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February 23, 2011

Washing Cloth Nappies: 5 Simple Tips Make Your Nappy Cleaning Easier (+ One Secret Top Tip)

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Washing Cloth Nappies?

You might think this involves soaking in bleach or nappy soaking agents that are still available and called as such in the supermarket, but this is false!

Modern Cloth Nappies do not require bleach soaking – in fact it is BAD for them! Using fabric softeners, which would seem to make sense, is a no-no.


Then How Do I Wash My Cloth Nappies?

Let’s Look at 5 Simple Tips That Will Make Washing Cloth Nappies a Piece of Cake:

1. Chuck ’em in the Bucket!

Called ‘Dry Pailing’ in some places, this means you have a bucket with a fitted lid to contain odours until washing day, and simply put used nappies in there. Some mothers will have a separate bucket for messy as opposed to just wet nappies.

2. Just a Little Bit of Powder…

With modern cloth nappies you only need a half to a third of the usual amount of laundry powder. This is because the chemicals will, in time, build up on the fibres, reducing their absorbency, something you do not want.

3. Give Your Nappies a Pre-Rinse, Then a Warm Wash.

A pre-rinse gets out the bulk of the wee or poo residues (as you would have dropped most of the poos into the toilet with a washable or flushable liner to make it easier). Then, with a small amount of powder, a warm wash is generally sufficient to get them clean! Some mothers pop in a cap of disinfectant with this pre-rinse, others wash their nappies purely in only fresh water – experiment with variations. Less chemicals is always better!

4. Extra, Extra, Spin It All About!

Following the usual spin cycle on your washing machine, put the nappies through an extra spin cycle at the end. This can increase the speed of drying by up to 25%! A simple way to get more efficiency from your washable nappies.

5. Sunlight is the Friend of Your Cloth Nappies

Sunlight is a great sanitiser, bleach and generally helps keep spots at bay. it is near miraculous to watch baby poop stains fade away in the UV light. For PUL covers and AIO’s though, it is a good tip to dry them less in the direct sunlight to extend their lifespan. Expose stains sunny side for about two hours, and watch them fade away…

Wait! What’s the + One Secret Top Tip?

Pre-wash your Reusable Cloth Nappies! Prewashing removes any oils or chemicals from the manufacturing process of the fabrics and materials and indeed the nappy production process, leaving them far more absorbent and ready to go!

By Charndra

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