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January 21, 2011

Top Tips For Travelling With Cloth Nappies…

Spring Green Promise Nappy Sponsors – Congo Advice #10: You’ll find great tips and tricks for using cloth nappies when out and about or travelling!

The Sponsors of the Spring Green Promise Nappies are your Nappy Doulas for this series of ‘Congo Questions’.

All Spring Sponsors were invited to contribute their expertise. Each donated a special cloth nappy as a giveaway prize to become an ambassador for ‘Nappy Change’ as it stops a disposable heading to landfill each time it is worn. You can register at any time to play in the current or a future round.

I’m pleased to have contributions from a number of your Green Promise Nappy Sponsors included in this article. I’d like to thank them for their time and for sharing their experience to help you make t

he most of your green nappies! We have Kyra from Bubbalooba, Katerina from Twinkle Lily, Michelle from Sustainable Hemp Products, Rebecca from Bean Sprout Bubba,Yoland from Bumbino, Nyssa from Snow Pea Nappies, Nat from Little Diamond Bums and Liz of Real Nappies NZ.

Let’s see what they have to say:

What’s a helpful tip for travelling with cloth nappies?

Kyra from Bubbalooba:

If you are going to travel with cloth nappies, take more then you need, especially if you will be on the move a lot – also try to pack fast drying nappies, like pocket nappies or even terry towelling squares.

Katerina from Twinkle Lily:

Always make sure you have necessary items for when travelling, including wet bags, cloth wipes/wipes and solutions and enough nappies for a change before leaving the house.

Michelle from Sustainable Hemp Products:

Take lots of extra boosters

Rebecca from Bean Sprout Bubba:

1. Make sure your destination has a washing machine (or laundry service, or laundromat) and drying facilities! Ensure that the laundry service does not use high temps. Also find out whether inserts are considered a separate item or not.

2. bring along pocket nappies and extra inserts, or All-in-two nappies with extra inserts. Use microfibre or hemp nappies where possible.

3. For night time bring along some freshly washed and lanolised wool covers and a few fitted nappies, these wool covers don’t require extra washing unless travelling for more than a month.

4. Line nappies with flushable disposable nappy liners for fuss free solid waste removal

5. Another travelling alternative is to use nappy covers or nappy shells without inserts with biodegradable nappy inserts. Be sure to buy a few samples to test out before the trip to rule out any skin sensitivities and to test the absorbancy.

6. Or, if your travel is very short, use disposables and enjoy your trip! Again, test them out before you go…

Yoland from Bumbino:

We are about to head to Bali ( in the humid/ rainy season) with baby in cloth nappies so I will be interested to hear any tips. I don’t know that there is a magic answer to making cloth nappies 100% convenient!

But I am not prepared to be tossing disposable nappies around Bali…so we make do.

I use pocket nappies. So I am planning to leave my super absorbent but slower to dry bamboo inserts at home. I am taking with me some old scraps of cotton towelling fabric with me to put into the pocket nappies. It is not as absorbent as the bamboo but it will dry a lot faster. I will take extra inserts and keep the fast drying pockets circulating. I choose to handwash. I don’t wait for washing machines when I am travelling . If worst comes to worst and I end up discarding some of the towelling fabric I will still feel better about that than leaving smelly old disposables behind us.

Nyssa from Snow Pea Nappies:

Make sure you have enough wetbags, even if it’s a few days between washes as long as you have big wetbags they’ll keep all the wetness and smells in, even when packed in a suitcase with your clothes.

Nat from Little Diamond Bums:

Prefolds are quite space saving when traveling as they fold up neatly and you can reuse a cover.

Cloth wipes and a foam bottle are handy as they can be used and then put in your wetbag with any soiled nappies. This saves having to find a bin for any disposable wipes.

Remember to include a large wetbag and a must is to ensure you select accommodation where you have a functional washing machine available or launderette nearby as well as a place to dry your nappies. I leant this the hard way when I stayed in an apartment where the washing machine did not spin dry, this left me with a lot of soggy nappies!

Liz of Real Nappies NZ:

Be sure to be confident with your cloth nappies before you go travelling. Many people opt for disposable nappies when travelling or on long car trips. However there really is no need, as long as you have the following:

• Wet bag for soiled nappies

• Spare nappy covers and nappies (bonus with 2-part system like Real Nappies is you don’t need as many covers as you don’t have to change the cover every change time)

• Correct size – be confident with your nappies and there will be no leaks!

• If you are away on holiday with No Washing Machine – simply bring along a storage container (like a bucket), flush your solids away with the bioliner down the toilet.

• Pop the wet nappies in the bucket and soak in the bucket when you have a full lot in a solution such as Nappy Fresh sanitiser – excellent for whitening and sanitizing your nappies! OR, simply transfer the whole lot to the washing machine and add Nappy Fresh sanitizer to the machine…easy!

The comment question for you is: What combination of nappies do you use when travelling? Your tips for using cloth nappies?

– Your Nappy Doulas –

This is part of a regular series of articles that offer you an insight into the beliefs, concerns, knowledge and wisdom of mums making and selling modern cloth nappies in Australia and New Zealand.

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  1. We travel with cloth. AI2s were the answer for us, with flushable bamboo liners. We have plenty of AI2 shells, plus lots of extra inserts and boosters. We can normally get 2-3 wears out of a shell (unless it gets poo on it), and the liners take care of most of the poo. This reduces the bulk, as we’re toting inserts rather than whole nappies, and they dry more quickly because they come apart. For night use, we have BBH multifits, which we can boost up heaps, but the inserts come out and unfold for quicker drying.
    Several wetbags to contain soiled nappies until we can get to a washing machine, but we always try to book a place to stay that has a washing machine. We also have a little wetbag for cloth wipes, and a small foaming bottle of wipes solution. It seems to work well for us 🙂 We still keep a couple of disposables on hand for emergencies, you never know what might happen 🙂

    Comment by Sara — January 21, 2011 @ 1:45 pm

  2. I read a great tip recently that I didn’t get a chance to add to my advice above!

    If you take a nappy bucket with you and fill with water and washing powder then put the lid on tightly it will do a great job of washing your nappies while you drive around on your holiday, then you only need to rinse (using the same method if you want) and your nappies are ready to dry!

    Comment by Nyssa Lesniak — January 21, 2011 @ 6:13 pm

  3. Just keep it simple.

    If going on holidays just stick with what you are used to. We did this and it was no worries at all – even took the nappy bucket!

    For out and about All-in-One’s are handy for quick and easy changes. But I use the nappy/cover system I use at home when out – this way I did not have to get other nappies and can just use the ones I do all the time.

    Totally agree that a booster will help you get more “usage” out of the nappy if only No 1’s.

    But do not get too overwhelmed – the amount of nappies you need to take out will decrease as bub gets older.

    My son is 16 months and when we go out for the day we take only three nappies & one cover – all in a wetbag with the about four wipes in a tupperware sandwich container.

    Just as much stuff as a disposable mum would I say!

    Comment by Amanda — January 21, 2011 @ 8:42 pm

  4. We travelled Australia in both a camper trailer and in hotel rooms with PUL covers and terry flats – hand washing at nights. It was great, when camping we had a clothes rack from a $2 shop to dry them on, and when in hotels we had a hang up coat hanger style one from a camping shop and hung it under the air vent.
    I travel mostly with two or three good quality wet bags, or if camping the nappy bucket.
    Easy peasy!
    But I also love a good cover with Eenie compostable pads – still eco friendly but super easy. Especially for planes!

    Comment by Holly Puckering — January 22, 2011 @ 11:13 am

  5. We’re currently travelling with MCNs. I brought the whole stash and a big laundry bag plus all the small wet bags I normally use as I find I’m using them more often.
    Having a washing machine is essential and I’ve brought the normal detergent I use which was lucky as there is no MCN safe detergent available here.
    Take pegs! Most places provide a drying rack of some sort but the nappies will take much longer to try if they’re hanging over themselves.
    I’m actually washing more often (every day) as it is tropical where we are and I’m finding the nappies take longer to dry.
    I wish I’d brought some flushable liners and I’m REALLY missing my little squirt but the liners would have solved that problem. I’m just doing a cold rinse before a hot wash to make sure that the nappies get properly cleaned and it is going well so far.
    For the plane trips I take SIOs/AI2s, maybe 3 or 4 ready to go with extra inserts to swap over as they take up less room.

    Comment by Gemma — January 26, 2011 @ 6:00 pm

  6. Hi,
    we recently travelled with modern nappies down south. I took a large wetbag and used the hotel’s mop bucket to soak nappies. Our room had a washing machine so that made things easier.
    I also took the little sample packets of rockin green detergent with us to use while we were away save taking a huge box of washing powder.
    I found I did use all the nappies I took I just kept washing every day
    I also found taking a few pocket nappies handy as without the insert in I used them as swim nappies, so it was great if the nappy hadn’t dried from a swim we could use another one and go swimming without having to put wet bathers back on.

    Comment by kristie qt booty modern cloth nappy library — January 31, 2011 @ 11:48 pm

  7. I often travel with cloth nappies. I use Itti bitti SIOs/ Tuttos. With flushable liners I take my nappy bucket and just fill it up and when I get somewhere with a washing machine I wash. Though I love the idea of using your nappy bucket as a washing machine must remember that. We went on a long plane rides to Europa recently and had to use disposables; as 28 hours was a few too many dirty nappies to carry around. I hated using disposables but I put flushable liners in so at least the poop isn’t going into the waste. Going camping in a few weeks so will report back how that goes. I’m thinking I’ll just take my nappy bucket with me.

    Comment by Madeleine — February 1, 2011 @ 6:46 am

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