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May 12, 2011

Meet Our Guest: Real Nappies

Let’s meet Liz, the proud owner of Real Nappies:

Hi! My name’s Liz and we live in Auckland, New Zealand. We come over to sunny OZ at least 5 times a year to visit you lovely people at the various expos all over the country. We have 2 kids: Emily who is 10yrs and Joe, 7 years.

About Real Nappies…

Come and check out our site:
We specialize in modern cloth nappies: 100% cotton inner and an incredibly waterproof cover.
We wanted to take the guesswork out of cloth nappies: we did this by designing a simple, easy to use nappy, which we have put together in takeaway packs.
If you have ever wondered what an earth you need to buy, check out our bestselling Birth to Potty Pack, every nappy you will ever need until bubs is out of nappies.

Plus we are the ONLY cloth nappy company that guarantees our nappies to last through 2 babies! Wow!

When our son, Joe was born 7yrs ago in the UK we began using cloth nappies, we wanted to make cloth nappies more mainstream in Australia and NZ: hence we’ve taken away the frills and concentrated on what makes an awesome, good quality nappy that actually works and at a low cost to parents.

Why are we called Real Nappies?

Well because it says what we are, we’re the ‘real’ deal and we stand by our products. That’s why we’re used in Hospitals and Daycares and by thousands of parents all over the world!
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Our Planet Matters!

I guess the image that will stay with me always is the mountain of used disposable nappies waiting to go to landfill. The thought that one tiny little baby will produce aprox 1 tonne of nappy waste is horrifying! One day my kids will probably have their own kids and they will have their own kids and yet the disposable nappies we throw away now will still be around even then, where are we going to put them all?
We have a beautiful planet – we want it to stay that way, for the sake of an extra 5 minutes a day, using cloth nappies really wasn’t a difficult decision to make!
Plus there’s something so much nicer about picking up your baby for a cuddle when they are wearing cloth rather than plastic!

When you visit, make sure you have a look at:

1. Our Unique Guarantee Page – Find out about our unique 2 child guarantee.
2. Our ‘Specials’ Tab has some great deals and change frequently.
3. Our FAQ / Advice Tab is always worth a look for some great tips.
4. Our Blog Page has great articles and customer’s findings that are constantly updated.

3 of my favourite sites are:

1. Spread A Deal – I love this site as it’s always got awesome baby bargains to check out daily, it’s NZ based but will also deliver to Australia. Definitely a site to bookmark!

2. Baby Center – great information site for new parents right up until preschool!

3. My Green Nappy – well of course as you are already reading this you know how great this site is lol!

Let’s talk more!

We’d love to hear from you, and would love to know what other products (not necessarily nappies) would you like to see us selling on Real Nappies that would make your life easier?

– Liz

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