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August 23, 2011

28 Things to Do With Flat Terry Squares

28 Things to Do With Flat Terry Squares

Flat terry squares get a lot of bad press, but they’re so versatile that no cloth nappying household should be without them!

By Melissa Smith of Little Para Pants

Here are just a few things they’re good for:

  1. Fold into a nappy.
  2. Fold into a booster.
  3. Fold into a pad for postpartum use.
  4. Soak up leaking breastmilk.
  5. Wipe up poo leaks.
  6. Use as a burp rag.
  7. Clean up spilled drinks.
  8. Fold up and put on your lap to stop the laptop fan burning your leg.
  9. Makeshift bib.
  10. Wrap your placenta in one if you’re doing a lotus birth.
  11. Clean your car.
  12. Emergency towel.
  13. Handkerchief.
  14. Change mat.
  15. Toddler superhero cape.
  16. Clean your windows.
  17. Clean up after toilet training accidents.
  18. Soak up a flood in the laundry/bathroom/kitchen.
  19. The coloured ones can be used for play – blue for water, green for grass, yellow for desert, and so on.
  20. Use them to pick up undesirable objects (poo logs, dead rodents & spiders, mystery food).
  21. Use as cushioning when packing breakables away for storage.
  22. Having a home birth? Use some to clean up, and if baby comes quicker than you expected, you can wrap him/her in one till you find the clothes & blankets!
  23. Old ones can be used as bedding for pets.
  24. Cut them up to make boosters, fitted nappies, or cloth menstrual pads.
  25. I’ve heard of one little boy who always insisted on sleeping with a terry square on his face!
  26. When they’re thin, full of holes, and useless for anything else, turn them into compost!
  27. Fold up & put under a refluxy baby’s head when sleeping.
  28. Use as a liner in wraps. If the nappy leaks, you only need to change the nappy and the wrap stays clean.

Can you think of other Things to Do With Flat Terry Squares ?

Please share and I’ll add them in!

– Melissa from Little Para Pants in South Australia

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