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January 9, 2011

Mandymac Nappies – A Look at 3 of Your Choices in this natural, Australian Designed Modern Nappy. (+1)

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Mandymac Nappies – A Look at 3 of Your Choices in this natural, Australian Designed Modern Nappy.

Mandymac nappies are made of organic hemp, organic bamboo and other nappy fabrics designed for softness, quality, sturdiness and thirtsiness. Thirstiness is all about the absorbency of the nappy – different fabrics will absorb more liquid than others.

Mandymac nappies were designed in Australia by Victorian mum of four Amanda McCracken. These modern nappies are manufactured and constructed in China in a carefully monitored factory under ethical fair trade conditions. Amanda has a strong personal interest and commitment to having her nappies produced in which support families in developing countries. You can be reassured that your mandymac nappies are not produced in sweatshops and poor conditions that exploit vulnerable communities.

A number of Mandy Mac nappies are secured with a snappi, which is a clever modern variation of the nappy pin, an elastic 3 pronged clip which stretches to secure the nappy easily, and comes in a range of colours. Snappies are also available at the mandymac website.

Let us have a look at 3 of the options you have when shopping for a Mandymac nappy: (+1)

Re Mandymac Nappies: The MacBoo

The MacBoo is an Organic Bamboo Nappy. It is a very soft and extra absorbent nappy. It is adjustable to fit newborns or toddlers, heavy or light wetters. The MacBoo is made from 60% bamboo 40% cotton perhaps the perfect balance between softness, absorbency and durability.

Re Mandymac Nappies: The OneSize Hemp

The OneSize Hemp is an Organic Hemp Nappy. It is the most practical, versatile nappy around. Newborn or toddler, heavy or light wetter, this nappy can be adjusted for all your needs, including the option of having an in-built stay-dry liner or not, it is up to you…

Re Mandymac Nappies: The Purple Nights Nappy

Purple Nights is a night time cloth nappy. It is made from 60% bamboo 40% cotton and has a feel dry purple liner that helps baby to feel dry overnight, when babies are often in the same nappy for a number of hours. There are over 20 layers of fabric, a thirsty bamboo, to absorb wetness overnight. It is a great, easy to use nappy which opens out for easy drying. It has added inserts that you can use to best effect by folding and inserting them into the pocket of the nappy in various ways, depending on if you have a boy or  girl, and if your (older) baby is a tummy sleeper!

What’s the +1?

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Introducing the MacTropic! Amanda’s newest design is the first of it’s kind in Australia – a PUL free, onesize, All-In-One nappy. The MacTropic is a super absorbent, minky, AIO, secured with snaps. It is so easy to use it is practically guaranteed to save you money! To find out more, why not simply strive to win one as you play in one of our MacTropic Giveaways. There are 6 of the gorgeous MacTropic nappies for you to win, kindly donated by Amanda to My Green Nappy!

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