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June 14, 2011

Meet Our Guest – Tinoki

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Let’s meet Gabrielle, the proud owner of Tinoki:

Hi, I’m Gabrielle and together with my sister Danielle, I run Tinoki.
I’m a mother, an Orthodox Jew and a feminist. I believe that to share this world we need to know a little about how other people think, believe and behave. I also believe that we owe it to our children to do the best we can to bring them into a world of love. Our family is the most important element of our lives, so fostering those relationships is important.

About Tinoki

Tinoki is an online shop which is all about babywearing. We started last year as I became more and more enamored of babywearing, and frustrated by the small range available within Australia. We now carry many different brands and styles of carrier.
We believe in the importance of bringing babywearing options to Australian parents. I love wearing my babies, and I believe that every baby deserves to be worn, and that every parent should be comfortable doing so. To this end we stock woven wraps, ring slings, mei tais and buckle carrriers. We are happy to work with people to help them find the right carrier for them.

Tinoki also stocks some dolls and toys, amber teeting necklaces and hazelwood necklaces to help with reflux.
Tinoki is the Hebrew word for ‘my baby’. It just felt right to name the shop – our ‘baby’if you will – for that. And of course, Tinoki is all about helping people to carry their own babies.

Our Planet Matters!

– It is important to us that the products we offer are made without harmful chemicals. There are so many more chemicals in our environment than there used to be, and it is important to keep our children away from these. It is also very important that our products be made in a sustainable way with all players being paid a fair wage for their work. We also love the fact that by promoting babywearing we are making it easier to help parents minimize their ecological footprint.

When you visit Tinoki, make sure you have a look at…

1.  – Our babycarrier range includes woven wraps, mei tais, ring slings and buckle carriers
2.  – When it is cold or wet having babywearing outer-wear can make life much easier, so check out our ponchos.
3.  – We also stock healing jewelry, specifically amber necklaces for teething and hazelwood for reflux.

3 of my favourite sites are:

1. Baby Carriers Downunder – I love the wealth of information, the stories, the photos that are here. Without this site, and the associated google group, Tinoki would never have happened.
2. The Baby Wearer – This is a huge site with a busy forum full of people who love babywearing and promote babywearing. If you want to show off your babywearing pictures, ask advice about how to tweak your carrier, address your concerns about babywearing, this is the place for you
3. Joyous Birth – for information about birth and pregnancy in Australia. This is where you need to go if you are interested in understanding your choices and options around birth.

Let’s talk more!

We’d love to hear your babywearing stories and experiences. Has anyone ever made a strange comment to you about babywearing? Have you ever had a day suddenly get better because you were able to put a child on your back (or front or hip)? Please join our facebook page or visit our blog and share your stories!

– Gabrielle

Facebook: Tinoki Slings
Tinoki Slings Blog

Meet Our Guests
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