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June 19, 2010

Green Promise Nappy #8

Green Promise Nappy # 8 is a Trim Green Organic Velour Little Beetle Nappy featuring 2 layers of wonderfully soft and absorbent organic fabric.


Proudly donated by Helen fromĀ Aquabub in New Zealand.

About Aquabub:

The birth of Aquabub

When I was pregnant with my first son we planned a home waterbirth. I wanted to find a pool that was more comfortable than the one my sister-in-law had used when she birthed her daughter at home. It had a hard frame with a liner and absolutely no padding. Leaning on the side was uncomfortable for her and the pillow we tried to hold on the side to increase her comfort kept slipping and getting wet. Not to mention sore knees from kneeling without any padding.

Then I discovered the La Bassine birth pool. I spent four hours labouring in the pool and really loved how I could fully relax on the comfy sides between contractions. And kneel and sit comfortably on the inflated pool bottom. And during that four hours the water only needed topping up with hot once – the air chambers in the sides and bottom helped to retain heat! My midwife and some of my pregnant friends were also impressed with the pool and I was soon getting enquiries from people with a desire to hire it. And that saw the beginnings of Aquabub!

Towards the end of 2007 I started sourcing products that our family has used and loved – and Aquabub expanded to include these items for sale. Our aim is to share products we love, while supporting natural parenting for other families.

We hope you enjoy the Aquabub range of products as much as our family does!

Visit Aquabub...

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