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July 25, 2012

What Do You Recommend As Your Favourite OSFM or OSFA Modern Cloth Nappy?

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What Do You Recommend As Your Favourite OSFM or OSFA Modern Cloth Nappy?

One Size Fits Most or One Size Fits All are a popular style of Australian modern cloth nappy.

Which brand to choose? Read on for recommendations from a number of makers and retailers of OSFA and OSFM cloth nappies…

Our Nappy Experts are invited to contribute to these cooperative questions so that you get a range of informative and experienced responses about the topic. Enjoy and discover something new, and share with us in the comment box below.

Let’s see what they have to say:

What do you recommend as your favourite OSFM or OSFA modern cloth nappy?

Lara from Extremely Nappies (closed):

I make and use Extremely Nappies, so these are the ones I can vouch for.  I have used a few other brands over the years, but prefer Extremely Nappies because they fit the best for my children.  I like velcro closures, but they come in snaps too.

Carly from Pikapu Modern Cloth Nappies:

We recommend the Pikapu nappy, it fits from newborn to toddler (3-18kg), has twin leg gussets that prevent leakages (a must), holds up to 450mL and is quick drying so its back in your stash really quick. Is a perfect all-rounder nappy and is great for winter as it dries super quick.

Marnie from Noonee Wilga:

Although there are some wonderful OSFM and OSFA modern cloth nappies around, you still should have some terry flats in your stash. These are the ultimate in OSFA nappies because you can fold them to fit any baby from newborn to large toddler. And they are so useful for all those other clean up jobs that babies and toddlers require as well!

Jenny from Baby Bare:

Of course Baby Bare’s ‘Bare Cub’ – not too wide in the crouch, not too trim in the bottom, snaps closed across the hips so it doesnt sit up too high. Its also trim and fits under clothes. Lots of options to adjust the absorption as its both a snap in and a pocket nappy in one. It also fits up to quite a big toddler.

Jodi from MCN Lovers R Us:

My fave OSFM at the moment are WAHM brand Itty Bitty Bums pockets – they are a great trim fit and come in lots of cute prints which is always a bonus to me. For a budget buy, my favourite OSFM pockets are coolababy and sunbaby nappies. I recently tried Rydees Australia MCNs and was very impressed by them too – they are an AI2 style.

Helen from EzyPeezies:

EzyPeezies pull-up bamboo nappies are my absolute favourite OSFM nappy. I have designed these nappies myself, based on my knowledge, experience and needs as a cloth nappy-ing mum of two! They fit my youngest right from birth, but the best part is that they pull up and down easily when they reach the standing stage, making them super easy to change on the go and fantastic for toilet training.

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