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June 4, 2012

Second Hand Cloth Nappies: Top Tips for Buying Cloth Nappies Online

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Buying Second Hand Cloth Nappies Online? What You Must be Aware of: 5 Top Tips (+1)

When buying nappies online you should be a savvy shopper and not find yourself paying near-full price for a second hand cloth nappy!

Here you will find 5 helpful tips to keep in mind when you next shop online for cloth nappies:

1. Buying Second hand nappies online – Know what you are looking for.

Have a plan and a list. Decide on the style of nappy you want and the size or materials, then look over the offerings, to get a feel for how those nappies look price-wise. The seller should tell you the condition of the nappy, how it was used, and any major issues such as shot elastics or missing poppers that you may need to fix. If you are handy, you can fix minor problems and save big. If not, avoid these nappies and go for better quality 2nd hand nappies. Expect to pay a third of the retail price. You can get near-new nappies that were the wrong size or shape for a baby or the baby grew too fast to use them much. Again, look for these clues. And don’t be afraid to try out a nappy brand you’ve never heard of. It might just become your favourite!

2. Buying Second Hand Nappies Online – Look Closely at Photos

You’re going to want to eyeball any cloth nappies, at least in a clear photograph, to verify general wear and use. Today’s cameras make it easy to capture exactly what the nappy looks like, however today’s photo editing software also makes it easy to cover it up. Just be aware.

3.Buying Second Hand Nappies Online – what is the wear and tear?

The longevity of a cloth nappy will depend on how it was washed, how often (such as if it was in a rotation of 8 or 40 other nappies) and if it was line dried or tumble dried. Ask these questions to get a feel for what you are getting. Do you need them from a smoke and pet-free home, or doesn’t this matter (as you’ll wash them anyway)…

4. Buying Second Hand Nappies Online – Use Paypal or Your Credit Card

Pay with Paypal or credit card so that if the nappies turn up in worse condition than was advertised (or don’t turn up at all!) you won’t lose all your money. You probably know this, but both Paypal and credit cards offer an extra measure of security over paying via bank deposit. You can file a claim and try to get your money back if the goods aren’t what was promised. It’s always a pain to have to chase up things that haven’t turned up, but if it was a significant chunk of money that you paid, it could be worthwhile.

5. Buying Second Hand Nappies Online – Check Your Acronyms!

Be absolutely sure that you understand exactly what the seller is saying. Does EUC stand for ‘excellent used condition’ or ‘extremely used condition?’ Does their idea of ‘worn elastic’ match your own? Do you know the difference between ‘AIO’ (All in One), AI2 (All in Two),

Buying Second Hand Nappies Online +1: Be Sure to Browse for ‘Seconds’ Cloth Nappies Too!

Our bonus tip is, once you have done your research, check out the sales of ‘seconds’ cloth nappies at cloth nappy retailers – you might just get a cheaper nappy brand new that has a wonky seam, or tags missing, or some other minor imperfection that means a retailer won’t sell it for full price.

As you can see, when buying cloth nappies second hand you can expect to get decent bargains, as long as you know what to ask and look for, and keep to your plans of searching for the best types of a certain style you are after (rather than randomly buying).

This article has been written jointly by Mel from Little Para Pants and Charndra from My Green Nappy!


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Where to Buy Your Cloth Nappies Second Hand

Tell us about your experiences buying cloth nappies online – what is your best tip?


May 7, 2010

How Do I Find Cheaper Modern Cloth Nappies? 3 Simple Tips…

How do I find cheaper modern cloth nappies?

– You need to find some cloth nappies that are cheaper than the recommended retail price?

Perhaps you are on a tight budget or want to ease into cloth nappies economically. This brief article will help you to get started in finding different sources for your cloth nappies. Yes, there are many ways for you to save money using modern cloth – or, I should say, even MORE money using modern cloth. Potentially, you can save thousands of dollars. This of course depends on what sort of nappies you use, how often, how many babies wear them and now – what you bought them for in the first place!

OK, Let’s look at 3 strategies to find brand new modern cloth nappies for less:

1. Seek out Super Sales on Seconds!

Find new nappies going cheaper for a variety of reasons – out-of-line stitching, wrong label, wrong colour… Every manufacturer will have some sort of an outlet for their seconds nappies – it may be on an auction site, on their main site, at local markets, simply by asking! Visit My Nappy Style Windows to browse the section listing retailers in Australia and New Zealand who have a section or shop for selling their ‘Seconds’ nappies. Do be sure to look at the fine print – as they are seconds, they may not be returnable, and are sold ‘as is’, though often the manufacturing fault is hardly noticeable and does not effect the function of the nappy. You will be told what the flaw is when considering the nappy.

2. Keep Your Eye Out for Fleeting Clearance Sales…

Retailers may have a new stocking coming in, or a few nappies from an old range or style that they want to ‘clear out’ to make way for the new arrivals. You can grab a fast and perhaps very discounted bargain! My Nappy Style Windows has a section specifically listing Modern Cloth Nappy Retailers with a ‘Clearance Sales’ section. You will need to keep an eye on them, so perhaps join their announcement list to be notified when these super specials are up for grabs.

3. Do Some Savvy Searching at Second Hand Marketplaces.

Yes – secondhand auctions and sales sites list new nappies as well – those that were the wrong size or colour, excess in a stash – all sorts of reasons – and you can grab them at reduced prices in the secondharnd market. Remember – they ARE moving to their second home, so be sure you know what they nappy sells for new, and negotiate or cap your bids accordingly. Used Nappies has a category for heavily discounted new nappies, with at least 30% off the retail price. This site lists the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) – it is ALWAYS smart to know what the nappy is going for new, so that you can spot a bargain, or negotiate on the price knowledgeably.

Finding modern cloth nappies cheaper will be a breeze following these 3 helpful tips. You’ll be able to get a killer stash for much less with a little clever hunting around and clicking with your mouse. Sometimes, every little bit helps, and that is a common time when we have little ones in the nappy stage. ENJOY hunting for the best bargains you can find, and feel proud when you do! Other articles on My Green Nappy will have other tips for finding nappies at the best prices, and have a look through the other resources and see what you can find.

Your Frugal Challenge:

What if you picked a style or brand of nappy you want to get, then spend the next week tracking down cheaper sources for that nappy? Set a price and seek it out!

The Mission of My Green Nappy is to encourage and help every parent down under to have at least ONE ‘green’ nappy in their baby’s wardrobe, knowing that whenever the baby wears it, one less disposable nappy will be heading off to landfill…

3 More relevant resources at My Green Nappy:

1. Modern Cloth Nappies on a Budget: 3 Cost Cutting Strategies…

2. Where you can look for quality secondhand cloth nappies.

3.You can save by purchasing though My Nappy Style Window for Bulk Packs or Value Bundles of Modern Cloth Nappies.

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January 23, 2010

Modern Cloth Nappies on a Budget? 3 Cost Cutting Strategies to Save Your Money + 1

How do I find cheaper cloth nappies for cutting my nappy budget?

I want to be saving even more by using green cloth nappies…

– You need to find cheaper cloth nappies in Australia or New Zealand without losing out on quality?

There are heaps of ways to reduce the money you spend setting up your cloth nappy stash.

First of all, start with one! That one cloth nappy will have you money in your budget – every time your baby wears it. In this brief article I’ll cover 3 strategies you can use to find modern cloth nappies much cheaper than regular prices. Reusable cloth nappies mean ongoing savings – even when you do buy the top quality ones. So if you like hunting for a bargain, read on…

3 Strategies for cutting your costs with modern cloth nappies:

1. Preloved or Secondhand: Great Bargains Are a Click Away, and Soothing to Your Family Budget…

Used Nappies. They are cheaper. There are plenty of online marketplaces where you can bid on pre-loved cloth nappies. There are sites that specialise in moving quality secondhand cloth nappies from one owner to the next. Some are brand new, as their previous owner picked the wrong size, didn’t like it, didn’t need it, was given it as a gift and didn’t like the colour. Or they happily used it and now their baby has now grown and they are selling off their stash to recoup some cash – perhaps for training pants! There are many reasons; you can shop smartly and grab a very good deal. Aim for at least a 30% discount on a new nappy, more for a pre-loved one – they are used after all! You can expect them to be quite absorbent – BUT, if they have been washed with detergent, a good wash with hot water then time in the sun is a good way to clear out any odours, stains and residues…

2. A Little Bird Told Me: Follow the Twitter to Special Offers on Modern Cloth Nappies…

The ‘Twitterverse’ is actually a great place to source specials on modern cloth nappies as they happen. As you may have noticed about celebrities on the news, things are often announced on Twitter first. Modern Cloth Nappy Shops do the same thing. They announce a special – perhaps a super special! They do things like give out special discount codes just to their twitter followers for short- term specials, announce modern cloth nappy ‘seconds’ up for grabs. So, join up, make up a username, start following a few of your favourite nappy sites (You can actually pop them into a separate list) and then, when you need to get a new nappy for your stash – even your first green nappy – pop over to Twitter and do some saving on cloth nappies by seeing the bargains as they are announced!

Do follow MyGreen Nappy on twitter as well!

3. Facebook Fan Pages Hold Great Specials For Thee…

There are lots of fan pages popping up on Facebook. Often, the retailers will have special offers for their fans on these pages, and pre-release special offers on their cloth nappies, source testers for their nappies, perhaps offer the chance for reviews and the ever popular contests and giveaways so you can even WIN a cloth nappy from a shop you like! Certainly joining a few fan pages and keeping your eye on them is another way to help your household nappy budget.

With these 3 simple strategies you’ll be hunting down bargains in no time then awaiting even more fluffy mail to push that washing day away!

What if you made it a goal to save 30% on the retail price of the next modern cloth nappy you buy?

Pick one of these strategies and spend some of your free time next week browsing for the perfect nappy at a discount price to suit your budget. You can target the top quality designer brands, the exclusive IOAK nappy shops, join their lists and grab their ‘seconds’ nappies to have your baby in the best cloth nappies for less.

That’s the + 1 = Keep your eye on the ‘Seconds’ sections of your favourite brands with the help of the Nappy Style Window for ‘Seconds’ Quality Nappies at My Green Nappy.

My Green Nappy: Do YOU have one?

My Green Nappy exists to help you find your first ‘green nappy’. You’ll discover a wealth of information, with the motivation of doing something worthwhile with other members of this growing International Network who share your environmental concerns, and your interest in (or passion for) modern cloth nappies and the more eco-friendly disposable nappies.

Start with One… As a member of My Green Nappy, you’ll be both relieved and excited at the things you will discover!  Click here to find out more…

A question to you:

“How have you saved money on cloth nappies?”

– Tell us about a great cloth nappy bargain you found.

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