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May 10, 2010

Cloth Nappies Versus Disposables: Cost as a Factor When Money is No Object in Building Your Nappy Stash…

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The Cloth Nappies versus Disposables debate:

There is an ongoing discussion between mums on online parenting forums, fueled by articles that pop up with astounding regularity by every manner of media outlet on which sort of nappy you should use.

In reality there IS no winner in this endless debate. The choice is personal. You need to decide, or rather find out, which is the best cloth nappy for your family taking into account a variety of factors – your lifestyle needs, where you live, your budget now and into the future, the type of nappies you are considering as well as what suits the needs of your baby – the sensitivity of their skin; their body type and what you think they will look great in! Phew, complicated? Not really, you’ll soon realise what ideas suit you and then start narrowing your search accordingly.

This article is looking at the premium end of the modern nappies range – which are going to cost the most and why?

Choosing a Cloth Nappy Style by Cost when Money is No Object

Once you have tried out a few brands, had lots of conversations with other muims about what works and what doesn’t in the various styles, and considered how that relates to your baby, you can start purchasing nappies in the style you prefer. There are plenty of premium nappy makers out there who offer boutique, 1 of a kind nappies, nappies with extra special features for special occasions or for the most treasured babies with parents who can afford anything they like! Or perhaps they have doting granparents to whom money is no object when it comes to the comfort and style of their grandkiddies…

Let us have a general look at the types of modern cloth nappies you can buy when you have plenty of money to fill out your stash with the best nappies out there!

1. Re Nappies When Cost is No Object: All in Ones

All in ones are the most similar to a disposable, as they are all sewn together – there is no assembly or ‘stuffing’ to do – great when your baby is in a poor mood from being tired, grumpy or at the end of their day’s reserves – you can make the nappy change very fast with an AIO nappy. Velcro would be the fastest of all, though snaps may be more secure from clever fingers and are the more environmentally friendly option simply as they last longer – no need to worry about snags in the wash or needing to replace velcro because they had a few spins in the clothes dryer and the velcro no longer attaches due to shrinkage in the heat! (A useful tip to remember – LOW HEAT in the tumble dryer.)

As All-in-Ones will take longer to dry, you will need more of them, increasing the cost. It is great fun shopping for AIO’s these days as the range is simply HUGE!

2. Re Nappies When Cost is No Object: Embellished Nappies

Embellished nappies are the special, premium nappies; unique, IOAK nappies that come out on special occasions or are only used when you are out and about. The embellishment may be on the nappy itself or on a nappy cover. Some are ‘in stocks’- an actual line of nappy, others are limited edition, in which the designer indulges a creative whim and makes a select series in a theme or style. Many embellishments are customs. When placing your order you can make a series of choices and the maker will strive to match your requests. There’s something special about an item made only for your baby.

3. Re Nappies When Cost is No Object: Custom Made Nappies

Custom made nappies allow you to customise every aspect of the nappy to suit your needs. Whether this is in size, fit, absorbency, fabrics or materials used, fastenings or embellishments, many cloth nappy makers enjoy working with you to create a special nappy just for your baby. Commission one for a special baby in your family (he he, which is all of them!) or for a special occasion.

When you are feeling the need for extravagance in your modern nappies, these are your three best options for spending your cash on premium, top quality nappies! When money is no object, you can indulge your fashion sense, your love for your baby in covering their bottom in beauty and quality, in a unique personalised nappy that makes a statement about your commitment to environmentally friendly nappies!

When you have a special occasion, one of these premium options is a choice you can consider as a one-off, too.

When making your choice, remember this – whatever you do, it need not be a permanent commitment – I have seen people freak out for months about what to buy, when it is simple to start with a selection of styles or brands secondhand, then sell them again easily if they don’t work out. There is a massive ‘underground’ of nappy swapping that goes on – you need only ask around your circle to start finding sources of nappies to try out.

Similarly, people call themselves a ‘bad mum’ for using disposables, or using terry squares as their cloth nappy choice – if you are secretly saying that to yourself, scratch that script right now! Instead, think about how flexible your choices are these days – it is wonderful how you can mix and match nappy brands, styles and types to suit your needs of the moment, reflecting how truly modern nappies now are.

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