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December 12, 2010

Announcing the WINNERS of the Spring Green Promise Nappy Giveaway…

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My Green Nappy and Sponsors of the Spring Green Promise Nappy Initiative are excited and proud to announce the winners of the Green Promise Nappies today!

Thanks to everyone for the enthusiasm shown in supporting this simple environmental initiative which highlights that even one ‘green’ nappy can make a difference – preventing a disposable from ending up in landfill each time it is worn.

We hope you had fun bouncing around the sites of our sponsors, who kindly donated a special modern cloth nappy to this giveaway. This Modern Cloth Nappy Giveaway has been designed to highlight the features and benefits of soft, reusable nappies for your baby’s bottom comfort – which look really snazzy while they boost your budget, benefit the environment and provide a pretty conversation starter for chatting Mums.

Our Spring Sponsors were:

Yoland of Bumbino, Rebecca of Bean Sprout Bubba, Louise of Nip Naps, Kath of Parents and Pumpkins, Michelle of Sustainable Hemp Products, Liz of Real Nappies, Kyra from Bubbalooba, Nyssa from Snow Pea Nappies, Kristin of Cloth my Bot, Lara of Extremely Nappies, Nat and Amy of Little Diamond Bums, Hollie of B Cheeks, Catherine and Fiona of Darlings Downunder, Deborah of Cheeky Butts, Katerina of Twinkle Lily, Charndra of Tribal Baby,  Tamara of Baby Mumma, Charndra of Part Time Nappy Free!, Clare of Bubba Moo, Amelia of Bambooty and Bonny of Bonnibuns.

Be notified of the next round...

From October 15th until the end of November, entrants played this simple contest. By visiting each of our sponsoring sites, entrants found a question. To find the answer they had a look around the site and added their answer to go into the draw for each nappy.

Some entrants entered all draws, others supported their favourite retailers, or picked those nappies they most wanted to win! Contestants had plenty of time to qualify for as many nappies as they liked, with six weeks to enter.

One of the winners was actually the last person to enter into the draw for the nappy in question. Winners were randomly drawn from qualifying entries.

The random number generator used to draw our winners.

* Amelia of Bambooty was away in the UK for the competition, so we have had to do a separate week long giveaway opportunity to give you the chance to win her nappy! Await an email for your chance to win this nappy…

Thanks to everyone who participated… read on for our winners… Good luck!

The winners of each Green Promise Nappy are:

#1 Green Promise Nappy from Yoland of Bumbino: Won by C Burgess of Dungog, NSW, Australia

#2 Green Promise Nappy from Rebecca of Bean Sprout Bubba: Won by K Teale, QLD, Australia

#3  Green Promise Nappy from Louise of Nip Naps: Won by Rebecca Lyle, WA, Australia

#4 Green Promise Nappy from Kath of Parents and Pumpkins: Won by Natalie Richards, NSW Australia

#5 Green Promise Nappy from Michelle of Sustainable Hemp Products: Won by R Grace, VIC, Australia

#6 Green Promise Nappy from Liz of Real Nappies: Won by Anita Whitehouse of  Canberra, Australia

#7 Green Promise Nappy from Kyra from Bubbalooba: Won by Mungbean, QLD, Australia

#8 Green Promise Nappy from Nyssa from Snow Pea Nappies: Won by Katrina Carlos, TAS, Australia.

#9 Green Promise Nappy from Kristin of Cloth my Bot: Won by D Carter, NSW Australia.

#10 Green Promise Nappy from Lara of Extremely Nappies: Won by Carey Beveridge, NSW Australia

#11 Green Promise Nappy from Nat and Amy of Little Diamond Bums: Won by Belinda Dennis, QLD, Australia.

#12 Green Promise Nappy from Hollie of B Cheeks: Won by K Maynard of Sydney, Australia

#13 Green Promise Nappy from Catherine and Fiona of Darlings Downunder: Won by L De Ridder, NSW Australia

#14 Green Promise Nappy from Deborah of Cheeky Butts: Won by S Hayward, WA, Australia

#15 Green Promise Nappy from Katerina of Twinkle Lily: Won by Maria Prestinenzi from QLD Aust.

#16 Green Promise Nappy from Charndra of Tribal Baby: Won by Arri Amoore, VIC, Australia

#17 Green Promise Nappy from Tamara of Baby Mumma: Won by M Bayliss WA Australia

#18 Green Promise Nappy from Charndra of Part Time Nappy Free!: Won by Sarah Wilson, SA, Australia

#19 Green Promise Nappy from Clare of Bubba Moo: Won by Barb Hossen, WA, Australia

#20 Green Promise Nappy from Amelia of Bambooty *await an email for your chance to win this nappy…

#21 Green Promise Nappy from Bonny of Bonnibuns: Won by D. Francome, WA, Australia

Congratulations to you all! Your email has been forwarded on to the sponsor so you can be in contact to receive your prize – hopefully in time for Christmas. Some prizes are customs, so may take a little while.

Thankyou to everyone who played. We look forward to offering more beautiful Green Promise Nappies in a future round!

Stay tuned for more advice in our Spring Sponsor Congo Series…

We still have 4 more articles coming up in this helpful series:

– Your Nappy Doulas –

These titles are part of a regular series of articles that offer you an insight into the beliefs, concerns, knowledge and wisdom of mums making and selling modern cloth nappies in Australia and New Zealand.
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  1. Congratulations to all the winners. Was an awesome hunt, had a fun time, look forward to the next one:)

    Comment by Kirsten — December 15, 2010 @ 8:52 am

  2. congratulations to all the winners.

    Comment by leah — December 15, 2010 @ 10:10 am

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