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August 21, 2012

8 Easy to Use Modern Cloth Nappies for a Cloth Nappy Newbie

8 Easy to Use Modern Cloth Nappies for a Cloth Nappy Newbie

This is a Guest Post from Kyla and Natalie from The Nappy Spot

We get a lot of requests for recommendations of the easiest nappies to use for new-to modern cloth nappies mums.

The truth is though, so much depends on the shape of your baby and how heavy they wee so when looking at these nappies I’ve thought about what would be easier if I had to have Dex looked after for a weekend. It’s easy to make up your nappies for a day to give to someone else but if they’ve got to wash and put them together again it’s a whole other ballgame.

I (Kyla) personally think pockets are really easy and I find as long as the putting back togetherness of them is straightforward then they’re simple to use as well – much easier than anything you need to clip and fold inside a shell. Here are my top 3 easy to use nappies, ranked in no particular order. I’ve used them all at different times and have preferred them each at some time or other.

Bambooty Easy-Peasy – sized All in One (AIO) RRP from $19.95 (small)
The absolute easiest to use for the uninitiated, shaped like a disposable with nothing to flip, fold or stuff. Probably the biggest disadvantage is the drying time – it takes ages because all the absorbency is sewn together. It’s another sized nappy, getting more expensive as the size gets bigger. They’re sized which means you’re going to need to buy another two lots as your baby grows so over the life of your baby they’re not the most cost-effective option, but they will fit better so you won’t have to buy other nappies when baby suddenly grows awkwardly and starts to leak as happens with OSFM from time to time.

BabyBeeHinds (BBH) Magic-Alls – sized AIO RRP $28
(I preferred the Velcro PUL ones which come in fab colours and prints these days)
The all in one design is super easy to use for non-mcn users who are used to disposables. BBH nappies have a pocket for boosting so they’ll last in more situations (booster comes with nappy) and you really can’t screw up the insertion of the booster so it’s easy for family to pop in. The pocket means you can turn the nappy inside out which helps with the slow drying time of AIO nappies. Plus, sized nappies give a better fit and I will almost always choose a sized nappy for a little baby. You’re going to have to replace your nappies as your baby grows so they’re not the most cost effective option (still better than ’sposies)

Issy Bear – OSFM Pocket RRP $30
(again, I prefer the Velcro PUL ones – just personal choice)
A total workhorse nappy, Issy Bear will take you from day to night with a day booster that snaps together with the night booster ($3.75 extra) and is shaped so you know exactly which end goes into which end of the nappy. These are actually our every day night nappy and are fantastic for a bigger bub. I don’t really like OSFM on a smaller baby but many, many people use them without issue.

There are plenty of amazing nappies out there but these are the ones that I have had positive experience with so I can personally recommend for someone starting out. I didn’t include any pocket nappies on this list, as they have parts that separate in the wash and require reuniting and stuffing. I also didn’t include prefolds, as I found that while they made sense to me, they were daunting for a family member or friend to use if they hadn’t seen modern cloth nappies before – we had one giggle where the prefold slipped sideways out the nappy as they were putting it on and they poked it back in, but it wasn’t really in the best spot to absorb what was required!

I realise too that all these nappies are over $30 each. I’m not sure I’ve ever bought a nappy at full-price though, as I normally wait for sales, such as ‘Buy 2 get 1 free’, or a % off. The 5 below are all very good quality nappies though, and while I’ve only had the TotsBots and Bambooty for a short time, the Bumgenius, Grovia and Pop-in have been used continuously for 17 months and are still in great condition. I’m not sure any $30 t-shirts or skirts I’ve ever bought would have stood up to the wear and tear these nappies have seen!

Bumgenius Elementals – complete All-In-One (AIO) – RRP $32
No assembly required, as there is nothing to stuff/clip back in after washing. Very easy to use, for both the main caregiver and anyone else who may be changing nappies.The snaps are durable, the sizing has taken us from newborn to 17 months, and we’re still snapped down one layer on the rise, so they’ll still fit for a long time to come. It does have organic cotton/bamboo against the skin, rather than a stay-dry layer but this was one of the only nappies I could use when my daughter had shocking nappy rash that no creams, or wearing disposables could fix. Nappy free wherever possible and these ones when we had to put one on.
There is a lengthy drying time, although the layers can be pegged apart on the clothesline, does help.

TotsBots Easyfit – AIO RRP $35
Another AIO, the absorbent ‘tongue’ folds out for drying, requires folding back in, but as it’s all one piece, nothing can get lost and need to be reattached. Once assembled, there’s nothing loose to confuse anyone else who’s changing the baby. Velcro closure, snaps down for smaller sizes (I’ve only had this nappy for a few months, so no experience on a newborn sorry). It does have more of a terry-towelling feel, which may irritate inflamed skin.

Bambooty Easy-one size – AIO RRP $32.95 with an additional clip in layer for extra absorbency.
The flaps flip out for easy drying, and then lay back in for use. Once again, I didn’t have this for a newborn, but it’s meant to snap down to fit a range of sizes. The snap closures are sturdy and are working well on a toddler. I’m even using this as a night nappy! Extra flap needs clipping back in, there’s three layers which need to be laid back down (two are permanently attached), even if they were laid back in a different order, it wouldn’t affect performance at all. Slightly more daunting for someone changing your baby if the flaps come apart and they have to lay them back in.

Grovia Hybrid – a shell and booster system (All-In-Two) RRP $21.50 for a shell, $14 for a 2-pack of boosters (I have the organic cotton ones)
Yes, this does have two parts, which require reattaching after washing. However, its snaps are differently spaced at either end, such that you can’t put it in the wrong way. If you get 2 or more shells, they can be rotated and aired in between changes if they’re only wet not dirty, allowing you to use a number of boosters with a lesser number of shells. Has fitted from newborn to now. The hook and loop can now be undone by a 17 mo… and it does rub the top of her legs, leaving marks now. Requires assembly after washing, the shells can be reused through the day until they are dirty. The booster is clipped in at both ends, so once assembled, it’s as easy to put on as a disposable. Probably easier, as the velcro is designed to be used repeatedly, so it’s okay if you have to readjust the waist! If someone else changes your baby, they will probably put the whole lot in the pail or wet bag, not knowing to reuse the shell.

 – RRP $36
I have both the Dream-dri and Original, and have used both on a newborn to a toddler. This was the nappy I choose for car-trips and times when I knew I needed good absorbency on a newborn. The double leg gussets contain even the most impressive of explosions! It isn’t as trim as some of the other nappies listed here though. The velcro closure now rubs the tops of my daughters legs, and she can undo it too! It has two parts – the shell and clip in boosters. There’s 3 snaps at the back and 2 at the front, so you can’t put it in upside down or back to front. Requires assembly after washing, the shells can be reused through the day until they are dirty. There’s two boosters, one is clipped in at both ends, the other at one end, so it could flip up/sideways confusing someone. If someone else changes your baby, they will probably put the whole lot in the pail or wet bag, not knowing to reuse the shell.

 Any of these nappies would be a great start for someone starting out or to have on hand for babysitters. We’d love to hear from you – what was your easiest to use nappy?

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