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February 3, 2013

Bouncing Sprouts: the exclusive Australian supplier of Baba+Boo Nappies from the UK. (Press Release 2013)

Founded in early 2012, Bouncing Sprouts® is the exclusive Australian supplier of award winning, UK
branded nappies and accessories Baba+Boo®.

Late last year, Baba+Boo® launched the exclusive “Enchanted Forrest and Vintage Toys” range of nappies, wet bags and fashion accessories. The new collections join Baba+Boo’s classic collections – mini beasts, animal kingdom, pirates and princesses.

The award winning nappies have been designed by Eve Bell, the founder of Baba+Boo® and each nappy tested by independent sources and customers. The newest exclusive fabrics, which include Master Frog, Little Miss Rabbit, Mr Fox, Miss Hedgehog, Robots and Russian Dolls are one of a kind, meaning you won’t find them anywhere else in the entire world!

Each Baba+Boo® nappy is made under strict ethical conditions comes with the Oeko-Tex® standard, guaranteeing it free of any nasty or harmful chemicals and to top it off, money back guarantee.

Baba+Boo® nappies are designed to fit babies from ~3.5kg all the way through to potty training. The popper system grows with the baby so they can fit right from newborn up to being 3 years old. Our nappies come with 2 large microfiber inserts, which also have poppers so you can make them smaller for newborn tots.

Each nappy is made from a beautiful soft or minky PUL with a waterproof layer to keep the wetness inside. These nappies have matching snaps which make them look truly stunning.

Each nappy comes with informative usage and care instructions but we are only a call or email away, please contact us with any questions, we are always on hand to help any parent decide if cloth is for them…

I look forward to getting to know you,

Founder, Bouncing Sprouts

January 30, 2013

Australian Cloth Nappies: Random Nappy Sale Roundup

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Australian Cloth Nappies: Random Nappy Sale Roundup

(via mgn feed)

Today’s post is a helpful post to highlight a few of the most current offers by Australian Modern Cloth Nappy Shops on facebook. Some are for sales, some for giveaways and contests.

Becoming a fan first of all of My Green Nappy is a great way to keep your eye on offers posted to my wall. I encourage any cloth nappy shops to post their specials and messages to my wall, while they are posting to their own, and fans of my page use this as an opportunity to survey specials, giveaways and offers available online. There is a section where you can see all the recent posts of others.

This roundup takes several of the most current cloth nappy related offers in the My Green Nappy News feed, where I receive a run-down of all the offers posted by well over a hundred cloth nappy shops that My Green Nappy is a fan of. The best thing I can do is pass these offers on to you!

Let’s have a look at several of the recent cloth nappy related offers:

#1: Apikali Cloth Nappies has 20% off their EzyPeezies nappies during January and 30% off all in-stock Bum Cheeks, until the end of January – get in FAST!

#2: Nifty Naps has a special on preorders of their Supernights Nappies.

#3: Bumbly Bootique has a special where you can get one cheap as chips seconds nappy with every normal nappy sold, simply enquire direct. Also, free shipping on orders over $200.

#4: At Pikapu, newborn nappies have arrived – pick one of their stockists and shop away!

#5: Little Para Pants has a 20% off your next order simply by joining their mailing list and receiving “The Splash”. Find any sort of swimming nappy at Little Para Pants…

#6: Bouncing Sprouts: If you’re quick you can grab a Bubba +Boo pocket nappy (Mummy’s little Soldier – Pink Camo) for under $15 in the clearance section! Includes 2 Inserts. RRP $19.95.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of current facebook offers from Australian cloth nappy shops and can find the right bargain, discount, special or win for you!

Becoming a fan or ‘liker’ of the pages that appeal to you means that you can get their special offers directly to your news feed. This is also a great way to get to know the page owners, ask questions and have your finger on the pulse of current events and offers.


P.S I always take this opportunity to thank My Green Nappy’s Sponsors and encourage you to pop over and check out their offerings for your Australian cloth nappy needs.


January 26, 2013

Identity Direct – Personalised Labels and Gifts for Children – Back to school special codes and offers.

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Identity Direct

Identity Direct Back to School Specials:

Free Shipping Code: 33033

20% Off orders over $50 Code: 33036

Identity Direct - Personalised Gifts For Children.



Nappy NeedZ introduces the Dinky Nappy A One-Size Fits Most Nappy

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Nappy NeedZ introduces the Dinky Nappy A One-Size Fits Most Nappy

Nappy NeedZ launches the dinky nappy, created in order to provide affordable quality cloth nappies that work well for both infants and toddlers. They are a one-size fits most nappy.

They are made with back snaps so that you can reduce the width, as well as the snaps on the front end of the nappy to reduce the height of the nappy. They are designed so that they will fasten at the waist with snaps that are placed in the right location in order to prevent common nappy problems such as wing droop. These new nappies also feature leg gussets that will help prevent leaks. The pockets of the nappies are wide enough to allow easy stuffing, and each one comes with an absorbent microfibre and bamboo pad.

In a recent online interview Kelly Sweeney stated;

“ Nappy NeedZ was created in order to offer a range of affordable, quality cloth nappies, that work well.  Having used cloth nappies on all four of my own children, and having tried many of the different styles and varieties that are available, I wanted to create an online shop, with a complimentary advice service that would help parents new to the world of cloth decide on the right system for them, that doesn’t cost a fortune.”

Mrs. Sweeney went on to state:

“Nappy needZ aims to stock some a great range of new Zealand made or New Zealand designed nappies, and help our customers to choose the right system for them.  We are based in the South Island, just outside of Dunedin, which is where we offer our first at home advice service, although we are hoping to build upon this, with advisers based in other areas in the near future.”

For more information please visit

January 25, 2013

Breastfeed — Anytime, anywhere — It’s your right

Media Release 23 January 2013

Breastfeed — Anytime, anywhere — It’s your right

The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) has today called for full support for all mothers feeding their baby in public.

‘Seeing mothers’ breastfeed their babies is an important step to breastfeeding success’, said ABA’s spokesperson, Jessica Leonard.

‘Breastfeeding mothers should feed their babies however they feel comfortable and not feel any pressure to meet other people’s expectations of discretion. For some mums this may mean breastfeeding in public in full view, for others it might mean covering up and some might prefer to breastfeed privately.

‘All mothers should be supported to breastfeed their babies. We know that seeing breastfeeding from early on in life is an important first step to breastfeeding success.

In Australian Federal Law breastfeeding is a right, not a privilege.

Under the federal Sex Discrimination Act 1984 it is illegal in Australia to discriminate against a person either directly or indirectly on the grounds of breastfeeding.

Mothers breastfeeding in public are helping the next generation of Australians to learn that breastfeeding is normal.’

Breastfeeding is a learned skill and we all need help along the way. We encourage pregnant and new mothers to join the Australian Breastfeeding Association and receive the support and information they need to reach their breastfeeding goals.


Media Enquiries:

NSW: Nicole Bridges 0413 726 513 or Meredith Laverty 0414 523 060
ACT/ South Australia: Meredith Laverty 0414 523 060
Western Australia: Kirsten Tannenbaum 0403-225-911
Tasmania: Marion Bowen 03-6425-5780
Victoria: Jessica Leonard 0437 070 205
Queensland: Dr Maya Griffiths 0447-335-760


About the Australian Breastfeeding Association

As Australia’s leading authority on breastfeeding, we support, educate and advocate for a breastfeeding inclusive society. It is our vision that breastfeeding is recognised as important by all Australians and is culturally normal. The Association is governed by a Code of Ethics, by which our counsellors, community educators and any other members are bound.

December 30, 2012

Green Promise Nappy Event Winners Summer 2012

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Green Promise Nappy Event Winners Summer 2012

Modern Cloth Nappies were the prize in our recent Green Promise Nappy Event – a competition designed to promote work-at-home-Mum retailers (and often designers and creators) of soft, fluffy modern cloth, reusable and washable nappies!

I pulled out the winners last week, but with a re-booting of our computer (and the delays that go with such upgrades) and Christmas parties, I am only now with some time to post them and get the rest of the emails out!

Out of the over 750 odd entrants, the following players came out on top. Congratulations on winning our competition, and we will reach out to you soon via email with information on how to redeem your prize – a nappy, or a voucher to pick the nappy of your choice, depending on which prize you won!

Thanks to everyone who joined in!
And the winners are…
Sarah, Natalie Aikman, Johanna Cahill, Kate, Jessie Hay, Jo Treweek, Melanie Snibson, Angela Persello, Lynsey Stephensen, Vannedith Villo-Nario and Anne Marsh. If yours is one of the first-names only in this list – keep an eye out on your inbox for an email from me! I have sent them all. Winners have a week to claim their win by return email with their full name and postage details!

– Charndra

September 15, 2012

Recommended Australian Cloth Nappy Shops: Where to Shop for Reusable Cloth Nappies in Australia

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Looking for Australian Modern Cloth Nappy Shops?

There are lots of Reusable Cloth Nappies available in Australia

There is a wide range of shops offering Aussie and Kiwi cloth nappies. Over 350 online shops selling modern nappies in Australia and New Zealand in fact.

From WAHM made, customised, personalised nappies, to nappies made with tried and tested licensed designs, through to retailers offering commercially made modern nappies that have been around long enough, and are popular enough to have been commercially produced.

– Charndra

P.S Are you registered to play in our regular nappy giveaways?
Be sure to sign up to have your chance to WIN a free modern cloth nappy for your baby!

A little more about the three main types of modern cloth nappies you can buy is found here:

The Modern Cloth Nappy – Your Three Main Options in Washable, Reusable Non Disposable Nappies…

Looking for Australian Cloth Nappies? Start Here:

August 29, 2012

Modern Cloth Nappies: Cloth Nappy Shop Blog Roundup: August

Modern Cloth Nappies: Cloth Nappy Shop Blog Roundup: August

Many modern cloth nappy shops in Australia have a blog attached to or as part of their site.

The blog is a place where they share more details about the use and care of their nappies, about the particular styles, materials and products they have on offer and even about the day to day running of their business.

They may use their blog (or facebook page) to conduct market research on the types of fabrics to use in future nappies, to offer test nappies to develop new styles, refinements or generations of nappies.

Today’s post is a roundup of some of the recent blog posts I have found. Heaps of cloth nappy shops are very slow at using their blogs, as facebook is all the rage I guess… and yet, a blog is great for building traffic, as I know!

#1: at The Nappy Spot Natalie has an article about Cloth Nappying Challenges – a Lack of Water

What’s the greatest challenge that you’re facing at the moment? Trying to get a good fit on a newborn with skinny legs? Affording enough nappies to be able to use cloth full-time, or all day? Not enough sunshine to dry your nappies properly?

For me at the moment, it’s water! Or more specifically.. not enough of it. Our house runs on rainwater, for everything from drinking/cooking, showering, and of course, in the laundry. It’s been a dry winter, and there’s not too much left in the tanks, so I’ve had to cut back the length of my wash cycles, which is negatively affecting my MCN’s.. Read more @ The Nappy Spot…

#2: at One Less Disposable there is a post about Cheap and easy way to use prefolds:

Worried about the start-up costs of cloth nappying? Here is a cheapish solution to get you going.

A cheap way to go would be to use boosted prefolds and PUL covers. You would need to buy them online. Read more @ One Less Disposable…

#3: at Little Para Pants Blog, you’ll find a helpful post by Mel entitled Is it time to DIY?

If you’re on a budget, like sewing, or none of the MCNs you’ve tried have suited your child, you might decide to try making your own.

What you’ll need:

A sewing machine. It doesn’t have to be flash with all the bells & whistles, it just has to work. All you really need is a straight stitch and a zig-zag stitch.

Thread. Polyester thread works well, but don’t go for the stuff in the bargain bin. You’ll end up with a mess.

Needles. Again, don’t go for the cheap ones as they break way too easily. You’ll want the heaviest needles you can find (denim/jeans needles are good) for sewing through multiple layers of fabric. Read more @ Little Para Pants Blog

NB: Check out the new look over at Little Para Pants, where Mel specialises in custom made cloth swim nappies for children of all ages.

#4: at The Baby Chilli Nappies Blogspot, Rebecca has a post about The Great Downunder Nappy Hunt this September:

I am super excited about taking part in the Great Downunder Nappy Hunt this September 2012.All hunters will get a super 15% off everything on line! All you have to do is go and register to hunt in the great downunder nappy hunt.For all of you that don’t know what its about…. The Great Downunder nappy hunt is a scavanger hunt where you go to different websites in search of an icon. You follow fun clues and find some fabulous little websites along the way. Once you have found the icon you click on it and it brings you back to diaper decisions where it is marked as found. The more icons you find the more chance you have of winning some fabulous prizes!My contribution to the prize pool is a Safari party all in one nappy. Read more (and the Baby Chilli Prize) @ The Baby Chilli Nappies Blogspot

#5: at Pepper Place Blog you’ll find an article by Kelly titled: Can I use cloth nappies without a dryer?


Most definitely. Quite easily. In fact, take that dryer and list it on Freecycle right now, you don’t need it for anything!

(Sorry, letting my rabid greenie tendencies come through there. I’ll pull my head in)

But anyway, it is more than doable to use cloth without a dryer. It is the preferred method-the sun sanitises your nappies, the fresh air leaves them smelling great, and line-drying is free and non-polluting. I have never owned a dryer, nor lived in a house with one. Read more @ Pepper Place…

Visiting the blog of cloth nappy shops where you have purchased cloth nappies or are thinking of buying cloth nappies is a great way to get to know the owner and discover more about them and their nappies.

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up of cloth nappy blogs,


P.S as always, I also like to give a little plug to My Green Nappy’s Sponsors:

August 28, 2012

Modern Cloth Nappies: Current Facebook Nappy Sale Offers in August

Modern Cloth Nappies: Current Facebook Nappy Sale Offers

Today’s is a short post to highlight a few of the most recent offers by Australian Modern Cloth Nappy Shops on facebook. Some are for sales, some for giveaways and contests.

Becoming a fan first of all of My Green Nappy is a great way to keep your eye on offers posted to my wall. I encourage any and all cloth nappy shops to post their specials and messages to my wall, and fans of my page use this as an opportunity to survey specials, giveaways and offers available online. There is a section where you can see all the recent posts of others.

Let’s have a look at several of the recent cloth nappy related offers:

#1: Sweet Pea Cloth Nappies. For a chance to win a Sweet Pea Cloth Nappies wet bag, become a fan of the page today. Once we get to 200 likers we’ll be giving away a wet bag.

#2: Baby Bare Cloth Nappies. Want to win a Baby Bare Nappy? Head over and enter our competition to name our new bright pink nappy!  It will be decided on Sunday night!

#3: Bummis Australia Love Bummis? Head on over to Bummis Australia and share the ‘like’ love to know first about specials, stock updates and tips & advice on cloth nappying!

#4: Apikali Modern Cloth Nappies Cloth Nappy Giveaway: only 25 likers to go. Help me support my daughter and to give away a premium cloth nappy.

#5: Rydees Australia. SALE! Buy 2 or more Rydees Australia nappies and get 5 Bamboo Terry Wipes for FREE! Until the end of August only..or unti stocks run out! These super soft double layered wipes are safe and gentle on little bums and are excellent for bubs who suffer from nappy rash as they contain no irritating chemicals or alcohol. These wipes are also extremely hardy and don’t loose that soft silky fluffiness wash after wash. If you dont use cloth wipes these make great washers and will be the first one in the pile you grab 🙂 Email Kylie to order at

I hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of several facebook offers from Australian cloth nappy shops and can find the right bargain, discount, special or win for you!

Becoming a fan or ‘liker’ of the pages that appeal to you means that you can get their special offers directly to your news feed. This is also a great way to get to know the page owners, ask questions and have your finger on the pulse of current events and offers.

– Charndra

P.S … a little plug to My Green Nappy’s Sponsors:

August 21, 2012

ARE YOU A WASTE FREE PARENT? Workshops on Modern Cloth Nappies and Sustainable Living in New Zealand by The Nappy Lady…

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modern cloth nappies7 August 2012 News Release: The Nappy Lady


Modern cloth nappies are really taking off, and Kate Meads, the Nappy Lady, is taking her knowledge about cloth nappies and sustainable living to parents in 14 New Zealand towns during the next six months.

“Teaching parents about their options for minimising their impact on the environment is my passion, and councils and other organisations are really getting on board to support waste-free parenting as viable and achievable,” Kate explains.

In conjunction with various councils and with the support of many local cloth nappy companies, Kate is running informative workshops on waste-free parenting and modern cloth nappies in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Rotorua, Kawerau, Hastings, Palmerston North, New Plymouth, Hawera, Hutt City, Wellington, Dunedin, and Oamaru, and is set for a busy few months in the lead-up to summer.

” More and more councils around NZ are starting to look seriously at minimising the amount of waste they are accepting into their landfills,” Kate says. “Waste-free parenting is about not only minimising your family’s eco footprint, it’s also about teaching parents about sustainable and environmentally conscious options. Cloth nappies are one important component of this, but I also help parents to integrate other waste-minimising activities into their home life, such as composting and recycling.”

At The Nappy Lady workshops, parents and parents-to-be not only learn about the different styles of cloth nappies, they’ll also receive tips and information on what they can do at home to reduce their waste output. What’s more, attendees of the workshops receive a free cloth nappy trial pack to take home, giving them an opportunity to put into action the information they learn.

“There is massive interest in the workshops, and many are sold out weeks in advance,” Kate says. “Parents are hungry for this information and we’re adding more and more workshops to keep up with the demand. It’s great to see the initiative spreading nationwide, and the positive impact waste-free parenting and cloth nappies are having on Kiwi parents.”

modern cloth nappiesKate’s personal goal is to get every family in NZ with children in nappies to use just 1 cloth nappy per day which would prevent 1 million nappies from going into our local landfills every week.

All of the upcoming workshops are listed on The Nappy Lady’s website , or


For interviews, comments or more information, please contact, Kate Meads, The Nappy Lady on (07) 549 2955 or 027 22 11 242 or via email

A full list of workshop dates are included:

Upcoming workshops:

AUCKLAND Saturday 18 August, 10:30am to 12pm
Saturday 25 August, 1:00pm to 2:30pm
Monday 17th September, 10am to 11:30am
Tuesday 18th September, 6pm to 7:30pm

HAMILTON Friday 5th October – 6pm – 8pm
ROTORUA Thursday 9 August – 6:30pm to 8:30pm
TAURANGA Saturday 11th August – 10am to 12 noon
Monday 19th November – 6:30pm – 8:30pm
HASTINGS Friday 24 August – 6:00pm to 8:00pm
NEW PLYMOUTH Thursday 6 September – 10:30am to 12:30pm
HAWERA Saturday 7 September – 10am to 12 noon
FEILDING Thursday 16th August – 6:30pm – 8:30pm
PALMERSTON NORTH Saturday 18 August – 10am to 12 noon
Wednesday 7th November 6:30pm – 8:30pm
DUNEDIN Saturday 29th September – 11:30am – 1:30pm

There are other nappy schemes that are in other areas that do not run a workshop.
Check the website ( for more information and to book into any of the upcoming workshops.

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