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March 13, 2011

Free Cloth Nappies? How to Find Modern Nappies Cheaply For Your Baby – 3 Simple Tips (+1)

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Free Cloth Nappies – How to Find Modern Nappies Cheaply For Your Baby – 3 Simple Tips (+1)

– Go sleuthing online while your baby grows – or sleeps…

– You need to find some MCN for free? It is possible – provided you have time before your baby arrives, a passion, patience and enjoyment of hunting for bargains online while your baby sleeps.

This article will let you know about 3 basic strategies to help you start or plump your stash with free cloth nappies to ease financial pressures.

How can you source them more cheaply? They can run to $20 – $50 each – (even though that will STILL save you money as they are such good quality and can be re-sold later). Even so, you can be clever in your shopping and find ways to spend very little or actually get your cloth nappies for FREE!

Below are 3 Strategies to Help You Locate Free (or very cheap) Modern Cloth Nappies…

1. Win Free Cloth Nappies in Online Contests

Find out about the major competitions and giveaways allowing you the opportunity to win free modern nappies. Often, there can be a bit of fun attached – puzzles to solve, research to find the right answer, all in the name of helping you discover a bit more about products and sites in a fun way. You can even set up a series of Google Alerts with keywords such as “Modern Cloth Nappy Giveaway“, “Modern Cloth Nappy Competition” or even “Win Modern Cloth Nappies” to be notified daily, weekly or instantly when something pops up online!

2. Become a ‘Tester’ for New WAHM Retailers and New Shops.

As retailers enter the market, some will ask for ‘testers’ to road-test their nappies and provide helpful feedback on the design and features of the nappy in exchange for the free sample. Online shops will also ask for reviews of their products, and being aware of this, you can gain a free cloth nappy in exchange for your thoughtful feedback. Join announcement lists and dedicated MCN forums to find these opportunities.

3. Join Social Network ‘Fan’ pages or Follow Cloth Nappy Shop Blogs for Giveaways.

Online stores frequently offer giveaways to introduce new nappy styles, launch new sites, innovations or to simply gain a spike in visitors. Take advantage of this by being in the loop! Have an email folder for your newsletters (which are often monthly) so you can easily scan them, keeping up to date and being in which a chance to win in a giveaway. Some run for only a week, others for a month or more.

What’s the +1? Ask. Just do it. Share that you are on a really tight budget and want to use modern cloth to save money.

Mums like to help other mums in need. A simple idea, the easiest or perhaps the hardest idea of all! Other mums have been there and will understand and some will be able to help too. Borrowing certainly qualifies itself as free cloth nappies…

Asking around at your mothers group will access the ‘Great Material Continuum’ (- or perhaps the ‘Great Maternal Continuum!) of baby supplies – you might be surprised that you can BORROW a set of modern nappies for a time – that is another sensible way to get free cloth nappies, by reusing, sharing and knowing they will return and continue being used on the next baby. A friend of mine generously lent me her stash of fitted nappies for six months – a great help for a one-income family. The velcro was shot, but I used snap covers to hold them in place. (As she in turn had received them from another mother). Be sure to get an idea of how long you can use them when collecting them – the mum might be between babies, or want to pass them on to another mum in perhaps 6 months. In the meantime, you are saving money, trying out a range of styles, and saving for your baby’s future stash.

Happy Hunting for Your Free Cloth Nappies! Join My Green and be notified when a Green Promise Nappy is up for grabs in our regular giveaway events.

– Charndra invites you to win a free modern cloth nappy on her site, My Green Nappy, by registering to play in one of the regular giveaways held on this informative and popular site.

You’ll discover great tips, secrets to finding bargains, and everything you need to know about green nappies and using any sort of nappy in a more environmentally friendly way.

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