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June 12, 2010

Modern Nappies: Finding the Recipe for Your Ideal Stash: 3 Helpful Tips. (+ 1)

There are a wide variety of brands of modern nappies available in Australia and New Zealand.

Hmm, What type of these washable, reusable, money saving and landfill-sparing nappies will best suit your needs?

A chef experiments with ingredients to find just the rightt mix of flavours to make you smile; when building the ideal nappy stash for your baby you can do the same – experiment with a range of nappy styles to find the one you prefer (All in ones? Pocket Nappies? Inserts or prefolds and a cover?) and then sample a few of the many different brands available to find the fabric and fit and fastening that you personally prefer. My goal with this article is to offer you 3 suggestions of simple strategies to explore cloth nappies without breaking the bank.

1. Modern Nappies: Borrow and Share Around Different Cloth Nappies from Friends.

Ask around. “Can I borrow one (or 3) of your All in One nappies for a week? I could lend you one of my Pocket Nappies in exchange” Easy. Three nappies means you can see how they go for a stretch of time. It’s best to set a date to swap back in these cases, then you can share experiences. Why not set up a “Nappychino” to arrange your swaps? Having a cuppa at the same time, chatting with other mums is just great fun too. Everyone arranges a swap and you meet up next week to swap again and troubleshoot or strategize how to get more for your stash!

2. Modern Nappies: Swap and Trade Your Cloth Nappies Online.

There is a MASSIVE online demand for pre-loved nappies. Many mums are easing into cloth nappies by swapping and trading brands and styles of modern nappies to save money as they experiment for their ideal stash recipe. This can be done in the online communities of cloth nappy enthusiasts – there are various forums for swaping, trading and otherwise moving cloth nappies around the great modern cloth nappy continuum at little more than the cost of postage. All the while, a lot of fun is had, friends are made and your cloth nappy experience grows and grows!

3. Modern Nappies: Buy 2nd Hand Cloth Nappies and Save.

Buy a Few Reusable Nappies Secondhand. At auction sites, specialist auction sites, trading or marketplace sections on parenting forums and dedicated cloth nappy forums, and sites specifically designed for moving quality modern cloth nappies from home to home.

Modern Nappies: Bonus +1 = Hire Some Nappies Through a Modern Cloth Nappy Consultant

The best way to optimize your stash is to try a range before you settle on your final selection. Just like borrowing a library book, you can hire out a mixed set of cloth nappies, though for a fee. The terms and rates vary, and often, as they are localised services, you can benefit from the experiences of the mums hiring them out to work out what is best for your needs, as well as troubleshoot any of the many and varied little questions you may have. This is a huge benefit over buying secondhand nappies without an experienced nappy doula to guide your introduction to cloth!
With these 4 tips you will find the ingedients for your ideal stash recipe effectively, while talking with other mums, shopping for your baby, and generally having a great time making the most out of what is perhaps a mundane part of mothering: nappy changing!
Cloth nappy shopping is secretly an underground addiction for mums flexing their retail therapy needs in the best way possible – your baby needs these special clothes everyday, and a number of them – what better ‘excuse’ could you have for buying pretty and useful things?

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