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July 29, 2011

What You like About the Green Promise Nappy Challenge…

The Green Promise Nappy Initiative gives you the opportunity to discover the wide world of modern cloth nappies out there.

Browse information and advice on nappies, nappy sales, specials on all sorts of nappy styles and more – all sorts of stuff for mums and bubs!

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Let’s see what some of the comments were about our latest Autumn Green Promise Nappy Challenge are:

What do you enjoy about the Green Promise Nappy Initiative?

My favourite thing about the Nappy Challenge was finding out about a heap of different MCN businesses, I love the fluffy stuff!

– Lauren
What I enjoyed the most about Green Promise Nappy Challenge is that it enabled me to find out more about cloth nappies and all the different ones available out there in market.
– Tani
I enjoyed looking through all the nappy suppliers. Soon to have another baby which was unplanned and so I had got rid of all my old cloth nappies. It was great to do some research on new styles and brands available.
– Kim
I enjoyed the green theme of the nappies, it was interesting to see what sort of green nappies the sponsors came up with. It was great to see a variety of different nappies to win. I enjoyed looking at the sponsors’ sites. The questions were good, not too hard or frustrating. I liked the questions where I had to add a few different items to the cart to add up the total cost.
–  Helen
What I enjoyed about the Challenge was the wealth of information. So many products and services I learnt about, such as wool soakers, EC…etc.
– Patricia.
Firstly what I enjoyed the most about the challenge- I could share what I had learnt with our Mother’s group, who often had questions on cloth nappies.
– Cate
It was actually my husband that ended up doing most of it because he loves a treasure hunt. This was great because he discovered a lot about cloth nappies and all the different types and even suggested some that we should try!
– Louise
I am only new to MCN’s. I enjoyed going through each person’s site and having a look at what they had to offer.
– Alicia
I enjoyed visiting all the different sites out there that sell/make MCN’s. I learned so much more about cloth nappies. Thanks so much for putting on such a great competition!
– Ruth.
What I liked about Green Promise Nappy Challenge was the searching for answers on different companies sites
– Cheri
I loved learning about all the new kinds of cloth nappies, I have pocket & AIO but will be trying out a few new versions on my baby due in 6 weeks.
–  Janet
I enjoyed that it was quite relaxed. I love the MCN hunt, but it is quite intense. This was a nice change and I could just cruise around the websites without being distracted by trying to solve clues. I also enjoyed that despite doing the MCN hunt as well, I still found out about new websites and learnt new things.
Fabulous initiative, fabulous idea and I hope you get to 100! – I will definitely keep coming back!
– Fiona
The thing I like best about this initiative is that time given to find the answers so you can do a few each day. Also I love that we have to take a good look around the site and read about the sponsor and the products they offer to answer their question. I will absolutely play again next round.
–  Candice
I loved the Green Nappy Challange as I did not know there were so many MCNs out there! I thought I had decided which ones to buy, then a friend put me onto your site and I found so much information and a great variety of nappies to buy. I also found so much useful information on caring for my MCNs, tip and hints and info/advice on EC.
– Deb
I think what I enjoyed the most was seeing what businesses are doing with cloth nappies and what other items they are selling. I love cloth nappies and can look at them for hours!
– Monica
What I liked about the competition was finding out what is now available in the nappy line and how cute they are.
– Sarah
The thing I enjoyed most about the green nappy challenge was simply checking out the different MCN’s out there.
– Genevieve
I loved learning about all the different types of nappies.
I particularly enjoyed the introduction to new sites out there in cyberspace with excellent products and information… I also learnt some new concepts such as elimination control and baby led weaning, which I am slowly incorporating into my little ones routine… 🙂 I will definitely play the next round, looking forward to the next one.
– Alison
The best thing about the challenge was opening my eyes to all of the different designs and makers of MCN. I now have so many new pages I like to follow and my daughters bum is already thanking me for it =D
– Renee
I enjoyed the whole experience of discovering the modern cloth nappy world, had no idea of the variety to choose from.
– Jane
I enjoyed learning about modern cloth nappies. Thank you for the opportunity to win a nappy.
– Stephanie
What I enjoyed about this challenge was getting to see the range of new products available, that I never knew existed! And also the wonderful designs that people have incorporated into their nappies.
– Laura
I loved looking at all the beautiful nappies, as well as being reminded of all the good online nappy shops!
– Megan
I love checking out all the amazing products out there – esp. from the WAHMs I wouldn’t otherwise come across.
– Cassandra
I love finding new products, new bub stuff sites, and chance to actually win something I like, while doing the fun online ‘treasure hunt’ – so addictive! Roll on next Promise!
– Lyndell
I enjoyed checking out each and individual one of the sponsor’s websites in the Green Promise Nappy Giveaway as many of the websites which I have not heard before. Many of the websites offered great products which I’ve bookmarked in my browser and I’ll definitely revisit in the future.
– Cheryl
I loved finding new mcn business that i hadn’t came across before.
– Mel

What do you enjoy about the Green Promise Nappy Initiative? Let us know in the comment section below.

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