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July 12, 2011

Recommend A Modern Cloth Alternative To A Disposable ‘Something’…

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Reusable – Disposable – there are many choices to replace something ‘disposable’ with something ‘reusable’.

What do you prefer as a reusable product over one you did use as a disposable?

Let’s see what a range of Mum and Baby sites have to recommend as an alternative to something that is usually considered disposable:

Recommend A Modern Cloth Alternative To A Disposable ‘Something’…

Emma from Wrap ‘Em (closed) recommends:


Obsidian from Obsidian Star recommends:

With all the fantastic fabrics around, from soft bamboo velour to stunning designer print cottons, cloth pads can be beautiful as well as being environmentally friendly and more comfortable to wear.

Kyra from Bubbalooba recommends:

Modern cloth menstrual pads are a great alternative to the “normal” sanitary pads – and they are really convenient if you have a baby in cloth nappies too – I just rinse and store the used pads in the nappy bucket until washing day!

Kirsten from Mums Little Outlet recommends:

Washable Cotton Nursing Pads. These feel better, look better, are absorbent whilst allowing the skin to breathe, they save the planet and save you money!

Charndra from Part Time Nappy Free recommends:

Not a modern cloth thing (unless you count its bag), I totally recommend a Diva Cup over disposable sanitary products. Awesome, it all feels so much more hygienic once you get used to using one it is a breeze. They last for 10 years!

Kendall from Australian Baby Supplies recommends:

Reusable bamboo nursing pads are a nice alternative to disposbale nursing pads and come in a variety of designer fabrics.

Laura from Cloth Nappy Co recommends:

Organic cloth wipes. They’re great not just for cleaning baby’s bottom, but for wiping faces, sticky fingers or even bathtime.

Nyree from Kodomo recommends:

It’s not quite cloth, but a Lunette Cup is something I bought during the Cloth Nappy Hunt one year. I’d never heard of menstrual cups but stumbled upon them whilst icon hunting. I did some internet searched and started reading about the health benefits of them over tampons and thought why not? I won’t lie, they take practice but I’m happy I made the investment in one.

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Our Comment Question is about Reusable Versions of Disposable Things:

What do you use and recommend?

– Charndra

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  1. I use cloth wipes (for bums, hands etc), cloth pads (about to try a cup next) & have just started using cloth napkins – which feel like a treat/special occasion 🙂
    I also used to use cloth breast pads but it has been a while since I needed them 🙂

    Comment by Gabrielle — July 30, 2011 @ 6:54 pm

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