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January 22, 2011

Introducing the Mandy MacTropic: a 1st of it’s kind nappy designed in Australia!

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The MacTropic is a PUL free, onesize, All-In-One Nappy – a first of its kind.

How does it work?

The MacTropic is superabsorbent – It comes with an inbuilt layer of microfibre covering the entire surface of the nappy (other all-in-one nappies have absorbency only in the centre of the nappy). There is an additional layer of inbuilt, superduty microfibre in the wet zone. Then there is a two-layer microfibre snap in booster that comes with the nappy and may be upgraded to a larger size when needed.

Then additionally the MacTropic comes with TWO Indian cotton trifolds. The Indian cotton trifolds are 33cm x 33cm and can be placed in the pouch of the nappy, or, if baby is sensitive to man-made fabrics, place one of the Indian cotton trifolds on the top.

How is it waterproofed?

It is water resistant, not waterproof. The MacTropic has an outerlayer of fluffy minky to produce a water resistant nappy, similar to wool or fleece, but it is PUL free – which means super coolness, super breathability and super happy bottoms. Ideal for living in the tropics. Ideal for summer. Ideal for sensitive skin.

Can I use it in winter?

Of course!! The MacTropic can be used it winter. Simply combine it with your favourite baby leggings to make an environmentally friendly fashion statement. The MacTropic is best not used under tight clothing as you may experience wicking of wetness from the nappy onto clothing when the nappy becomes heavily wet. This can be overcome simply by changing the nappy regularly however.

How is it One-Size?

The MacTropic has adjustable buttonhole elastic around the back, and the legs of the nappy. To adjust: turn the nappy inside out. Pull out the elastic as much as required (for a new baby you would need it pulled out a lot to decrease both the width and the length.)

The back elastic adjusts the width of the nappy, the leg elastic adjusts the length. So, for example, a short, round baby would want the leg elastic pulled tight in the legs, reducing length, and less so in the back, increasing the girth. A tall skinny toddler would want tighter back elastic, but less pulled through at the legs.

And just to make it even more convenient for you to use, there are a variety of snaps at the front for those day to day adjustments so that you aren’t required to be adjusting the elastic too frequently.

The best feature of the adjustable elastic however, is that it is replaceable. So when the elastic has worn, rendering many nappies worthless, the MacTropic can simply have the elastic replaced!!! Even better value for you!!!

Can I customise absorbency?

Yes you can! You may wish to use only one Indian cotton trifold, if you have a petite baby and are happy to change nappies very regularly. Else if you have a heavy wetting toddler you may prefer the long booster (sold separately) with a bamboo booster instead of or as well as the Indian cotton trifold boosters. With the MacTropic, your options are unlimited.

How long will a nappy last?

Depending on how much your baby wets, and how much absorbency you have put in the pouch – did you put both trifolds in, did you add any extra absorbency? A nappy can last up to three hours. It will start to feel wet when it is time to change. The MacTropic is a brilliant nappy for most circumstances, but is not the best option for long car rides, overnight or situations where your infant is sitting still for long periods of time. If baby soils the nappy, change immediately.

Any special washing instructions?

Nope. Remove solids, cold rinse, warm wash and hang in the sun to dry. The MacTropic can even be hot washed if needed as there is no PUL to be mindful of. Additionally it can even go in the tumble dryer. Elastic will deteriorate a little more quickly with hot washing and tumble drying, but the MacTropic has been designed to allow easy replacement of elastic when this happens.

The MacTropic comes in six gorgeously bright colours:
Papal Red, Sunset Orange, Ice Blue, Aquamarine, Hot Mint and Royal Blue

Each MacTropic package contains:

1 x MacTropic PUL-free, one-size, all-in-one nappy
1 x small two-layer microfibre snap in booster.
2 x Indian cotton trifold boosters – 33cm x 33cm.

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