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May 26, 2010

Nappy Retailers Priority List: Join My Green Nappy’s Panel of Nappy Experts!

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You are an expert on modern nappies; share your expertise as a member of our Panel of Nappy Experts!

My Green Nappy is striving to become a nexus for information about reducing the environmental impact of our babies.

I invite you to join my Nappy Experts contact list below;

  • I contact retailers on this list to help build new Nappy Expert articles, Modern Cloth Mini Trend Galleries, and run Green Promise Nappy Events. See how these Expert Articles look here… The ‘Cooperative questions’ which is the format of our Expert Articles allow a variety of retailers to share their tips, tricks and wisdom in a way that provides excellent valuable information on modern nappies to our visitors.
  • My Priority List is for shops or sites interested in being promoted by and supporting My Green Nappy. The focus is on shops offering eco-disposables and MCN in Australia and New Zealand.
  • In exchange for your links to My Green Nappy, you can get heaps of backlinks to your site by contributing your nappy photos and expert advice.

See previous emails: Nappy Experts Message Archive
NB: The ‘Cooperative questions’ of  My Green Nappy are free for you to contribute to when you are on my Panel of Nappy Experts! These great articles will give you lots of complimentary branding, ongoing back links to your shop and SEO help building your Modern Cloth Expert reputation. All I ask is that you help us by displaying a My Green Nappy Badge or Link.

One of the resources you will be introduced to is a list of 20 SIMPLE ideas for what to do on your facebook page.

Have a look now:

Tips and Ideas for Promoting Your Modern Cloth Nappy Shop On facebook

– Our Nappy Experts –

Discover Expert Advice About The Modern Cloth Nappy – Information About Modern Cloth Nappies – Advice About Frequently Asked Cloth ‘Newbie’ Questions – Lots of Tips and Tricks to Help You With Your Reusable Nappies – Learn From the Experts in Cloth Nappies –

Discover More from Our Nappy Experts…

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