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January 19, 2011

The Modern Cloth Nappy: Your Three (3) Main Options in Non Disposable, Washable Nappies

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The modern, non disposable nappy comes in many styles, brands, colours, sizes, materials and fabrics.

In a simple way you can group them in three main types that will tell you a little more about what you are buying and what you can expect.

Let’s consider your three (3) main options of non disposable, modern nappies:

Wahm Designed and Home-Made

These are the premium option, both designed and made by the work-at-home-mum, or a small group of wahm’s. They can often be personalised, have unique or be a limited edition of colours or prints, even be custom designed to your preferences or be beautifully embroidered. This is where retailers enter the market after using lots of styles then making some design improvements they want to share.

Home-Made Licenced Designs

These are wahm’s or groups of them who purchase a licence to make nappies using a popular, tried and tested design. Like wahm made, you can find a wide range of custom or choose personalised options, see all sorts of fabric combinations from all natural, organic, bamboo or hemp fabrics to pul lined, minky and recycled, extra ‘green’ nappies. The benefit is that the design should be bulletproof for the range of sizes / type of baby features it is designed to suit.

Commercially Produced

These are popular. Demand so outstripped the ability of the original WAHM to make that they explored having them commercially produced. Usually made in factories in often China or India, look for a committment to ethical, fair trade produced nappies – the WAHM’s generally go to great lengths to have them produced responsibly and in fair conditions for the workers, and still passing on the savings of commercially produced nappies to you, and enabling them to meet demand, with many retailers supplying their local markets with their favourite commercial brands.

So, there you have it – when you are shopping for modern, non disposable nappies you can keep in mind what they are – and this will help you both appreciate the basis of the nappy and help you choose the nappy you want to favour. It is fun to go shopping for ‘bum clothing’ for your baby! Read what other mothers have to say about their passion for the modern cloth nappy (MCN).

When you are wanting to buy a new one, just remember: MCN are a justified purchase (your baby needs them everyday), that saves you money, your baby looks cute, trendy and fashionable, and you are helping the Earth- ticking all the boxes really…

Do you have a ‘green’ nappy in the wardrobe of your baby yet?

– By Charndra Josling

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