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September 20, 2011

The Convenient AIO Nappy… Why Do Mums Choose All in One Nappies?

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The Convenient AIO Nappy… Why do Mums choose All in One Nappies?

All in One’s are a pretty popular ‘Gateway Nappy’ into the world of Modern Nappies. They are most like a disposable – often with velcro or touch tape as a fastener, they go on and off the baby with ease. Let’s find out more about the AIO nappy and why Mums like them…

Our Nappy Experts are invited to contribute to these cooperative questions so that you get a range of informative and experienced responses about the topic. Enjoy and discover something new, and share with us in the comment box below.

Let’s see what they have to say:

The convenient AIO… Why do Mums choose All in One Nappies?

Rebecca from Bean Sprout Bubba:

– Less of a learning curve as they are put on as easily as a disposable. Hence it is also a good choice for carers and babysitters unfamiliar with cloth.

– No need to pull apart inserts or boosters for laundry or reassemble the nappy.

Michelle from Cloth ‘n’ Craft:

Ease of use – just like a disposable to put on and take off … easy!

Nyssa from Snow Pea Nappies:

All in One’s are a convenience nappy, they don’t require stuffing, you don’t have to pull them apart to wash and dry and there’s no guessing which bits go together with which nappy.

They are most useful if you are time poor and have no time for nappy assembly, or if you have a baby in daycare or who spends days with the grandparents as they are nice and easy to put on and take off.

My top tip would be that if you live in a cold climate buy extras to use when the rest are drying.

Tamara from Baby Mumma:

I am an all in one fan. 1 answer – easy to use. No snapping, stuffing just put in on and go. A great style of nappy for Dad’s and carer’s.

Misty from Fluffybuns:

Easy as a disposable, but so much better for your bubba’s bum..

Laura from the Cloth Nappy Co:

Value for money as the inserts are included in the nappy. Plus, they are very easy to use and quick to put on bubby.

– Our Nappy Experts –

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Our Comment Question is about All in Ones:

Why do you like your AIO Nappies?

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April 14, 2011

Meet Our Guest: iish fly

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Let’s meet Annette, the proud owner of iish fly:

Hi I’m Annette @ iish fly. I started out as a WAHM 4 years ago, before I had to return to paid employment when my husband became ill. I have 4 kids ranging from 4-18 years, and live in regional NSW . I now run my business in every spare second I find in the day, and often burn the midnight oil getting orders ready and getting new stock ready to be listed on the site.

About iish fly…

When I started out 4 years ago, my speciality was embroider corduroy nappies. I loved them, and it seemed for a long time everybody loved them too, but as my free time became less, we moved away from the embroidered corduroy nappies, onto stretchy prefolds and soon to come back will be covers. My inspiration to start my nappy store was brought on by my boredom and making newborn sized nappies for baby number4 . I thought I would try them on eBay, and as they kept selling I decided to open a web store. We named our business iish fly (pronounced eye-sh fly) from baby talk “nice fly”, its a very long story in itself. We offer a newsletter to all customers who sign up, to be updated about new products and promotions happening, or alternatively follow us on facebook.

Our Planet Matters!

I have always been environmentally motivated, so using cloth nappies was never a decision we had to make, it was simply a away of life. Every day we make decisions in our business based on environmental choices. Buying items that require less transportation, using recyclable plastics and cardboards in our packaging. our decisions are always based on “reduce reuse and recycle”. If our business model does not fit into those concepts we move to find a solution that does. Supporting the environment really not that hard to do.

When you visit iish fly make sure you have a look at…

1. Our beautiful soft stretchy prefolds
2. Our Mini iish nappies for skinny babies and EC’ing Parents
3. Our gallery of iish fly babies

3 of my favourite sites are:

1. Madimo Creations (has the best hair clips and baby items!)
2. Earth Hour (never underestimate the power 1 hour can change your perspective on life)
3. Bunnycup Embroidery (the cutest embroidery designs I have ever found)

Let’s talk more!

I chose cloth to save money and not leave behind disposable nappies long after I am gone. What is your reason for choosing Cloth?

Meet Our Guests
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January 7, 2011

AIO: What are the Benefits of the All in One nappy?

Spring Green Promise Nappy Sponsors – Congo Advice #8

AIO nappies are great for convenience – you don’t have to worry about putting in any inserts or anything.

Used like a disposable nappy, only your All-in-One is Washable.

The Sponsors of the Spring Green Promise Nappies are your Nappy Doulas for this series of ‘Congo Questions’.

All Spring Sponsors were invited to contribute their expertise. Each donated a special cloth nappy as a giveaway prize to become an ambassador for ‘Nappy Change’ as it stops a disposable heading to landfill each time it is worn. You can register at any time to play in the current or a future round.

I’m pleased to have contributions from a number of your Green Promise Nappy Sponsors included in this article. I’d like to thank them for their time and for sharing their experience to help you make the most of your green nappies! We have Kyra from Bubbalooba, Katerina from Twinkle Lily, Michelle from Sustainable Hemp Products, Rebecca from Bean Sprout Bubba,Yoland from Bumbino, Nyssa from Snow Pea Nappies, Nat from Little Diamond Bums and Liz of Real Nappies NZ.

Let’s see what they have to say:

AIO’s – What are the Benefits of the All in One nappy?

Kyra from Bubbalooba:

AIO nappies are great for convenience – you don’t have to worry about putting in any inserts or anything.

Katerina from Twinkle Lily:

No need to provide an extra cover, comes as a complete system with absorbancy included.

Michelle from Sustainable Hemp Products:

Convenient when out but I’m not a fan of PUL.

Rebecca from Bean Sprout Bubba:

1. convenience: wash, dry and wear, no need to stuff or snap in any inserts.

2. Easy to use like a disposable: little learning curve required by carers.

3. Easy transition for disposable users to cloth nappies.

Yoland from Bumbino:

I am not a fan of the AIOs that have lots of hidden sewn-in absorbent layers. I am way too curious about what gets lodged inside all those layers…. The AIOs that have the insert partly attached or detachable so that it washes thoroughly would be my preference if choosing an AIO. The benefit of these nappies is that they are quick and easy to assemble. They can be customised for absorbency by adding additional layers underneath the sewn or snapped-in inserts. I only have one of these nappies and I do have to add extra cloth underneath the insert to get the absorbency that we need. It doesn’t look as neat as a pocket nappy to my eye…but it works just as well.

Nyssa from Snow Pea Nappies:

Easy for people just starting out because you don’ have to reassemble after washing, can take longer to dry because they’re thicker though.

Amy and Nat from Little Diamond Bums:

They are the easiest nappy to use as they’re pretty much the same as a disposable. Their ease of use is great to encourage hubby, family members and childcare centres to use. One disadvantage is that they may take longer to dry but new designs are ruling out this issue.

Liz of Real Nappies NZ:

All in one nappies are seen are easy to use nappies and again are great when someone is looking after your baby. There is nothing to put in a pocket or fold as it is all built in. Downside is every time you change you bubs the whole thing needs to be washed.

The comment question for you is:

How many AIO nappies do you have? Tell us about them, and why you prefer them.

– Your Nappy Doulas –

This is part of a regular series of articles that offer you an insight into the beliefs, concerns, knowledge and wisdom of mums making and selling modern cloth nappies in Australia and New Zealand.

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