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October 18, 2011

Planning an Easter Treasure Hunt for Little Kids

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Want to Run an Easter Treasure Hunt?

Discover How to Organise a Treasure Hunt for Little Kids at a Party.

Below you’ll see a stage by stage outline of how I organised an Easter party activity for 5 family kids. We had fun arranging it together beforehand. I love organising treasure hunts for the kids, it is great fun to do, and there is always a new idea to try out. The ideas will transfer to any theme and for more kids they could be in small groups or teams, or as a relay treasure hunt perhaps, with each child having part to decode.

First of all, let’s see the collection before it was set up around the house and yard:

What happened:

I took the kids into the darkest room of the house. I had written their initial on their ‘scroll’ in glow-in-the-dark nail polish. They picked out their own and went back to their ‘tall’ helper. The kids ranged in age from 2-8.

My son and I had created their ‘maps’ in preparation. He drew a plan and I copied variations onto each page, then he traced over them and added some easter stickers. What the map shows is that there are two eggs to find and a final place (X marks the spot) with their treasure. You’ll also notice there is a house, for where the trail starts. It’s amazing how kids mind’s work, so creative! I wrote their first clue on the page for their adult to read if they couldn’t yet:

Next, they followed clues to two paper eggs which had an easter chocolate attached. We also decorated these before the party, good fun. I got the easter stickers for a few dollars. The kids also decorated their own ‘placemat’ when they first arrived for the night.

The last clue was written on a ‘flower’ made from a pie case squashed flat, attached to a wooden skewer and some colored card (actually paint swatch samples) and stickers:

Their ‘treasure’ was inside a plastic egg, with a chocolate and an electronic bug that I got for only $2 each! They were hidden at their final places, with some other chocolate eggs:

How to plan the treasure hunt:

Below you can see my treasure hunt planning sheet. A simple grid, or table, to record the steps and clues in, useful to plan and then in case you forget what and where the parts go.

1. Create a simple grid or table with the name of each child and spaces for say, three steps, the end being where the ‘treasure’ will be hidden.

2. Plan the final location first and put it in.

3. Stage One in this treasure hunt is the paper rolled up as a scroll. Note what the clue will be.

4. Stage Two in this treasure hunt is on one of the egg shaped papers we decorated. Note what the clue will be.

5. Stage Three in this treasure hunt is on the second of the egg shaped papers. Note where the hunter is to go next.

6. The final square notes where the hunter will go to find their treasure! Clues were simpler or more cryptic based on the age of the child, too.

I hope you get some new ideas to put into action for your next treasure hunt from this fun activity! Here are some close-ups of the Easter decorations my son made for the party:

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