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June 9, 2010

Green Promise Nappy Sponsors, Winter 2010.

Thank you to all the WAHM’s who have pledged a Green Promise Nappy for this Winter 2010 Giveaway.

Each of the sites and shops below have donated a green nappy to the Green Promise Nappies Initiative.

In time, our goal is to reach 100 donated nappies. With your support in promoting this fun and easy giveaway to your own ‘social networks’, as the buzz-word is these days, we can plan future giveaways! I’d love to arrange one at the start of each season, as that is easy to remember, and it ties our thoughts in with the turning of the Earth and reminds us how important our environment is.

All the nappies are green or natural in colour, to remind us that modern nappies are eco-friendly. You can reduce your family’s carbon footprint by up to 40 % by using reusable and washable nappies, washing them in cold water most of the time, not soaking them (as this is actually BAD for them!) and line- drying them as much as possible – which is free and bleaches, sanitizes and removes nappy odours too.

Let’s see our sponsors: You will be taken to their site and can look for their starting point for entrants in the Green Promise Nappy Initiative.

How can you share news of this simple environmental initiative around, so we can have more giveaways in the future as we strive to reach 100 Green Promise Nappies in a future round?

I’d really appreciate any ‘shout outs’ you could do on behalf of all our sponsors and myself!

P.S One option is to share with one friend using one of those little icons below… Or to ask “Are you playing in the Green Promise Nappy Giveaway?” on your favourite parenting forum!

May 11, 2010

Registrations Open: 100 Green Promise Nappies Initiative

The Winter 2010 – Green Promise Nappy Initiative is open for registrations:

(NB: if you join to receive My Green Nappy Guide from yesterday, you will automatically be registered on this announcement list. Before that, you’ll need to register here.)

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