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March 26, 2010

Earth Hour is this Saturday the 27th March – A Question for YOU!

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Visit to Register your family or business and join in this collaborative activity: Earth Hour

Yes, Earth Hour is symbolic. I think it is a great initiative, and will be supporting it again this year.

Does one hour really make a difference? Yes it does if it raises awareness, starts a new tradition or re-kindles an old one, if it stops us and helps us think about our planet and why it matters that we reduce our impact.

I know people who are blase and refuse to participate, saying we should do Earth Hour every day – but I feel that is a bit odd – why not join in and have fun with your family at the same time everyone else is?

This will be our third Earth Hour. The first we lit candles and chatted. I enjoyed it, hubby watched the clock, LOL.

Last year we had candles again and I read Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone out loud. It was so enjoyable that I wanted to do it more regularly. This hasn’t happened, so this year is another chance to kick off the tradition again.

This year – I’ll be making sure we have some candles today and have a think about what we could do – I’d like to do a story or two – but what else?

A Question for you about Earth Hour:

What does your family do for Earth Hour?

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