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April 5, 2010

Cloth vs Disposable: re Nappies and the Environment – 3 Things You Should Consider! (+1)

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Cloth Nappies vs Disposable Nappies? This is the question that every new mother is asked at some point.

It is a question mums ask themselves when the cost of disposable nappies starts to add up and they think of adding another baby to the family – doubling the cost… hmm, perhaps it is time to consider cloth nappies again?

With advances in their design made by clever mums who have been there and done that, modern cloth nappies are a real competitor to disposable nappies these days.

It may seem a simple choice, a black and white choice – buy disposable nappies each week and throw them in the bin after a few hours, or buy modern cloth nappies, and reuse them over and over. Of course the reality is that you can use BOTH! You can combine the best features of each kind of nappy and tailor your stash to the requirements of your budget, your conscience, your lifestyle, your personal preferences and your baby.

This article looks at the environment as a factor to consider when you think about the cloth vs disposable debate.

1. Cloth vs disposable: re Nappies and Convenience

Disposable nappies are marketed as ‘convenience’ nappies. Using disposable nappies means buying large packages every week, racing out when you’ve run low to buy more at expensive prices late in an evening (yikes!), standing in line at the shops, transporting from the shop to home, storing, then storing a stinky mass in your bin until rubbish day. Each one used for mere hours. But are cloth nappies so ‘inconvenient’? The mums who use them would disagree. In fact, they find them just as easy to use – put them on, take them off, chuck them in a covered bucket until washing day. Then, pop them in the washing machine, add a tiny bet of detergent, and turn on the machine. Hang on the line as you get a bit of a stretch and moment in the sunlight to think your thoughts. Simple.  Studies have shown that using cloth means 5 minutes difference in a day, once all the factors are considered – that is hardly more onerous, AND it is VASTLY more economical!

Environmentally, bulk buying your disposable nappies is the answer – it is precycling, which is preventing so much waste coming into your home, it means less cost, as buying in bulk is cheaper, and there is less running around for you to do.

2. Cloth vs disposable: re Nappies being ‘Biodegradeable’

Cloth Nappies are ultimately biodegradable, mostly. Some parts will endure, like snaps and certain liners will take a long while to break down. Your basic fitted and non waterproof cloth nappy will biodegrade in about six months in the soil. However, long before that day, it can be used hundreds of times, by a number of babies! Disposable nappies, you have no doubt heard, sit in landfill and rot. They take AGES to break down. Why? The conditions in landfill are not conducive to biodegradability, plus the materials in the nappy remain. Human waste, sitting in a dump, fermenting in a little plastic bag. Not an environmentally friendly choice!

Environmentally, you can buy environmentally friendly disposable nappies, like Moltex Oko, Bambo and Eenie Weenies.

3. Cloth vs disposable: – re Nappies and being Washable

A common fear about using cloth nappies is the odd concern people have about washing cloth nappies. We wash all our own clothes. We wash our babies clothes. We wash our own underwear. Why not that of our babies? These days we have automatic washing machines that do ALL the work. In fact, if you are super squeamish, put soiled nappies in a net like washing bag, and throw THAT in the wash – you never need touch them until they are clean again. Any stains? The sun will bleach them out. Mums using cloth nappies find, as the nappies are made of fabric, not paper, that poo explosions do not end up messing up all of baby’s clothes when they use cloth. Remember, that almost all mums using cloth nappies DID use, or also use disposable nappies -this is one of the reasons they made the switch – yes, they now wash nappies, but they also wash poo out of baby’s clothes a lot less!

Environmentally, when using cloth nappies YOU have control over the amount of water used – you can dry pail (ie no need for soaking), wash a full load and line dry. If you feel like soaking, add the nappies to the washing machine and fill, then let the load soak overnight and turn on in the morning!

What’s the +1? A Hybrid Stash including biodegradeable disposable nappies

When considering the cloth vs disposable debate the most important thing to realise is that it isn’t about one or the other – you can use both! It is about which suits you, your budget, your lifestyle and our planet’s resources the most. by being flexible, you can reap the benefits of all of their best features and minimise your baby’s environmental footprint too.

What if you create a hybrid stash – use disposables, but also buy a pack of environmentally friendly disposable nappies that you can bury in the compost or add to a worm farm now and again, and buy a few modern cloth nappies too – they’ll save those late night dashes out to an expensive convenience store, and you’ll start to find out just why so many mums are making the switch to using more cloth nappies these days. With over 330 nappy makers and retailers in Australia and New Zealand listed here at My Green Nappy, modern cloth nappies are the popular way to dress your baby’s bottom as you save money and reduce your impact on the environment! And shopping for cloth nappies is FUN!

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