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February 7, 2010

Sponsor Information for The Green Promise Nappies Initiative

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Next Green Promise Nappy Challenge: Coming Soon!

The Green Promise Nappies Initiative is a giveaway event – a turbo-charged giveaway!

It’s an online event for mums to come along and discover their cloth nappy options – and perhaps win one too! This promotion doesn’t last just a week or two, it goes for four weeks, for maximum exposure for your site.

Your nappy goes out into the community, and a photo of your contribution stays in the Green Promise Nappy Gallery to continue to send you visitors in the future.

What You Will Receive For Your Sponsorship:

  • Permanent inclusion in the Green Promise Nappies Gallery.
  • Inclusion in the current List of Sponsors – Links to both your site and your own Sponsor Page (where entrants leave their answer to your question on a form)
  • Inclusion in the current Gallery of Sponsors – Your shop logo button will link to your shop.
  • Your link will also be displayed in our Quick Green Nappy News during the promotion. (These are archived also for future visits)
  • An open invitation to participate in other resources developed for My Green Nappy, including the ‘Sponsors Cooperative Questions‘ series created each round, meaning another 10 valuable backlinks.
  • Collaborative and cooperative promotion with all the other sponsors.
  • Targeted visitors! My Green Nappy is a site focussed on the niche of Modern Cloth and Eco Friendly Disposable Nappies, so visitors are here to explore that niche, will have babies and young children.
  • Relevant back-links to your shop.
  • Ongoing ‘branding’ exposure – the name and logo of your site will be seen over and over.
  • See what players have to say about the Green Promise Nappy Challenge…

My Invitation:

Thanks for considering sponsoring a Green Promise Nappy and helping this nappy competition to grow! I’d love to have you as a sponsor of a Green Promise Nappy. Simply forward your sponsor fee as outlined below, and join in our eco-friendly promotion of green nappies.

Kind Regards,

P.S All Cloth Nappy Shop owners are invited to become part of the Panel of Nappy Experts who are called on to contribute to new MCN resources on My Green Nappy…

To sponsor a Green Promise Nappy there is a sponsor fee of $20 per round.

$20 for 4-6 weeks promotion (your links go up asap, a number of them are permanent), we have 2500+ Mums registered on our main Giveaways List who are interested in exploring their nappy options, 1400+ facebook fans, 600+ Mums receiving My Green Nappy Guide (also eligible to play) and regular Modern Cloth Nappy Related articles published 2-3 times a week. Good Value!

There are 3 options for payment:

1. By clicking on this button and using paypal to make a one-time $20 payment for your sponsorship position. NB: Please ensure that you include Your Shop Name as a transaction note / in the reference area so that I am able to keep details in order, and / or send me an email. (mainly if your email / name doesn’t reflect the site’s name)

Sponsor a Green Promise Nappy:

Select one of these options in the drop down menu:

  • $20 to secure a Green Promise Nappy placement
  • $30 if you need me to create or re-edit a shop logo banner to be 150 x 150 pixels.

Sponsorship Fee Options


2. Through Paypal, to my Paypal email: This is a one-time payment of $20.

3. By Direct Deposit to my Bank Account. This is a one-time payment of $20. Please contact me for details, then email to let me know if you’ve done it so I know!

NB: Please ensure that you include Your Shop Name as a transaction note / in the reference area so that I am able to keep details in order.

What You Need To Do Once Your Payment has Gone Through:

Register as a sponsor here:

Once you have paid and then registered, you will be sent to this page:

Key Reminders for Green Promise Nappy Sponsors…

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