby won’t make eye contact. At first I was baffled the baby concerned looked directly at me and smiled (so, thankfully, nothing was intrinsically wrong). I then discovered that the mother had a normal drug-free birth and no separation afterwards, so bonding at birth had been optimal mothers and babies are biologically, hormonally primed to fall in love after a natural birth. Apart from distress about her baby’s lack of eye contact, the mum wasn’t exhibiting any symptoms of chronic postnatal stress or depression. So what, I wondered, had happened to create a breakdown in the connection between mother and child?

It turned out that this mother and others I have met with a similar reaction from their babies since had been religiously following a very strict sleep training regime that advocated avoiding eye contact with her baby. Although it is wise to keep bedtimes calm and gentle, imagine how you would feel if your partner repeatedly avoided your gaze. How do you feel when people avoid eye contact with you?

Eye contact is an important element of parent child bonding and the development of trust between parent and child: your face is the most potent visual stimulus your baby encounters, and as you and your baby gaze into each other’s eyes, endorphin levels rise in your baby’s brain, producing feelings of joy. Your own endorphin levels will rise and, in turn, you and your baby become emotionally synchronized.

According to Margot Sunderland, Director of Education and Training for the Centre for Child Mental Health in London and author of The Science of Parenting (Penguin), face to face conversations between you and your baby and the subsequent release of optimal hormonal levels into your child’s brain will help develop pathways in your child’s higher brain that encourage social intelligence, the ability to form relationships. Ms Sunderland says, the ability to light you up is the very basis of your baby’s sense of himself as lovely and lovable.

Fortunately, with a little time teaching these mothers to read and respond to their babies cues and, with interaction such as baby massage and games that involve face to face contact, they and their babies are soon engaging with each other again. So, please be reassured, if you have been trying to follow a rigid baby care plan but feel it is interrupting the bond between you and your child, it is never too late to make changes. Above all, you haven’t irreparably damaged your relationship with your child, but please, look into your baby’s eyes and say, I love you. And wait for her to meet your gaze.

Pinky McKay is an Internationally Certified Lactation Consultant, infant massage instructor and author of Sleeping Like a Baby and 100 Ways to Calm the Crying. She is offering a series of supportive teleseminars for mothers, you can also find out more about these at her site.

For her Free Report on 10 things you must know about breastfeeding before you have your baby visit Pinky McKay to discover more about Breastfeeding Simply.

Find out more about Pinky’s popular teleseminars – click here…

May 6, 2010

Have you heard about Pinky McKay’s Teleseminars?

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Find out more about Pinky's popular teleseminars - click here...

I LOVE Pinky McKay – She is running regular teleseminars.

Do take a look!

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A question to you about Pinky McKay:

Have you read any of her books or met her?

I have. She is so wonderful! I have ‘Toddler Taming’, ‘Sleeping Like a Baby’ and her Baby Massage DVD. I was at a couple of seminars she presented at the ABA HotMilk Conference in Melbourne too. I love Pinky!

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