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October 17, 2010

Have you visited Button Baby?

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Button Baby

Button Baby is a source of beautiful gift ideas for new arrivals, little babies and toddlers, as well as Mum!

  • Button baby is for all of the beautiful babies and cheeky toddlers out there! Buttonbaby has selected a beautiful range of quality products that have been tried and tested by their own little buttons.
  • It is for anyone who loves to nurture, clothe, amuse and simply spoil the little ones in their lives.
  • Layby, a wishlist and free gift wrapping is available at Button Baby.

Here is a sample of gift ideas available from Button Baby:

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March 25, 2010

Meet our Guest: Moo Woo!

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Let’s meet Kellie, who is the proud owner of Moo Woo!

Hi! I’m Kellie, WAHM of three beautiful little ones – Mia (4), Tyler (2) and an unborn at the time of writing this (due on the 26th March, 2010). I’m a teacher by trade who prefers to be at home with her children than at school!! Hence the development of Moo Woo! We live in Kununurra, in the remote Kimberley Region of WA.

I’m a supporter of cloth nappies – I became converted after the birth of my second child by a local lady who started a business in Kununurra called Baby Gecko. It has since been handed over to another local mum who is VERY passionate. It has been wonderful seeing this service come to us as Kununurra is very remote and we often lack the knowledge/ access to such wonderful resources. These two woman have had a huge impact on the community and have many mums now converted.

About your site…

Moo Woo was born one year after my second child arrived! Whilst on maternity leave from teaching I started making greeting cards as a hobby. I’ve always had an interest in crafts such as mosaic, glass painting, etc but finally I had found a hobby that I really enjoyed and that was useful. When my collection of handmade cards grew, beyond what I could ever need myself, I began supplying friends and family who inevitably encouraged me to take the hobby a step further. This idea evolved into a gift and card shop, stocking my greeting cards alongside more locally sourced handmade greeting cards and gifts.

Living in a remote town, with limited shopping opportunities, I also expanded to some of my favorite commercial brand. I now source beautiful handmade cards and gifts locally and from the wider Australian community.

The ‘Moo Woo’ title came from the nick names of my first two beautiful children – Mia ‘Moo’ and Tyler ‘Woo’.

Our Planet Matters!

My biggest concern would be deforestation and the clearing of rain forests. The long term global impact on our planet is frightening. We are seeing the effects now but I worry more for our future generations. One of my goals is to take my children to Borneo to see the Orangatangs. They can then witness first hand the effects which will help them to understand the plight of our planet!

When you visit Moo Woo, make sure you have a look at:

1. Our divine Handmade Babies and Children’s page – a definite must see…we have a wonderful collection of special, lovingly created products.

2. Our Handmade Women’s Gifts – again such a celebration of talent!

3. Our ‘Handmade Meet the Creators’ page where many of our designers have a chance to introduce themselves.

3 of my favourite sites:

3 of my favourite sites have been created by fabulous WAHMS – I LOVE their work!

1. Ollie Rose

2. Handmade Kids

3. Wild Things of Noosa

Meet Our Guests...Meet Our Guests
– This is a regular feature of My Green Nappy in which family friendly sites are invited to contribute a post about their website. You’ll discover a bit about their ideas, specialties, what motivated their passion and what concerns them about the environment at the moment.
Find out more about contributing a guest post…

Let’s talk more!

Have you visited Moo Woo?

If not please do, you will be pleasantly surprised!

– Kellie

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