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March 20, 2013

Washing Nappies: Getting Your Modern Cloth Nappies Dry – What You Must Know…

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Washing Nappies: Getting Your Modern Cloth Nappies Dry – What You Must Know.

Discover what the cloth nappy experts have to share about drying cloth nappies in Australia.

So, how do you dry cloth nappies? There are tips below based on the size of the nappy, the style of the nappy and where you might be living…

Many Nappy Experts are invited to contribute to these cooperative questions so that you get a range of informative and experienced responses about the topic. Enjoy and discover something new, and share with us in the comment box below.

Let’s see what they have to say:

What MUST I know about drying my Australian cloth nappies?

Lara from Extremely Nappies (closed):

The more your nappy deconstructs, the quicker it’ll dry.  So fast drying pocket nappies will get twice as much use as slow drying all in ones.  You can put your boosters in a dryer, and even the shells (on a cooler setting).  If you can, place your drying rack in front of the hot water system; the heat will speed up the drying process.

Susan from Nifty Naps:

The sun is your friend. If you need to dry your nappies in a hurry boosters can go in the dryer to speed up the process. Please do not place shells that contain PUL in the dryer as it may affect the performance over time.

Jodi from MCN Lovers R US:

SUNSHINE!!! Also make sure you give the inserts the best chance to get dry when your hanging them out – take inserts out of nappies and peg them so the fabric isn’t folded over itself. When hanging your shells don’t stretch out the elastics as this will shorten their lifespan.

Erin from Rascal Rumps:

Hang them either flat or sideways so as not to over stretch the elastic (this is especially important for AIO’s)  Pul can be dried in the dryer, on the lowest heat setting but it is probably not best to be drying them from scratch in the dryer every day.  Bamboo, microfibre and hemp can be dried more regularly and on a higher setting if needed.

Kate from Bouncing Bubs:

Air dry outside in the sunshine as the UV acts as a natural bleach and steriliser.   If it is raining outside then you can use a tumble dryer on the low heat setting.

Sarah from Billy and the Bow Wow:

  1. Direct sunlight is best where possible;
  2. Next best thing is a clothes horse in a warm room;
  3. A quick tumble dry every now and then is OK, but the first two options are best for your nappies and the environment.

Angie from Piggy Tails Nappies:

The best method for drying your nappies is ‘Dry Pailing’. Dry Pailing is a fancy term for drying your nappies on the clothes line in the sun.

The sun is a great anti-bacterial agent, and what bacteria the washing machine doesn’t get out of your nappies, the sun will. The sun also bleaches the white inserts of your nappies, making them look like new everytime.

Some inserts can be tumble dried on a low heat, but tumble drying does not give you the same antibacterial effect that Dry Pailing does. Check each nappy for care instructions on drying. Most PUL fabrics must not be tumble dried (as they break down in the dryer) and most of the natural fabrics will eventually break down over time if they are continually tumble dried.

Rebecca from Bean Sprout Bubba:

Line dry in the sunshine for best results. If there is no sunshine, drying under the shade is still good as UV rays in the daytime are adequate. Otherwise a stint in a cool/warm dryer is also good, but make sure to handle the nappies gently to prevent warm elastic from overstretching.

Therese from Bumbly Bootique:

Our absolutely amazing (but harmful so slip slop slap) Sun, dries our nappies perfectly, stain free, bacteria free, sun dried fresh smell and oh so quickly!! But what do we do in winter, when it’s wet or cloudy, well we should still make the most of the Sun when she’s out, so use those mobile airers, we personally love them.  We follow the Sun around as much as we can with our mobile airers or if there’s no Sun put your nappies near the heater.  With babies and our chilly weather, surely you will have some form of heating device on at times.  So ditch the clothes dryer and just plonk your mobile airer next to your choice of heat.

 Helen from Ezy Peezies:

EzyPeezies are very quick to dry as they are pocket nappies and you can remove the bamboo inserts for washing and drying.

Contrary to popular opinion, I am not a fan of drying nappies regularly in direct sunlight. This can fade the colour of nappies, and decrease the life of the outer fabric and elastics. Occasionly, for stubbon stains the sun is a great help in fading these, but not for regular use.

I prefer to line dry nappies in the shade, hanging horizontally to protect the leg elastics, or dry in the tumble dryer on a low heat setting if its wet or i am running out of time! Never dry on a hot heat setting as this can damage the plastic snaps and ‘delaminate’ the PUL waterproof outer layer.

Jenny from Baby Bare:

Make sure they are dry. If they are not they will be less absorbant, gather a smell about them and probably be less comfy on baby. I use a dryer on my inserts as I find it helps get the last moisture out of them. I find the covers where the elastic and waterproofing are dry quickly. These shouldn’t go in the dryer as it can destroy the waterproof coatings and erode the elastics.


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