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March 29, 2011

Maternity and Parenting Sites: Our Planet Matters to You – How?

Our Planet Matters to people in different ways. We each do our own little things to make a difference.

Let’s focus in on what our guests say matters to them the most about the environment at the moment. What matters to our guests who have maternity and parenting sites?

Our Planet Matters! Tell us your perspective on the environment – any aspect! What concerns you the most?

MUMmediaTara, the creator of MUMmedia, says:

My concern is apathy. I talk to so many people who turn a blind eye when it comes to our personal impact on the environment. I think we all have to take responsibility for our part to ensure it is protected for our children. Using cloth nappies is a great start!

My Belly

Miranda, the owner of My Belly, says:

My Belly supports the environment by using cloth nappies (they are so easy, why wouldn’t you?), reducing waste and recycling what waste is produced and most importantly for me is conserving water. After living in Western Australia you become quite water wise but those in New Zealand just think it will never be a problem for them. The way there are continual rolling droughts all over the country year after year, the hydro dams are either shockingly high or power-cuttingly low the folks of New Zealand should listen to their western neighbours about ways they can improve their water usage or they will end up in a similar situation all too soon!


Frances, the owner of Breastmates says:

Well this is a really good question. Before we started our family, I used to be an Environmental Engineer and worked at a consultancy. The thing that concerns me most for the environment, is the throw-away society that we are.

And our comment question is the same:

Tell us your perspective on the environment – any aspect! What concerns you the most?

Meet Our Guests
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