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August 19, 2012

Setting Up a Modern Cloth Nappy Stash on a Budget

Setting Up a Modern Cloth Nappy Stash on a Budget

This is a guest post from Tara of MUMmedia: A blog about keeping our eyes wide open to the influence of media and popular culture on childhood and parenting.

The biggest resistance to modern cloth nappies is the start-up costs. These costs range from $500 to $1500 but the good news is it that you CAN set yourself up on a budget (and don’t forget you save $1000′s longterm!).

So, how can you set up a modern cloth nappy stash on a budget?

Cloth Nappies in Australia

1. Setting Up a Modern Cloth Nappy Stash on a Budget: Research

Do some online window-shopping! Find out what’s around and what styles there are and prices. Some online stores have consultants who will come to your home and personally show you what’s available.

In a nutshell the options are:

Prefold and covers

Pros – supper cheap / quick drying / great for newborns

Cons – Take a bit more time to put on and require a cover

Fitteds and covers

Pros – fit like a disposable (no pinning) / very absorbent / cheap

Cons –  Require a cover

All-in-one nappy

Pros – Easy like a disposable just pop it on and there you go

Cons – Drying time / Price ($20 –  $40)

Pocket All in ones

Pros – Easy like a disposable / can tailor absorbancy for night use or older babies

Cons – Price / can look a bit bulky

Some nappies are sized (s, m, l,) and some are OSFM. One-size nappies can be more cost-effective especially if you have more than one child in nappies.

2. Setting Up a Modern Cloth Nappy Stash on a Budget: Make a wish list

Once you’ve decided what you want – make a wish list!

If it’s all from one store you will save on postage but you may get more for your money if you wait for sales at a few different stores.

Break up your wishlist into stores.

e.g your brand choice..

2 x Large AIO minky (blue and pink) $25 each = $50

2 x Bamboo fitteds $25 each = $50

= $100 + $6 postage = $106

Save up for each ‘lot’ on the list. Make sure they are manageable amounts like $50 – $100. Some stores have layby as an option for large amounts which can be good if there’s a sale on it. But remember, if you can’t afford it – don’t buy it! Just be patient and save up first!

Subscribe to newsletters for the stores you’re interested in so you receive alerts for any upcoming sales.  Sales come around regularly so be patient and wait and avoid paying full price!

3. Setting Up a Modern Cloth Nappy Stash on a Budget: Save up!

Easier said then done.

Figure out some ways to make some ‘extra’ cash.

  • Sell some stuff on ebay or gumtree or similiar
  • Have a garage sale
  • Put leftover coins in a money-box at the end of each day
  • Sacrifice takeaway coffee (or whatever your ‘thing’ is!) for a few weeks and put the money away

Once you have purchased your first ‘lot’ of nappies put all your ‘extra’ money that you are saving from your grocery bill into a ‘nappy fund’.  I calculated each week I spent $35 on disposables, wipes, and nappy sacks  so put this amount into a nappy fund and  used it to purchase more modern cloth nappies.

4. Setting Up a Modern Cloth Nappy Stash on a Budget: Don’t get addicted!

Once you start it’s hard to stop. The brands and designs seem endless (and oh so adorable!) and there’s always the temptation to purchase those ‘limited editions’.

Try and resist the temptation to buy more than you need! If you end up splurging and spending $3000 (even over a long period of time!) you may have helped the environment but you haven’t saved any money!

A good way to safeguard against modern cloth nappy addiction is to track your spending.  I admit, I got addicted, so I started tracking my spending and made myself stop at $1500 for 2 in nappies which was spent over a period of about 2 years.  Once I set myself I limit I knew I had to stick to it!

Modern cloth nappies will save you money in the longterm as well as benefit both the environment and your baby. Don’t be put off by the start-up costs as an MCN stash IS doable on a tight budget!

Written by Tara Force

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