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April 12, 2010

How did the idea for My Green Nappy evolve?

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How did the idea for My Green Nappy evolve?

It started as an article on another site of mine, Part Time Nappy Free! It is called “How Green is Your Nappy?” and is an encouraging look into a dozen simple ways of gradually reducing the carbon footprint of your baby, before you even start with a spot of baby pottying. (The site is designed to introduce and encourage mums interested in dabbling in baby pottying, or elimination communication as a way to reduce your need for full time nappies.)

Yes, you can make a difference with simple ideas to reduce your environmental impact!

Here's a bit of the article that inspired me to create My Green

Baby Jett, 1 week old

Then, my second son, Jett, was born with CTEV. CTEV is Congenital Talipes EquinoVarus – simply, he was born with what would be a ‘club foot’ if it had been left untreated. It is a genetic condition that effects one in 1000 babies born, so it is rather common. But it has been corrected, and his foot is beautiful, and will stay that way as he grows as we are very diligent about his brace wear! Treatment involved series of 12 plaster casts from when he was 9 days old – (the day he wore his first nappy), followed by his ‘boots and bar’  – he had to wear an orthotic brace on his feet for 23 hours day for 3 months, then 16 hours until about 14 months, now 12 hours a day until he is 4ish.

Whereas with my first son we did night time EC and I was able to experience the wonderful benefits of using no night time nappies at all, with my baby in a brace that holds his feet apart, it is very difficult to tell when he needed to go, so using nappies at night became inevitable.

Needing to use night nappies at lot more was new to me, as my first son was nappy-free at night from 5-6 months, so I did more looking into the specialised night time nappies, those designed to last overnight and to absorb the more voluminous wees of a baby who is often disturbed at night by his brace, which lightens his sleep, suppresses the production of the hormone that concentrates urine at night, meaning a larger volume of wee, and the circle goes on…

Here we have My Green Nappy. You’ll find I strive to keep the information at a simple level so you are not overwhemed with information. Hmm, how to keep it simple when there is so much to know?

Although there is a lot of information here, through My Green Nappy Guide I space it out for you. Imagine a snippet every few days delivered to your inbox; no need for any more googling! My Green Nappy IS a true Nappy Nexus – I’m striving for it to be a valuable portal. Once you are savvy, you can move on to the various organisations and cloth nappy forums and visit the shops for more experienced and specific support and advice; they are the true experts!

My Green Nappy Guide: Too many emails?

As an email for My Green Nappy Guide arrives every 3-4 days, they can mount up in your in-box and get annoying if you don’t get the time to keep up. The best solution is to create a folder in your email program to add them to, so that you can pop back in there at your leisure to see where you were up to! I do that for all the online guides and email lists I join. That way, I can see an email has come in, and get around to it when I have some free moments, without having to scroll around my inbox (mine is I must admit, far too full of emails!) and risk losing track – which also happens of course!

– Charndra

P.S The page How did the idea for My Green Nappy evolve? talks about the development of the idea further for those of you interested in how these sorts of things come into being out of needs, experiences and seeing a need when listening to the Mums around me…

A question for you:

Well, I don’t have a question – but I do have some encouragement – get an ideas book and jot down ideas. Follow your interests and the directions of your life to find meaningful pursuits to pursue. I am amazed at how starting by waffling on about our adventures in EC has led me to learn all sorts of new things, and I continue to have fun thinking of new ideas. Now, if only they could support me to stay at home with an actual income- perhaps one day.

Actually, here is a question:

What are your areas of personal interest? Have you thought to start a blog and record your thoughts? Writing about what interests you is easy, and who knows where it will lead you in time. You’ve got to be in it to see where you may go. Recently I talked about the site I got the template for My Green Nappy from. I am switching all my sites over to those templates – one day… –  they are optimised for all browsers, a HUGE bonus. There are squillions of free templates you can use – and WordPress has a free blogging platform too, but these premium themes are worth a gander at if you want.


  1. Thanks for this little insight. I have one question though: What is Nighttime EC? Off to Google that now…!

    Comment by Sarah — April 12, 2010 @ 1:11 pm

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Oops! Night time EC is practicing elimination communication at night. I loved it, and miss it too.
    Here is a description of what my experiences with Night Time EC were with my first son.

    Comment by Charndra — April 12, 2010 @ 1:31 pm

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