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September 3, 2012

Modern Cloth Nappies in Australia – 3 Popular Nappy Accessories

Modern Cloth Nappies in Australia – 3 Popular Nappy Accessories

Cloth Nappies are a popular choice of baby clothing in Australia.

Consisting of a waterproof cover, an absorbent inner and a soft liner, the modern cloth nappy is a huge improvement on the flat terry towelling with pins covered by plastic pilchers of the past.

For families that use them, the convenience rivals that of disposable nappies, and the savings afforded by having even a few in your nappy stash is really quite considerable.

Having cloth nappies leads mums to the inevitable accessories that make their use even easier.

Let’s look at three of the nappy accessories that are a popular option that go well with modern cloth nappies:

Cloth Nappy Accessory #1: Cloth Baby Wipes

It’s simple – why spend upwards of $300 on disposable baby wipes when you can reuse washable baby wipes cut up from old flannels, soft baby rugs or similar reusable fabrics? Of course, you can get especially made kits of cloth baby wipers, wipes that are half soft, half terry towelling for ‘grabbing ability’ and similar options. Prices range between $2.30 – $11 each, and often you get them in packs, and can even get them colour or fabric coordinated with other nappies in your baby’s stash.

For some retail options, check out Cheeky Tales Bamboo Baby Wipes, Bumbly Bootique Bamboo Wipes.

Cloth Nappy Accessory #2: The Nappy Sprayer

The Nappy Sprayer helps shoot the poo from the nappy into the loo when you aren’t using washable or disposable nappy liners. Disposable liners are usually flushable, and you can make washable ones out of polar fleece as the poo will mostly roll off with a flick. Some families keep the pooey nappy bucket with a tight fitting lid beside the toilet where it can be dropped right in. Your nappy sprayer simply connects to the toilet pipe ( no plumber needed) and has a trigger to release the spray. Prices range between $55 – $85.

For some retail options, check out the Nifty Naps Nappy Sprayer.

Cloth Nappy Accessory #3: The Wet Bag

The Wet Bag is a very helpful version of a plastic bag or a disposable nappy bag. Waterproof, and often smell-proof, the wet bag can store damp or messy nappies for the trip home. Some varieties have a wet and dry sections, others have pockets for wipes and dry nappies on the side. Some easily hag on prams and pushers. A helpful idea is to keep one packed ready to head out the door, or one setup in the boot ready to go for quick trips.
Prices range between $12 – $22, and they come in different sizes as well, from a one-nappy size up to sizes suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers who get their entire outfit wet or muddy on playdates outside. A wet bag will be an accessory you’ll use long after your nappy stash has been sold or given away.

For some retail options check out the Cheeky Tales Hatchlings Zippered Wet Bag, Bumbly Bootique wetbags,  Pikapu Wet Bags, Bouncing Sprouts Wet Bags, Little Para Pants Wet Bags and both Little Para Pants (Swimming Nappies) and EzyPeezies Nappies come in a wetbag!

I hope you’ve enjoyed considering just three of the more popular cloth nappy accessories (with mentions of a few others thrown in;  we’ll look at them in more detail in the future).

– Charndra

June 24, 2010

Meet Our Guest: Baby Safari

Let’s meet Alisha, the proud owner of Baby Safari:


My name is Alisha, I am a SAHM to two little ones – Joshua who is 3 and Olivia who is 10 months old. I am also ‘mum’ to a couple of ponies, a horse, a cat and a dog. Our family lives just north of Melbourne in Victoria.

About Baby Safari…

Baby Safari was started two and a half years ago when I discovered the wonders of MCN and decided I needed to help spread the word! When I decided to use cloth I expected that it would be terry squares and covers, how wrong was I. Modern cloth is just so easy and cute!

My incredibly supportive family have been behind me all the way and that enabled me to release our own line of economical nappies as well as retail some of my other favourite brands. I can only sew in a straight line so our production is outsourced but we have done our best to ensure our nappies are made ethically.

Our Planet Matters!

I have a lot of concerns but I will just pick one in an effort to keep it brief!! Water is a big concern of mine. I am scared that running out of clean drinking water could one day become a very real possibility. I feel it is another resource that is poorly managed by the ‘powers that be’ and I get upset at people who put bores in and then water their gardens relentlessly under the misguided belief that the water underground will never run dry. The drinking quality water should be retained for washing, drinking and for livestock to drink. I’d love to see recycled water brought in to the cities for toilets and laundries.

When you visit Baby Safari, make sure you have a look at…

1. Our Stuff n Snaps!

2. Choc Bubble Mint soap – exclusive to our store!

3. Cheeki Stainless Steel Water bottles – No BPA or other nasty toxins!

3 of my favourite sites are:

1. Fresh Cut Soap Co –  I adore this site, everything looks good enough to eat!

2. Facebook – I am hopelessly addicted… it is also great for keeping track of your favourite sites and when they are having sales!

3. NattyJane Designs – now does all my design work! I love that I am supporting another WAHM who happens to be incredibly talented with design!

Meet Our Guests...Meet Our Guests
– This is a regular feature of My Green Nappy in which family friendly sites are invited to contribute a post about their website. You’ll discover a bit about their ideas, specialties, what motivated their passion and what concerns them about the environment at the moment.
Find out more about our guests…

Let’s talk more!

Now that winter is almost here, what is your favourite fast drying nappy?

– Alisha

May 21, 2010

Nappy Accessories: 3 Key Extras for your Modern Cloth Nappy Stash.

Cloth Nappy Extras – what is going to make your cloth nappying easier, faster and more efficient?

This article is about a few nappy accessories which are popular are aids to using modern cloth nappies, making them even greener.

In the Nappy Style Window for Accessories, you can browse a range of retailers who have a selection of ‘extra’s’ that have proven popular with families using modern cloth, and indeed for other types of nappies too. Liners for instance will help flick poo into the loo from a disposable nappy – which is something that everyone should be doing to reduce the risk of untreated sewerage contaminating groundwater from landfill sites around our countries.

Let us look at 3 of the ‘extra’s’ that you might consider to make your nappy use even more eco-friendly:

1. Reusable Cloth Wipes

Perhaps the easiest way on Earth to ease into using washable cloth, reusable wipes can be made of any sort of fabric that has evough softness and ‘grabbing’ to clean up and wipe down your baby’s bottom when it gets messy inside or outside of a nappy. You can make or buy reusable wipes that can be used for baby’s bottom, face or other baby spills. Using a different colour for baby’s face or hands is the way you’ll keep them sorted hygenically.Bought wipes can be of the softest bamboo or two sided for grabbing strength and wiping softness. You can get wipes colour coordinated with your nappies or wipes made of bamboo velour – once you try that….

2. Nappy Inserts, Nappy Liners and Nappy Boosters

Nappy Inserts – liners are useful to help you get the poo off the nappy – you can have washable ones made from hydrophobic polar fleece – just shake any solid contents into the loo, or favour flushable, bio degradable liners that you simply chuck into the loo, contents and all! Silk liners are favoured by families with babies who have very sensitive skin – as silk is very natural and soft next to the skin.Boosters allow you to increase the absorbency of any of your nappies very easily – just add in an extra soaker where you need it (eg at the front for boys and tummy sleepers), or when you need it (eg at nights.)

3. A Nifty Nappy Sprayer

These nappy cleaning devices attach to the water pipe of the toilet and have a trigger so you can blast poo into the loo with ease. Lots of cloth nappy families swear by them!
With these three ideas you’ll know if any of these accessories are something you will need. Have a browse from My Nappy Style Window for Nappy Accessories for these and other ‘nappy extras’ that are popular with cloth nappying families. They can make your nappy changing more swift and managing nappies more efficient and tidy.

You’ll know you are giving your baby a more sustainable future by using washable, reusable modern cloth nappies. Every baby should have at least one ‘green’ nappy in their wardrobe – and you can find it by exploring the resources here at My Green

Creator of My Green Nappy

Some relevant resources here at My Green Nappy:

My Nappy Style Window for Nappy Accessories

A question for you about ‘extra’ accessories to use with your modern cloth nappies:

What accessories have you found essential, or at least really helpful? What accessories would you recommend to a mum making the switch to cloth nappies?

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