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August 24, 2010

Green Promise Nappy Sponsors: Expert Q and A

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As a Sponsor of this Green Promise Nappy Event you are invited to contribute your expertise to this new set of ‘Cooperative Questions’.

They will be added to the ‘Advice from Our Nappy Experts‘ section and go out in the Quick Green Nappy News and social media.

Each round I create 10 of these cooperative questions to be published over 10 weeks, to give expert MCN advice, and ongoing back links and visitors to your shop. All you have to do is answer the questions below however you like – in brief or as a paragraph. Linking to particular product categories is also fine, but not a product that will ‘disappear’ when sold. All answers will also link to your shop’s home page. Please email me with your responses asap, including your first name, shop and your url at the top. (if you want to use a product / page link on your answer, please add a (http://) beside it and I’ll pop it in. I won’t have time to go and find it!)

I encourage and welcome your involvement!

– Charndra

Cooperative Questions for the current round of the Green Promise Nappy Initiative:

1. Cheap Cloth Nappies – What Is Your Recommendation for A Budget-Friendly Washable Cloth Nappy Stash?

2. Warranties and Guarantees on My New MCN – What Do I Need To Know?

3. Nappy Liners – What Should I Know About Them? (What Materials Can a Nappy Liner Can Be Made From and their Benefits or Cons) “What if I don’t want to deal with the poop?”

4. Starting With Reusable Nappies – My Friend Is Expecting Her First Baby. What Should I Buy For Her First MCN?

5. The Simplest Modern Nappy: Prefolds – Trifolds? What Are Their Benefits and How Can I Use Them?

6. Reusable Nappies: How Many Modern Nappies Will I Need To Use Them Part Time With A Crawling Baby?

7. Reusable Night Nappies: How Many Modern Nappies Will I Need For A Toddler?

8. Reusable Nappies: How To Use Inserts And Boosters To Prevent Leaks And Extend The Absorption Of Your Baby’s Nappy

9. Washable Nappies: Top Tips For Using Cloth Nappies In Winter

10. Reusable Nappies: Top Tips For Using Modern Cloth Nappies In Summer, Or In The Tropics

See how these ‘Cooperative’ questions are set up (and the sorts of answers contributed) by visiting the link below.

– Our Nappy Experts –

Discover Expert Advice About The Modern Cloth Nappy – Information About Modern Cloth Nappies – Advice About Frequently Asked Cloth ‘Newbie’ Questions – Lots of Tips and Tricks to Help You With Your Reusable Nappies – Learn From the Experts in Cloth Nappies –

Discover More from Our Nappy Experts…

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