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May 25, 2010

“It’s In the Mail!” What’s it Like to Receive Fluffy Mail?

Receiving a package of modern cloth nappies to your home or through the post is commonly called ‘Fluffy Mail’ – how cute is that?

EVERYONE finds getting a package in the mail a thrill, and receiving new gear for your baby is just great fun!

in-guide-green-nappyYour nappy doula’s are no different than you – in fact it never seems to change, that thrill of a parcel in the post! For today’s topic we’ve asked your Nappy Doula’s to respond to the simple question – “Describe receiving ‘FLUFFY MAIL'”.

I’m pleased to have contributions from many friends of My Green Nappy included in this article. We have Emma from Brindabella Baby, Mel from Little Para Pants, Louise from Scamps Boutique, Eva from Oz Baby Trends, Cassandra from New Age Nappies, Annette from Iish Fly, Michelle from Issy Bear Nappies, Alisha from Baby Safari, Ashley from Cheeky Creations, Carli from MiniLaLa, Tracey from Flattery, Bec from Baby Chilli, Kelleigh from Miracle Baby, Julie from Cloth For Comfort, Peggy from Fluffy Bubs and Kate from Nappy Days, Sasha from Green Kids and Michelle from Sustainable Hemp Products.

Let’s see what they have to say:

“Describe receiving ‘FLUFFY MAIL'”

Emma Davidson of Brindabella Baby:

The anticipation of waiting for the postie to arrive is really fun! Especially when it’s a custom order. But I also love having my shop in the city, so that people who really need something NOW can just drop in and buy off-the-shelf.

Mel of Little Para Pants:

I love getting mail, especially packages of any kind.  And brand new nappies are always so soft!

Louise of Scamps Boutique, NZ:

Eva of Oz Baby Trends:
We had 3000 nappies arrive this week, so my own excitement is starting to peak a bit, but my daughter still says: ‘Aw, Mummy it’s so soft!

Cassandra of New Age Nappies:

I love it!

Annette of Iish Fly:

Oh the joy of hearing the mailman knocking and dropping a parcel on my door step. I would run out and squezze the parcel, and rip it open. As soon as Ella was awake, I would put it on her ASAP, and would be so disappointed if she was sleeping and I would have to wait. Its sort of like seeing the presents under the Christmas tree and not being able to open them until Christmas day.

Michelle of Issy Bear Nappies:

Oh Yes!!

Ashley of Cheeky Creations:

Receiving fluffy mail is awesome. I tend to stalk my postman when I know I’m going to receive some. My fluffy mail consists of nappy making materials but I still love it!

Tracey from Flattery:

Well, first you have to hide it from your husband! (That’s only if it’s a naughty one you weren’t supposed to buy). The biggest thing for me is getting it on bub as soon as I possibly can!

Bec from Baby Chilli:

I get all excited when the Australia post package man knocks on my door at 7.30am! Well, annoyed at first but then so exited he is here to bring me fluff 🙂

Kelleigh from Miracle Baby:
It is very exciting, your first reaction is that it is like Christmas opening your parcel. Then you marvel at the gorgeous colours, patterns, and softness of the materials. Then you feel very good about having gotten some and how great they will feel on your baby.
Julie from Cloth For Comfort:
Even after 4 years experience with MCN, I still get excited ordering something online, and even more excited when it arrives on my doorstep! It is like the anticipation of an upcoming social event when I was a teenager. Once they arrive, my husband has learnt to sit down and listen to my spiels about what each fabric is for/from/cost/funkiness/what I’m going to make from it 😉
Peggy from Fluffy Bubs:
Anticipation and excitement…then a feeling of awwww….so cute!
Kate from Nappy Days:
It is like one of the most exciting packages and some mums get frantic if it doesn’t arrive on time because they are so obsessed with trying them on their baby!
Alisha of Baby Safari:
Getting fluffy mail is an addictive high… an expensive addictive high!!
Sasha of Green Kids:
Oh my goodness, I go a bit crazy when I’m expecting fluffy mail! We didn’t have to buy a lot of other nappies, since we obviously have plenty here 😉 I did get a couple from some cloth nappy making friends though over the years, so it was exciting to actually be the receiver for a change!
Concern – My baby is 9 years old! LOL

Nappies = 'Fluffy Mail'

How wonderful. I RACE out the door when fluffy mail is possibly there.

I’ll bet you’re now itching to feel that thrill again – to get that high as you rip open that package! It is soooo much fun.

Thank you to all our nappy doula’s for their contributions,

P.S There is a question at the bottom of each of these features. Join in the conversation and share your own experiences and stories with us…

– Your Nappy Doulas –

This is part of a regular series of articles that offer you an insight into the beliefs, concerns, knowledge and wisdom of Mums making and selling modern cloth nappies in Australia and New Zealand.

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A few questions to you about Fluffy Mail:

“What do you like about receiving ‘FLUFFY MAIL’?”

“How does it make you FEEL?”

“What was your last Fluffy Mail package?”


  1. I like opening “fluffy mail” and seeing the new patterns, designs, colours – it’s like Christmas!

    I like opening the mail up and then immediately HAVING to try it on my daughter!! And take pics of course!!

    It makes me feel a bit humbled – that I am doing something for the environment, and at how clever people are!!

    Last Fluffy Mail package was from a lovely lady called Natalia – in a nappy swap – and she added a koha (gift) minky nappy in for me too!

    Comment by Angela L — May 25, 2010 @ 11:19 am

  2. LOL @ Michelle/SHP!!!

    My last fluffy mail was a red Pikapu nappy. simple and understated amidst the plethora of prints in the nappy world.

    Obviously I make some fluffy mail myself, and the look on the faces of my satisfied customers when they come pick up the nappies is just heartwarming. So I can imagine how customers who mail order would feel with theirs in the mail. 🙂

    Comment by Rebecca Tham — May 25, 2010 @ 3:48 pm

  3. My “cloth nappyed” baby is turning 5 this year 🙁 but I STILL get excited when fluffy mail arrives! Not for my baby any more but for the 100’s of other baby bottoms that will get to use them! I am just so pleased
    to share the cloth nappy love!

    Comment by Karyn from itti bitti New Zealand — May 26, 2010 @ 12:42 pm

  4. I love getting fluffy mail. Even when it’s ones that I have to repair 🙂

    Comment by Trish — June 2, 2010 @ 6:51 pm

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