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February 23, 2012

Reusable Night Nappies: How Many Modern Nappies Will I Need For A Toddler?

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Reusable Night Nappies: How Many Modern Nappies Will I Need For A Toddler?

Toddlers wee more than smaller babies, and may generally sleep longer. Discover How Many Reusable Night Nappies You Should Aim For, and The Best Night Modern Cloth Nappy Brands…

Our Nappy Experts are invited to contribute to these cooperative questions so that you get a range of informative and experienced responses about the topic. Enjoy and discover something new, and share with us in the comment box below.

Let’s see what they have to say about our Modern Cloth Nappy question:

Reusable Night Nappies: How Many Modern Nappies Will I Need For A Toddler?

Kelly from Nappy Needz:

For night time use, you will need at least 3 nappies; a wash and a wear, and another, just as a back up.  A quick drying nappy that you can boost, such as the Little-ducks toddler night nappy, is ideal, as it can be nice and absorbent, but still quick drying.

Fiona from Darlings Downunder:

How many night nappies you need will depend on your drying capabilities and how often you wash. Night nappies often come apart for faster drying time, but they still take longer than most nappies to dry. If you’re washing and drying every day (throwing the nappy in with the regular washing or hand washing the nappy in the morning), then you could conceivably get away with only one, but two is a much more reasonable minimum, with three being a comfortable number, unless you wish to wash less frequently. We’d usually recommend starting with two or three night nappies and getting extra ones if you find you need them.

Karen from Baby Blossom:

As your baby grows, you will find you need less and less nappies per day. How many you need will still be determined by your baby and how many reusable nappies you can manage to use.

Melanie & Diana of Bodeo:

24 nappies would allow you to wash every 2-3 days, and have dry nappies for the days you are washing. If you have a really heavy wetter and are changing your toddler more frequently, another 6 will have you sorted out!

Misty from FluffyBuns:

3-4, this way you always have a backup one in case they poo right after you put the nappy on, and if there is one wet, you always have one ready.

Jane from Little Bear Bums:

If you are using cloth full time, I would recommend having 4. So you have 2 days worth, and then an extra day for washing day – and when it comes to night nappies, it never hurts to have a spare lying around in case of emergencies / accidents / spills – I’m sure you know what I mean!! And there’s nothing worse than needing to change your baby in the middle of the night and not having what you need on hand!

Our Comment Question is about Reusable Night Nappies:

Tell us which brands of reusable nighttime nappies you think are the best?


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  1. My beautiful 2 3/4 year old little girl is still a heavy wetter at night and sleeps from 7pm to 7am so I need something absorbant.
    I use a CushtieTushtie with two bamboo night inserts (but without the other boosters) and it works great!

    Comment by Jeanne — June 1, 2012 @ 11:41 am

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