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April 1, 2010

Modern Cloth Mini Trends: Organic and Natural Nappies

All modern cloth nappies are the more ‘natural’ nappy alternative, however, you can choose to favour organic cotton nappies, nappies with more sustainable fibres such as hemp and bamboo, and unbleached nappies for your baby.

Organic materials- (Organic Hemp, Organic Cotton, Organic bamboo) – favour these choices as the best environmental choices in terms of sustainability. Unbleached fabrics– (Unbleached Cotton, Unbleached Hemp, Unbleached Bamboo) – these are choices you can favour if you are keen to support retailers who support a reduction in the use of bleaches in preparing fabrics, as this is not good environmentally. Plus, mums with babies who have sensitive skin (remembering that a baby’s skin is half the thickness of ours and they spent most of their day in a nappy) find these natural nappies are more beneficial for their baby, minimizing irritation,  rashes, crying.

Organic fibres are grown with consideration for the soil – avoiding articficial fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals that impact on the longer term sustainability of the land for short term profits. In time, the soil is made barren, and even more chemicals are needed as the ecological balance is lost. With organic fabrics, you will pay more, but can be reassured that they are more ecologically sustainable into the future. Less synthetic chemicals and fibres is always going to be more beneficial. Hybrid fibres, or blended fibre organic nappies are also a more environmentally aware choice too. Do what you can!

Aim for one organic or unbleached nappy in your stash to support and educate about these issues.

Let’s see some of the organic or unbleached nappies available in Australia and New Zealand:

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