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December 25, 2012

Pocket Nappies: What Should I Know When Buying Pocket Cloth Nappies?

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Pocket Nappies: What Should I Know When Buying Pocket Cloth Nappies?

Pocket nappies are basically a sewn ‘pocket’ with a waterproof layer and soft inner liner and a space inside for stuffing some variety of absorbent material. This can vary, so read on to find out more!

Our Nappy Experts are invited to contribute to these cooperative questions so that you get a range of informative and experienced responses about the topic. Enjoy and discover something new, and share with us in the comment box below.

Let’s see what they have to say:

What should I keep in mind when buying pocket cloth nappies?

Lara from Extremely Nappies (closed):

Some pocket nappies, like Extremely Nappies, fit from birth all the way through to toilet training. That way you don’t need 3 sets in 3 sizes. You want to make sure you have enough absorbency – so check if the boosters (inserts) come with the nappy, and if you can get extra inserts for future boosting as bub gets bigger, or for overnight.  Some pocket nappies are suitable for use as night nappies, (like Extremely Nappies plain coloured nappies), but prints are for day use.

Carly from Pikapu Modern Cloth Nappies:

When purchasing a pocket nappy be sure that you can get your hand inside the pocket comfortably as you will be stuffing and un-stuffing this pocket numerous times. Also ease of getting your hand in there, i.e. is there a cover over the entrance, you want to be able to get in there as easily as possible because remember if bub has done a poo explosion you don’t really want to get your hand down in there amongst it.

Jenny from Baby Bare:

Pocket nappies are great as they allow you to add as much absorbency as your child needs. They also hold the material in place so it can’t fall out of place to make your child uncomfortable or wick onto clothes if it makes its way out of the nappy. Your child can also be skin to fabric with the suede cloth or other fabric designed to stay dry and drag away the moisture. You can hide boosters away rather then pop them next to babies skin.

You can also buy any brand of booster in general- Unlike with a snap in that is designed only for one company’s boosters and inserts. This may save you money as you can shop around for cheaper options on your more expensive nappies. Alternatively you may have a cheaper nappy shell that you can boost with better quality boosters.

The draw back I see is that you have to empty the pockets out for the washing process. Not as easy as just throwing an all in one in the machine. The other is that you have to stuff the pockets before use so assembly may take a little longer then with an all in one. Otherwise – pocket nappies are great!

Jodi from MCN Lovers R Us:

Is it easy to use? Some pocket nappies have tiny pockets and BIG inserts so take a lot of time and persistance to get them ready for use. Also think about how easy and affordable extra inserts will be if they don’t come with 2nd inserts – as bub gets older they will need more absorbency.

 Helen from Ezy Peezies:

When purchasing cloth nappies there were always a few things that I liked to keep in mind:

– finding a nappy that looks and feels beautiful

Part of the reason I chose to use cloth over disposables is because they look and feel so much nicer! Look for natural fabrics like bamboo, which are not only soft but good for sensitive little bottoms. EzyPeezies nappies use both bamboo outer and inner layers, meaning they feel more like a soft tshirt rather than a waterproof nappy, and come in a range of beautiful vibrant colours that look cute poking out from underneath any outfit.

– Easy to use

Nappies always have to be easy and simple to use, and easy to care for. Pocket nappies with a waterproof outer layer, like EzyPeezies are quick and simple as you don’t need additional covers, clips or pins and the inserts are removable for washing making for faster drying times. Charcoal bamboo inner layers are also great, as they are very forgiving on stains compared to regular white nappies.

– Cost

Although cloth nappies are an investment, its still a large upfront cost. So choosing a quality nappy, that is also affordable is important.

– Size adjustability and fit

I have always preferred to go with a one-size-fits-most nappy as it means only buying one set of nappies, and if you have two children in nappies you don’t have to worry about who’s is who. Its important to find a nappy that has a wide range of adjustment points to suit different sized and shaped babies. Things like additional hip snaps are important to help create a better fit and prevent leaks. EzyPeezies nappies go one step further with a unique OSFM pull-up design meaning that one nappy fits right from birth, to toilet training.

Kate from Bouncing Sprouts:

Do your research, you don’t have to pay a fortune for great quality but also don’t be fooled by “ebay cheapies” which can lack in quality in regards to materials, design, absorbency & fit.
One size fits most (OSFM) pocket nappies with poppers are great as they can be used from birth to potty training.

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