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May 23, 2010

Green Promise Nappy Sponsors: Key Reminders

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You are now registered as a Sponsor in the Green Promise Nappy Initiative.

NB: If you just jumped to this page, be sure to register as a sponsor at this link.

This list allows me to contact all sponsors at once, and tells me what to put as your nappy description on your Sponsor Page. Names are now deleted after the round is over, so join our Nappy Experts List to keep in touch with other opportunities!

Here are the details for what to do next:

Let’s make the most out of the Green Promise Nappy Initiative! Here’s your key reminders, so we’re ready for a smooth and easy competition.

1. There are 2 options for this round:

Pop your Green Promise Nappy aside, post it to the winner yourself.

Remember, you will be in direct contact with the winner at the end of the contest. I’ll send you the address of it’s winner when I confirm their win. So you can post it directly to them with a note of congratulations and so on. You might even parcel it up ready to go, in waiting for the address of the winner. NB: You MUST be on the Green Promise Nappy Sponsors List as that is how I provide the names of the winners. (register as a sponsor at this link.)

Send a voucher for the value of your Green Promise Nappy directly to me to post to the winner.

Change for this round: You might prefer to send me a voucher for the value of the prize (+ postage for up to that value), that I will post out to the winner. This option enables the winner to have a wider choice from your shop, and may even buy more than the value of their prize (I know I always buy more than a voucher’s face value!), and can get the correct size and style of nappy (or other product from your range if you like) for their needs. I’ll still promote the representative ‘Green nappy’ photo of your choice on your sponsor page. This option also ensures there are no ‘lost’ prizes that never arrive with the winner when the sponsor becomes un-contactable at the end of the competition (This has happened each round, unfortunately, and I can’t afford to donate prize nappies from my own funds, not running a nappy shop myself!)

Please send your voucher to: My Green Nappy, 28 Pemberton Street Oaklands park, South Australia, with a note. I will let you know the winner’s name for when they contact you with the voucher details later on, and will post the voucher out to them directly.

2. Send me your logo and picture of your nappy prize.

Including your name, site name and link URL, please send to me:

  1. A photo of your Green Promise Nappy, any size – bigger is better as I can crop, trim, label and resize with ease. (Or a representative nappy if sending a voucher to the winner)
  2. A 150×150 pixel shop logo banner (or add $10 to your sponsor fee and I’ll make one up) It must be a static banner. (Let me know if I already have it from a previous round – I keep them.)

3. On your Site: Add Your Sponsor Badge

There are 2 sponsor badges to choose from. Each is also linked to itself, so if you click it the image will open in a new window:

Simply copy and paste and link to, or try the codes below (they don’t always work for everyone!)

The Green Promise Nappy Initiative

Here is the code to copy and paste:

<a href=””><img src=” alt=”The Green Promise Nappy Initiative” border=”0″ /></a>

The Green Promise Nappy Initiative

Here is the code to copy and paste:

<a href=””><img src=” alt=”The Green Promise Nappy Initiative” border=”0″ /></a>

Make sure your sponsor badge is displayed on your website, linked to My Green Nappy, or the registration page*.
(You can also put it on any other web presences you have)

* If you like, a good SEO tip is to link this badge to a separate page on YOUR SITE, where you introduce your involvement and then link through to my site. That way, a new visitor doesn’t happen to just bounce away via your home page, instead, you get to tell them about the 100 Green Promise Initiative, and recommend they check it out!

That way, you also get to link to your starting point for entrants, show the Green Promise Nappy you donated, and talk about joining your newsletter list or FB page or whatever as well.

4. On Your Site: Add a Welcome Page or starting point close to the start of the competition.

Have a starting point on your homepage, either a button like this one, a link, an announcement, or a menu item (whatever suits your site and how you’d like to do it)

Code for this button is:

<a href=”http://YOURNAPPYPAGELINKHERE”><img src=”” alt=”Green Nappy Promise Entry Page” border=”0″></a>

On this page, or post, welcome entrants, tell them about yourself, your site, your special nappy. Ask your question. You can provide a link directly to the entry form on your Sponsor Page if you wish, via:

Now, you can have several steps if you like, taking them on a tour of your site, and THEN ask the question. I’m going to waffle on about something, and then ask the question about that on my Part Time Nappy Free site. It’ll be interesting to see how everyone does this bit. Make sure to invite entrants to sign up to your newsletter list (perhaps offer a ‘mirror’ freebie, or a nappy accessory or one time discount voucher – whatever you can think of for those who join during the promotion)

Here are some great examples for you to take inspiration from, or model your welcome page on:

Ticklefish Tots Welcomes Giveaway Entrants

Cheeky Cherubs Welcomes Giveaway Entrants

Sweet Bubba Welcomes Giveaway Entrants

Aquabub Welcomes Giveaway Entrants

Organic Bugalugs Welcomes Giveaway Entrants

Oz Baby Trends Welcomes Giveaway Entrants

5. Add your question for entrants to answer to your Welcome Page.

To qualify for a prize draw, the entrant must provide the answer to a question that you will set.

Although many entrants will already be cloth nappy users and enthusiasts, target your question to a modern cloth newbie. Imagine a mum using disposables and yet keen on the idea of cloth nappies, but totally overwhelmed about where to start, or a pregnant lady who is exploring her nappying options. You can assume anyone entering is curious about switching to cloth nappies. We want to nurture that in this giveaway event. Use your enthusiasm and expertise to de-mystify modern cloth, reassure that it is indeed fun, trendy and soft for baby, easy on the purse, and straightforward to manage.

Have a question with a simple answer, 1 – 3 words. What, when, which, where, who, how. Yes /No, True / False, A, B, C or D.  A clear and definite answer, rather than an open ended personal response; avoid ‘why’.

Below I have a list of suggestions, you can simply pick one and adapt it to your site, or make up your own. Nice and easy. Your entry form will be visible during the competition dates only, once it is, enter your own answer on the form to see that it all goes through fine. (I’ve done this, but it’s always work checking!) [NB: I’ll give plenty of time to check this.]

  • About you, someone on your site
  • the price of a certain featured product
  • the price of a nappy bundle or starter set
  • a colour or print of a certain nappy style
  • the number of days from order to delivery
  • a feature of a nappy style
  • the answer to a common question
  • a true / false answer
  • find the name of this nappy (showing a picture of the nappy you want them to find and name.)
  • a nappy brand
  • a nappy term ( ie what a bit of nappy lingo stands for)
  • a current special that is running.
  • the price of this and that nappy (requiring visiting a few pages on your site to add up the cost)

Just imagine – once a mum new to cloth has browsed around a bunch of sites seeking and answering a range of simple questions like this, she’ll be on her way to becoming a cloth nappy addict too! Myths will be busted, hesitancies erased, doubts soothed. Collectively, we will be changing the perception of modern nappies even more, together. You’ll have new visitors, new fans, new customers…

General Suggestions:

  • Have a clear starting point on your home page; a button (such as those on the next page), a menu link or a simple text announcement.
  • Link this to a page or a post welcoming entrants to your site, sharing an introduction to your ideals and aims, and your speciality or signature products..
  • Introducie your gpn donation, describe it’s features and benefits and link to where that style of nappy can be found on your shop. Say how easy it is to wash and manage.
  • Pose the question you’ll require them to answer, let them know how to find it.
  • You can do this in any way you like to encourage entrants to wander around your site.
  • Provide a link to the entry form for your gpn, perhaps a form link if time.
  • Provide a button for your facebook fan page, other social networking sites, with details of the benefits of doing so (pre-ordering, sneak previews, upcoming sales, announcing giveaways and what-not).
  • Invite entrants to join your announcement / newsletter list to keep in touch and receive those benefits you offer subscribers.

6. Answer your own question on your entry form!

When your entry form is up on your sponsor page, enter with your name, email and the correct answer to the question you ask at your site. Put something like: ANSWER for YOUR SITE as your name so I know it is the ‘real’ answer! Although this question will be on your site and not on My Green Nappy, this is the simplest way for me to verify answers as correct on the entry forms, saves fiddling with emails, and means you can decide on a Q and A at the last minute is you like! (Which is a matter of a simple process of ‘sort’ and click with AWeber thank goodnesss!)

7. Check Your Sponsor Page on My Green Nappy

Check your Sponsor Page (once they are live) via Win My Green Promise Nappy. It will have your Green Promise Nappy, a brief description of it, and a button logo to your site. All links will go to your home page. If you wish to adjust your description, email me with the new end to this sentence:

“Green Promise Nappy # XX is a …”

Your entry form will appear on your Sponsor Page. Enter your own answer on the form to see that it all goes through fine.

8. Let’s Get Promoting!

The Green Promise Nappy Giveaway is of course a collaborative promotion, designed to introduce both new visitors and experienced cloth nappy enthusiasts to our sites.
To make it EASY for you, here is a sample newsletter invitation to adapt and send to your customer / newsletter / email list: (Whatever you call it!)

(Your shop) is proud to be sponsoring a Green Promise Nappy in a new environmental initiative presented by My Green

The 100 Green Promise Nappies Initiative: It’s a Giveaway Event!

Running between xx and xy, The Green Promise Nappy Initiative is an online contest in which you can win a modern cloth nappy for your baby to wear. These nappies are donated to go out into the community and act as ambassadors for ‘nappy change’ as they dispell myths about modern nappies…

What better way to try out a (your green promise nappy) than to WIN one?

Our Green Promise Nappy is a (green BLAH)

Register to play at My Green for a chance to WIN one of these special ‘Cloth Ambassador’ nappies!

You might add something like this to your facebook fan page or blog:

We’ve sponsored a Green Promise Nappy!

It’s Green Nappy #x, a (BLAH)
Do you want to win it?

The Green Promise Nappy Initiative is an online contest in which you can win a modern cloth nappy for your baby to wear.

What better way to try out a modern cloth nappy than to WIN one?

Register to play at My Green for a chance to WIN one of these special ‘Cloth Ambassador’ nappies!

**A suggestion:***

A ‘Tear Off’ flyer about the competition.

If you have a childcare centre, MCYH, playgroup, Kindy, community or church centre or community board you have easy access to, you might print off a few of these ‘tear off’ flyers and ask to pop them up where mums and bubs pass by. It’s a great way to get chatting, I have found!

On your Blog:

During the promo you could do a ‘focus on’ your Green Promise Nappy donation as a post, talking of it’s FABulousness – it’s Features, Advantages and Benefits! What if you did a post each week – here are some content ideas for you:

– About your Green Promise Nappy

– Why you chose the nappy, why it is a good choice for a newbie or an enthusiast.

– How to care for your nappy.

– Features of the design, materials, fabrics and simple explanations about these aspects.

– How popular is the nappy / about the design / the style, etc.

– Accessories that would complement the nappy.

– Why you chose to be in the initiative (Our Planet Matters!)

9. (Optional) Contribute to the Sponsor round of Nappy Expert MCN FAQ and A:

Send me your responsee for the Cooperative MCN Questions of this round of the GPN – a great way to get an ongoing series of visitors from My Green Nappy.

Thank you so much for donating a nappy to the Green Promise Nappy Initiative! Your nappy contribution will stay on in the Green Promise Nappy Gallery as continued thanks for your effort and involvement. I am happy to hear of new ideas, refinements and so on that I can consider for future rounds. Perhaps you’ll want to donate a Green Promise Nappy each year!



I use and recommend AWeber for managing my email lists.
It was very easy to create all the entry forms for the Green Promise Nappy Initiative, for the list of registered entrants and I also use it for visitors receiving My Green Nappy Guide, and managing sponsor lists and lists on my other sites securely and easily. I create, then drop in the code that is automatically generated and updated. It is COOL. I send out follow ups automatically, and newsletters as well, set to go out at certain dates and even times.

Some of the recent tips from AWeber:

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