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September 19, 2009

Modern Cloth Mini Trends: Nappies for Boys

Are you looking for a boy cloth nappy?

Boy nappies may have more masculine themes, be nappies with blue colourways, or be many other prints and of course any style of nappy.

You can always have a ‘boy’ nappy especially made on commission – a custom made nappy for your little guy! I have little guys – 2 of them, and they are my scrummy, gorgeous and wonderful little men. I love them!

This Modern Cloth Mini Trend is about modern cloth nappies in Australia and New Zealand that can be considered as themed for boys.
Let’s see if you share a favourite nappy with any of our nappy makers and retailers…

Modern Cloth Mini Trends– MODERN CLOTH MINI TRENDS –
What’s popular, fashionable and trending in the world of modern cloth? Modern Cloth Mini Trends regularly explores a different area. You’ll see One-Of-A-Kind (IOAK) ‘Show off’ nappies, workhorse and stash filler nappies. Plus you’ll see other types of modern cloth – for a visual overview of Aussie and Kiwi WAHM’s.
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