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March 1, 2010

Announcing My Green Nappy


My Green Nappy:

Do YOU have 1?

My Green Nappy is a simple environmental initiative encouraging all families to have one green nappy for their baby to wear.

Over 300 thousand babies are born each year in Australia and New Zealand.

Imagine if ALL of them had 1 modern cloth nappy in their wardrobe.

If they wore it once a week, that’s 300 thousand LESS single-use disposable nappies heading off to landfill.

Yes, ONE ‘GREEN’ NAPPY will make a difference!

– It will prevent 1 disposable nappy from ending up in landfill each time it is worn by your baby.

How simple is that?

The question My Green Nappy asks you is:

“Do YOU have 1?      Your one ‘green’ nappy – yet?”

Start with one, and find it by looking around My Green Nappy and meeting all the suppliers of modern cloth nappies ‘down under’. There are over 300 listed! Clearly the modern cloth nappy is no longer a fringe trend, it is a thriving industry driven mainly by mums working from home, working with their families, with you, to lower your expenses, to lower your environmental impact. To help you raise a ‘lower carbon’ baby!
My Green Nappy is a nappy nexus for parents in Australia and New Zealand: a place for you to discover all the shops offering modern cloth nappies and eco disposables- the environmentally friendly, ‘green nappy’ choices.
You can join My Green Nappy to help us with our mission to encourage all families to have that one green nappy for their baby to wear – every day, once a week, whenever – it all adds up, collectively.

As a valued member you will benefit from joining My Green Nappy in many ways:

  • You’ll have guided access to My Green Nappy Guide, a personal online guided tour of your many ‘green’ nappy options: from reusable baby wipes to AIO’s, (the reusable version of the disposable nappy.) From DIY resources to the trendiest ways to save money with your first green nappy! Be sure to read this guide before you buy!
  • You’ll be able to enter to win a special ‘Green Promise Nappy‘, one of a hundred that will be donated seasonally on behalf of the Earth to reduce nappy waste and promote greener choices.
  • You will be offered exclusive special offers-discounts accessed with secret codes only available to members.
  • You will be kept ‘in the loop’ about all things ‘green’ and ‘nappy’ as they apply to families down under.
Have a browse around these interesting and unique resources; and before you go, be sure to sign up as a member so we can keep in touch!
Enjoy your visit today,
Creator of My Green Nappy


  1. My first modern cloth nappy/ green nappy was the pixie poppits from New Age Nappies.

    Comment by Shelley Dowell — March 2, 2010 @ 8:27 pm

  2. Hi There,
    My first green nappy came from Applecheeks these are not your grandmars diapers !

    Comment by sherrie Adams — September 20, 2010 @ 1:56 pm

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