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July 25, 2013

Spotlight on Expert Advice for Modern Cloth Nappies: July 2013

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This is one of a series of regular scheduled posts each month this year that highlights some of the previously published ‘expert’ articles found on My Green Nappy.

Have a skim down the list of 10 questions for something that you are curious about, or skip to our full listing under the top menu option called:

Cloth Nappies: Best Cloth Nappy Tips

This section is ALL expert advice. I have a list of cloth nappy retailers with over 100 Australian and New Zealand Cloth Nappy Shops represented. Several times a year I ask a series of questions and they respond to whichever they are best able to answer, depending on their available time. It is always a different selection who are able to contribute their expertise, which keeps the information fresh and evolving.

These mini-interviews are then collated bu me into these informative articles which are published over the year. All link the the shops of the contributors so you can check out their range – if you like what they have to so, support them by a visit and check out their range. All are mums who have or are using modern cloth nappies with their babies.

Pocket Nappies: What Does This Mean?

– Our nappy experts explain the features and benefits of a cloth night time nappy…

Nappy Cover or Nappy Wrap: What Does This Mean?

– Our nappy experts explain cloth nappy ‘wraps’ or ‘covers’ for you in simple ways…

No More Blowouts of Your Nappy Budget…

– Do disposable nappies cause a ‘blow-out’ of your weekly baby budget? With upwards of 5000 nappy changes quite common, both budgeting and containment are important considerations…

Rash Decisions?: Cloth Nappies and Nappy Rash

– We ask our nappy experts why using cloth nappies can really help prevent nappy rash…

Snaps or Velcro? What is a Benefit of Each Type of Cloth Nappy Fastener?

– There are reasons mums prefer either snaps or velcro as a nappy fastening – let’s see what they are…

What are the Benefits of Pocket Nappies?

– Pocket nappies are always popular – let’s find out some of the benefits of the humble pocket nappy…

AIO’s – What are the Benefits of the All in One nappy?

– AIO’s are often where mums begin with modern nappies – what are some of the benefits of the all in one nappy?

“Haven’t You Heard of Disposables?” Why Mums Choose and Use Cloth Nappies…

– We ask our nappy experts the reasons they hear the most, and examine why they are wrong…

Australian Made Cloth Nappies? – I Don’t Want ‘Made in China’!

– Are you wanting only nappies made by WAHM’s locally? You’ll learn a bit more here…

What Wool ’Soakers’ Can I Use Over My Baby’s Cloth Nappy?

– We ask about waterproofing baby’s cloth nappies with wool…

Our Partners Support MyGreenNappy: We Recommend Them First!

For these special articles, a unique feature of My Green Nappy, I invite the contributions of nappy retailers to answer commonly asked questions about Modern Cloth Nappies.

Nearly finished with your cloth nappies?

Nappies on a Mission: Donate Your Used Cloth Nappies to Those in Need.

– Finished with your cloth nappies? Consider donating some to orphanages in very poor countries in the world…

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