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January 20, 2013

Washing Cloth Nappies: What the Experts Do To Wash Their Cloth Nappies…

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Washing Cloth Nappies: What the Experts Do To Wash Their Cloth Nappies…

Learn From the Nappy Routine of Mums Who Sell Modern Cloth Nappies! 

In this article I asked the experts – What is YOUR washing routine? Discover what they do, and perhaps find a new tip to help out with your own nappy cleaning routine.

Many Nappy Experts are invited to contribute to these cooperative questions so that you get a range of informative and experienced responses about the topic. Enjoy and discover something new, and share with us in the comment box below.

Let’s see what they have to say:

What is YOUR washing routine? 

Lara from Extremely Nappies (closed):

I put my nappies in a cold rinse cycle. Then I do a hot wash with a small amount of eco-friendly detergent.  I dry them on them on the line.

Susan from Nifty Naps:

I clean up all solids in the toilet by using a biodegradable liner which is easy to flush. I also have a hose connected to the toilet that I like to use to give my nappies a quick rinse before I dry pail. I wash every one to two days. I first do a quick eco rinse on cold. I then do a normal wash on cold. I then hang on a clothes airer outside. I only peg the wipes and some boosters, the shells lay flat with inners up to the sun. Easy!

Kate from Bouncing Sprouts:

• Dry pail nappies – no soaking, no scrubbing.
• Wash every day or every 2nd day.
• Cold machine prerinse.
• Warm wash (60°C is best) with ¼ the amount of detergent you would normally use.
• Extra rinse at the end to ensure all soap suds have disappeared.
• Air dry outside in the sunshine

Sarah from Billy and the Bow Wow:

  1. Dry pail until I have enough for a load;
  2. Wash in cold water using Earth brand laundry detergent at half the recommended amount
  3. Hang in the sun to dry (when I can, this sometimes hard, especially in winter, in which case I make the most of every sunny day! When it’s horrible outside I hang on a clothes horse near the fire.
  4. I always hang my nappies sideways, pegging from front to back.
  5. I will occasionally put them in the dryer if I am desperate but try to do this sparingly as it is harder on the nappies and shortens their life span.

When I notice they are starting to not be so absorbent / getting smelly I do a stripwash as follows (approx. every 1-2 months):

  1. Cold wash as above;
  2. Put through a few rinse cycles until there are no more soap suds in the water
  3. Do another wash with 2tbsp bi-carb soda instead of laundry detergent, with the water as hot as it will go. A lot of people say to add some vinegar in the rinse cycle here, though I only do this if washing nappies without PUL i.e. fitteds. If they have PUL, vinegar can affect it.
  4. Hang out to dry (preferably in the sunlight).

Angie from Piggy Tails Nappies:

I have enough nappies in my stash to avoid washing every 3 days. In fact, I have so many I could wash weekly if I wanted (sorry – I don’t mean to make you jealous)! However, despite this, I make sure I wash at least every 2 – 3 days.

I personally wash all my nappies with my other clothes. Some people don’t like to do this, but I have no troubles with it.

I always dry my nappies on the line (never in the dryer). If it is not sunny enough to dry my nappies, I don’t wash them. I use a biodegradable insert with my Hybrid nappies!

I personally use GroVia Tiny Bubbles as a washing powder for all my clothes (not only my nappies) because of its gentle nature and lack of fillers.

Rebecca from Bean Sprout Bubba:

1. Remove solid waste into the toilet using a Diaper Sprayer and Drypail
2. Do a cold machine rinse with nappies only.
3. Do a full machine wash cycle on 40ºC with cloth nappy friendly detergent like ecoStore laundry powder, Rockin Green Detergent or Charlie’s Soap. I add on baby’s clothing at this stage.
4. Line dry is best to sanitise the nappy and remove stains. Or if it is rainy I dry on a clothes airer or clothes dryer.

Therese from Bumbly Bootique:

I personally do not mind the hands on approach, I know with modern cloth nappies the sell is time saving, less work, straight into the washing machine, yadda yadda yadda, I know, I sell them! But personally,  I like my nappies clean before I put them in the washing machine, I know I know, but that’s just me! I honestly find it so easy to just quickly rinse each nappy under a running tap with the help of a washboard. I am pleased to say, I have actually never, ever needed to strip wash my nappies, neither for smell or absorbency problems.

So this is what I do:

  • Remove any solids into the toilet
  • Adorn with fancy $1 rubber gloves from Aldi (love them)
  • Rinse nappy under running hot water and agitate quickly with washboard, especially if there is a stain, this method removes all stains straight away
  • Wring out water and dry pail
  • Load washing machine when I have a full load, use ¼ scoop detergent
  • Dry on mobile airer under Sun or indoors if raining and next to heater in winter

 Helen from Ezy Peezies:

To wash my nappies:

  1. Shake or scrape any excess solids into toilet and give nappy a quick rinse. Plain wet nappies can go straight into the nappy bucket.
  2. Remove inserts from pocket and pop nappy and inserts into a nappy bucket with a tight fitting lid. No water is required.
  3. Every second day (religiously!), empty the contents of the nappy bucket into the washing machine.
  4. Run machine on a rinse cycle in plain cold water with no detergent.
  5. Add 1tbs of Planet Arc ‘Aware’ sensitive laundry detergent and 1/4c Detol Sanitary laundry rinse to fabric softer dispenser.
  6. If possible, line dry outside, always hanging horizontally to protect leg elastics, or if its wet or I am running out of time, dry in the tumble dryer on a ‘delicate’ or very low heat setting.

Jenny from Baby Bare:

I wash once my nappy bucket is full (so Im not washing too many or too few nappies). This is about 2 days worth of nappies. I wash with half the recommended plant derived detergent. I use a front loader and put them through a full cycle on cold, with a fast spin and do a rinse at the end.

I hang my nappies on a clothes horse as I find this to make life easy. I pop the nappies out in the sun and then if they are not quite dry I bring them in overnight to stay on the clothes horse. I can move the clothes horse in front of a heater in winter to get a bit more drying done. I usually throw the inserts in the dryer for 10 or so minutes to finish them off and ensure all the wetness is gone if in doubt!

Jodi from MCN Lovers R US:

Put wet nappies into a dry nappy bucket (I pull the inserts out at this point if I’ve got a spare hand!), use my little squirt to rinse off any poo before putting nappies in the dry bucket too, leave the lid off (we store ours in the toilet and it doesn’t smell I promise.). Every day or so I wash the nappies, put them in machine, warm water pre-rinse, empty the machine then put it on for a regular cycle (sometimes use heavy duty when the teething toxic wees are about!) with a bag of soap nuts in place of detergent. Hang out to dry in the sunshine and bring them in when they are dried. Put the nappies together while watching TV at night 🙂

Erin from Rascal Rumps:

I rinse any solids into the toilet and dry pail.  Then each evening I run them through a rinse cycle then a regular wash with about half as much detergent as I would for a normal wash.  I use either Rockin Green or Eco Store Powder.  Then hang them on the line outside where they will get as much as sun as the weather will allow. If they are not quite dry I hang the shells inside and throw the inserts through the dryer until dry.

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