My Green Nappy Discovering Modern Cloth Nappies and Eco-Friendly Disposable Nappies

April 9, 2010

Environmentally Friendly living with a baby in nappies? Yes, here are 3 tips. (+1)

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Yes, You Can Make a Difference with Your Baby When it Comes to Green Living.

With one green nappy at a time, you are saving on the use of one disposable, and even more importantly, you are encouraging your neighbours to follow your leading example!

Green Nappies are environmentally friendly nappies - you can make a difference - start with ONE!

In a moment we’ll look at 3 ways of finding modern cloth nappies in ways that will save you money, in case you are concerned about the initial outlay. (+1 bonus idea…) In fact, I can reassure you right now that there is no need to buy a full time stash until you have decided on the cloth nappy styles and brands that best suit your baby, lifestyle and budget. Even then, having a hybrid stash of a range of nappy types is a very responsible action you can take to reduce pollution and encourage other families to do their part as well in protecting our planet!

Using even a few reusable nappies at your convenience means you are thinking globally and acting locally, which really does add up. be proud of your efforts. Ultimately, over raising the children in your family, you can save thousands of dollars by using the ‘modern’ cloth nappy. When using modern cloth nappies you have choices that will reduce the cost of your eco friendly nappies even more!

What if you have 3 children? That is conservatively 18 thousand disposable nappies. You can reduce that number by using some environmentally disposable nappies that you can compost, worm farm or flush. You can use biodegradable nappy liners and nappy bags, and you can explore the world of modern cloth nappies here at My Green to choose a new type of ‘modern cloth’ nappy for your baby to wear.

Let’s consider 3 ways to find modern cloth nappies in a nice, budget friendly way:

1. Check out the flourishing market in pre-loved washable nappies.

Buying secondhand cloth nappies is an excellent way to test drive new brands for less. When buying online, check the sites guidelines for safe purchasing. It is pretty easy though. Some are auctions, others are shopping cart based like any regular online shop. They are used nappies, so first be aware of what the nappy costs new. Best of all, that nappy can be sold again. A green nappy is a nappy which circulates, of course!

2. Use facebook to find great specials on your favourite reusable nappies.

Yes, many nappy shops have facebook ‘fan’ pages. So, show your support for a small aussie or kiwi business by becoming a fan, then keep your eye out for giveaways, super specials and fan-only exclusive offers and fun contests!

3. Join announcement, mailing or newsletter lists for members-only specials.

Simply, most sites have a list of their customers and interested visitors who they contact periodically (usually monthly) with tips, specials, contests and news about their product range. They may be a ‘club’ with member only perks. Join the list of those shops offering your favourite nappy brands. Some offer repeat purchase discounts too! Check out some of the benefits for joining by browsing this extensive list of nappy shops and retailers offering cloth nappies in Australia…

What’s the +1? Win a modern cloth nappy for your baby!

Perhaps the best type of cloth nappy is the one you win in a contest, simply by participating and having some fun! With one green nappy in your baby’s wardrobe, you will know you are always doing your bit for our planet, as each time your baby sports even one cloth nappy on their bottom, you are saving the cost of that single use disposable nappy, deferring that cost for another time.

Here’s your budget and eco challenge:

What if you acted on one of these 4 ideas, and bought your first or next modern cloth nappy only for less than the usual full price? You will benefit from these simple strategies for finding modern cloth nappies on a budget, reducing your expenses as well as your family’s environmental footprint.

my-green-nappy-125-badge– Charndra has created this simple and unique environmental initiative called My Green Nappy, an advocacy site for promoting environmentally friendly disposable nappies and the modern cloth nappy. It’s mission is to encourage all families down under to start with one ‘green’ nappy for their baby to wear, preventing one single-use disposable from ending up in landfill every time it is worn, whether that is daily, weekly or randomly. Join My Green Nappy by adding your name and email in that box in the upper right sidebar. Over 330 cloth nappy retailers are listed!

You are doing your part!

Sharing information about what you can do to help with pollution control and be working together with your baby, your family and others with small children is a wonderfully responsible way to be doing your part in protecting the environment for future generations as well as saving you money!

P.S One more option – you can HIRE a set of modern nappies, to try before you buy, road test and select the best nappy for your baby with confidence.

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