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June 4, 2012

Second Hand Cloth Nappies: Top Tips for Buying Cloth Nappies Online

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Buying Second Hand Cloth Nappies Online? What You Must be Aware of: 5 Top Tips (+1)

When buying nappies online you should be a savvy shopper and not find yourself paying near-full price for a second hand cloth nappy!

Here you will find 5 helpful tips to keep in mind when you next shop online for cloth nappies:

1. Buying Second hand nappies online – Know what you are looking for.

Have a plan and a list. Decide on the style of nappy you want and the size or materials, then look over the offerings, to get a feel for how those nappies look price-wise. The seller should tell you the condition of the nappy, how it was used, and any major issues such as shot elastics or missing poppers that you may need to fix. If you are handy, you can fix minor problems and save big. If not, avoid these nappies and go for better quality 2nd hand nappies. Expect to pay a third of the retail price. You can get near-new nappies that were the wrong size or shape for a baby or the baby grew too fast to use them much. Again, look for these clues. And don’t be afraid to try out a nappy brand you’ve never heard of. It might just become your favourite!

2. Buying Second Hand Nappies Online – Look Closely at Photos

You’re going to want to eyeball any cloth nappies, at least in a clear photograph, to verify general wear and use. Today’s cameras make it easy to capture exactly what the nappy looks like, however today’s photo editing software also makes it easy to cover it up. Just be aware.

3.Buying Second Hand Nappies Online – what is the wear and tear?

The longevity of a cloth nappy will depend on how it was washed, how often (such as if it was in a rotation of 8 or 40 other nappies) and if it was line dried or tumble dried. Ask these questions to get a feel for what you are getting. Do you need them from a smoke and pet-free home, or doesn’t this matter (as you’ll wash them anyway)…

4. Buying Second Hand Nappies Online – Use Paypal or Your Credit Card

Pay with Paypal or credit card so that if the nappies turn up in worse condition than was advertised (or don’t turn up at all!) you won’t lose all your money. You probably know this, but both Paypal and credit cards offer an extra measure of security over paying via bank deposit. You can file a claim and try to get your money back if the goods aren’t what was promised. It’s always a pain to have to chase up things that haven’t turned up, but if it was a significant chunk of money that you paid, it could be worthwhile.

5. Buying Second Hand Nappies Online – Check Your Acronyms!

Be absolutely sure that you understand exactly what the seller is saying. Does EUC stand for ‘excellent used condition’ or ‘extremely used condition?’ Does their idea of ‘worn elastic’ match your own? Do you know the difference between ‘AIO’ (All in One), AI2 (All in Two),

Buying Second Hand Nappies Online +1: Be Sure to Browse for ‘Seconds’ Cloth Nappies Too!

Our bonus tip is, once you have done your research, check out the sales of ‘seconds’ cloth nappies at cloth nappy retailers – you might just get a cheaper nappy brand new that has a wonky seam, or tags missing, or some other minor imperfection that means a retailer won’t sell it for full price.

As you can see, when buying cloth nappies second hand you can expect to get decent bargains, as long as you know what to ask and look for, and keep to your plans of searching for the best types of a certain style you are after (rather than randomly buying).

This article has been written jointly by Mel from Little Para Pants and Charndra from My Green Nappy!


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Where to Buy Your Cloth Nappies Second Hand

Tell us about your experiences buying cloth nappies online – what is your best tip?


May 14, 2010

Cloth or Disposable Nappies: Too Scared to Make the Switch? 3 Reassuring Strategies

(+ 1 Reassuring Fact that Will Have You Racing to Get Your First Bundle of Fluffy Mail ASAP!)

You have entertained the idea of switching to cloth nappies, knowing that they will save you money and are better for the environment, and you’ve seen other mums’ babies in the funky and brightly coloured prints, and cool looking styles of modern nappies… BUT:

The idea of shelling out all that cash up front is too intimidating… what if they don’t work out for you? What if they are the wrong fit for your baby? Will you have just wasted all that money?

My goal with this article is to offer you three very effective strategies that will not only ease your mind, but reassure you that you are doing the right thing AND have you breathing a big sigh of relief that making the switch to cloth nappies is not that big a deal at all. In fact, it will be FUN!

The most important insight is to know that you don’t need to get a full-time set of cloth nappies straight away. You can break the ice by starting with one ‘green’ nappy and experiment…

Here are 3 Strategies to Guide You to Your Ideal Stash of Modern Nappies:

1. Modern Nappies: Buy a Few Reusable Nappies Secondhand.

At auction sites, specialist auction sites, trading or marketplace sections on parenting forums and dedicated cloth nappy forums, and sites specifically designed for moving quality modern cloth nappies from home to home.  Have a look at this list of places to buy or sell modern cloth nappies…

2. Modern Nappies: Hire a Set of Washable Nappies from a lending library or consultancy service.

Just like borrowing a library book, you can hire out a mixed set of cloth nappies, though for a fee. The terms and rates vary, and often, as they are localised services, you can benefit from the experiences of the mums hiring them out to work out what is best for your needs, as well as troubleshoot any of the many and varied little questions you may have. This is a huge benefit over buying secondhand nappies without an experienced nappy doula to guide your introduction to cloth! Have a look at this overview of various nappy hire, lending, library and consultancy services…

3. Modern Nappies: Buy Your Cloth Nappies in Bulk Value Packs to Save!

Yes, just like many other products, buying cloth nappies in bulk means you can gain them at a discount – it is easier for the supplier to bundle up a bigger lot than lots of little packages, and the savings also come to you. So, once you have experimented a bit and have a clear idea of the nappies you prefer, shop around for bulk packs of these nappies. They may include other items as well, such as wipes, additional inserts, and may have a range of styles or colour options as well. Visit my Nappy Style Window for Shops offering Bulk or Value Bundles of Modern Cloth Nappies…

What is the +1? Sell your Secondhand Modern Nappies!

second hand nappies of cloth

Where to Buy Your Cloth Nappies Second Hand

A Non Disposable Nappy is just that – you can RE SELL them all when your baby is finished with them. There is a MASSIVE online demand for pre-loved nappies – as we looked at in #1 above, many mums are easing into cloth nappies by trialling brands and styles of modern nappies second hand to save money as they experiment for their ideal stash recipe.

A question for you about second hand cloth nappies:

Where is your preferred place to buy and sell used cloth nappies online? What great bargains or cool sales have you made?

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