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June 13, 2010

How Do I Crochet a Woolen Nappy Cover? (a free instructional video)

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Do you like the idea of making a pair of woolen soakers to put over your baby’s nappy – for waterproofing, leakproofing or just tactile beauty?

There is something very satisfying about hand making something for your baby.

I have two boys and a hubby. Lately I have been keenly aware that as time goes on, the testosterone levels in our home will only grow… I needed to reclaim some femininity, LOL. I thought taking up crocheting or knitting would aid this while giving me practice at a traditional skill that so many people really really enjoy (see Ravelry!). I learnt to knit and crochet as a child, I actually have a scarf that I have been knitting for some decades, as I do not know how to cast off. Once I find it again I can know work it out, LOL.

We went on a Motorhome holiday recently. Just before, our local Lincraft closed down (Horror!), but I had the chance to race in and buy too much, some of which was some balls of wool and crochet hooks and knitting needles. And two simple knitting project books. I really want to learn to crochet socks as a relaxing diversion!

Anyway, I took them away with us and taught myself to crochet from a one page demo. Now I am attempting to make a had for #1 child! I also want to attempt some woolen pants next, and so have my eye out for simple resources to follow…

Victoria of LadyBugz Farm has uploaded a series of free instructional videos to help you (and me!) discover how to crochet a pair of woolen soakers to go over baby’s nappy and keep any leaks contained, or pretty up a plain nappy, even waterproof and pretty up a disposable nappy – as yes they also have been known to leak – (especially at night when Daddy puts it on, LOL…)

Thanks to Cinderella’s Stash for introducing this site to me.

Here is My Nappy Style Window that links you to shops offering woolen nappy products, pre-made, custom made and materials to make your own woolen nappy gear:

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A question to you about hand made baby gear:

What have you made for your baby that you are proud of?

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