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April 14, 2010

Australian Cloth Nappies: There are 285 Shops Selling Modern Nappies in Australia!

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Cloth Nappies in Australia.

With 285 shops offering Cloth Nappies in Australian stores, you have plenty of choice.

All you need is time to browse around and select the right cloth nappy style for your needs. Simple? Maybe. Have fun, though. This is retail therapy that benefits your baby, your budget, your shopping gene and the environment. You are doing a responsible thing on many counts, he he he…

How do you decide? There is no holy grail of the perfect nappy, you WILL need to experiment – once you accept that you can embrace the FUN of exploring nappy styles, fabrics and brands until you find your personal stash nirvana!

Here are a few ways to choose the best cloth nappies in Australia:

1. Australian Cloth Nappies – Choosing the Best Cloth Nappies By Looks

Start by browsing through the Modern Cloth Mini Trends. Each month a new one will appear, and any cloth nappy shop is able to contribute a photo of their nappies that suit each month’s theme. Women in particular are experts at assessing products by site. We all have our visual preferences and tactile preferences too. Why not begin your stash simply by looks?

2. Australian Cloth Nappies – Choosing the Best Cloth Nappies By Cost

What’s your budget? Your baby will wear a modern, reusable nappy many, many times. The investment is piddly (pardon the pun!) when compared with buying other sorts of outfits that are soon too small to use. A washable nappy, when the cost is compared to the number of wears, soon is of economic benefit to your budget, even though it needs to be washed – after all, it is just another piece of clothing really, and you will be washing plenty of baby clothes over and over and over , as they are christened with spit ups, spews, possits, blurps, sauce, pasta, peaches, strawberry mush – basically look inside your fridge and pantry – every food that your child eats you will need to wash from it’s clothes one day. The nappy just represents the other end of the digestive processing of these ingredients, LOL. Setting a budget, then exploring the nappies in that range is a simple strategy. Prefolds and Nappy covers are very economical, and making cloth nappies is even more budget friendly!

3. Australian Cloth Nappies – Choosing the Best Cloth Nappies By Style

If you are familiar with the main cloth nappy styles, why not browse from My Nappy Style Windows to go straight to a shop that offers that style of nappy, whether it is a pocket nappy, an all in one, an all in two or a prefold with a cover. By the time you have a look at a range of shops offering the style of cloth nappy you are considering, you will have a pretty good bead on what the offerings are at the moment. Keep your eye out for special offers like a discount for joining a newsletter list or club, or fan page specials.

4. Australian Cloth Nappies – Choosing the Best Cloth Nappies By Lifestyle Needs

Does dad or grandma do a portion of nappy changing? Then an All in One style may be preferable when you first introduce cloth nappies, to show them how easy they are! A hybrid stash of a range of nappy styles enables you to combine all the best features of the nappies with the other needs of your family. Pockets are great for flexibility – tailoring a nappy to the varying needs of your baby through the day, the seasons and overnight.

5. Australian Cloth Nappies – Choosing the Best Cloth Nappies By Random Browsing!

My Green Nappy currently has 285 retailers of cloth nappies in Australia on this extensive list: Australian Cloth Nappies. Scroll down to the letter your name starts with, and explore those shops. Next, go to the letter your family name starts with, and explore the nappies there.

Remember, the most important thing to know is that there is no ‘Holy Grail’ of the perfect nappy.

You WILL need to experiment – once you accept that you can embrace the FUN of exploring nappy styles, fabrics and brands until you find your personal stash nirvana! THAT will introduce you to the perfect nappy for your needs – and it will be different to that of other mums with differently shaped and sized and aged babies, different budgets and different budgets.

Have fun, and know that you can re sell your used nappies second hand in the future!

P.S There are now 287 on my Aussie List. Adding the New Zealand list, this makes a total of 344 nappy selling shops down under!

A few questions to you about Australian Cloth Nappies:

Whose nappies do you like?

Which is a retailer that appeals that has been introduced to you on your visits to My Green Nappy?

Who has a great name for their shop or brand?


  1. Great find on these websites! Will get my wife to pick em out for us as the misses always knows better, ah well. thanks anyways!


    Comment by Nick from Todae Eco Store — April 15, 2010 @ 4:54 pm

  2. Wow, I had no idea there was that many retailers of cloth nappies in Australia! That’s impressive.
    I am totally in love with Baby Beehinds. We love all of their nappies. Bamboo is fantastic, and the AIO and pockets make perfect going out nappies.
    I saw an advert for “Krap Katchers” on here, and thought that was quite a funny and memorable name! I just had to have a look at their site 🙂

    Comment by Sara — April 16, 2010 @ 3:41 pm

  3. It would be good to add to the listing which of these stores have a physical shopfront, and the address. For me part of the attraction to MCNs is that they are tactile, and knowing where I can go and have a look at them would be a great help. 🙂

    Comment by Kylie — April 27, 2010 @ 9:55 am

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