My Green Nappy Discovering Modern Cloth Nappies and Eco-Friendly Disposable Nappies

June 19, 2010

Green Promise Nappy #7

Green Promise Nappy # 7 is a Blueberry One Size Deluxe Nappy – Green.


Proudly donated by Karen from Baby Blossom in New South Wales.

About Cloth Nappies from Baby Blossom:

Modern Cloth Nappies are easy to use, they are NOT meant to be soaked. Gone are the days of terry squares that needed to be soaked. Just remove any solid waste in the toilet (as you would with disposables) and dry pail them. Modern Cloth Nappies only need to be washed with half your usual amount of detergent and sun dryed. The sun naturally kills germs and bleaches any stains.

Modern Cloth Nappies do not leak. They use PUL, wool, fleece etc, to keep mess in while allowing your baby’s skin the breath. Unlike the old sweaty PVC covers. There is the odd occasion where like any disposable they can leak for heavy wetters.

Modern Cloth Nappies care for your baby. The only thing that is near your baby’s delicate skin is the soft natural liners. Unlike the chemical messes that are in disposables.

Modern Cloth Nappies care for the environment. Are made by renewable resourses like hemp and bamboo. These crops need little water and little or no pesticides. In Australia alone 800 million disposable nappies are delivered to landfill every year. They can take as long as 500 years to biodegrade. That means the disposables used now are going to out live our children. We won’t even mention what goes in to them to make them!

Modern Cloth Nappies care for your budget. On average disposables will cost you over $2000 for the first 2 years of your baby life (not including wipes or other products needed). A good modern cloth system plus laundering costs (even if you use a dryer) will cost much less than $1000. If you use these nappies for multiple children just imagine the cost savings! You could take the family on a holiday with just the money you save from nappies.

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